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The Night Clan of Evil

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  We Are The NCoE,  The Night Clan of Evil.    We Number Ourselves Among Those Who Delight In Their Darker Natures While Not Denying Our Lighter Halves.  Our Goal Is Not To Intimidate Others, But Rather To Balance Ourselves, Weighing Out Good And Evil In Equilibrium.  As Fans Of The Series Highlander, We Continue In Our quest To Further The Message That Not All Dark Is Evil And Not All Light Is Good.
Founded By Lady Vampire And Supported By Her Partner-In-Crime, Buffy Slayer, The NCoE Stands As A Dark Beacon Enlightening Those Who Wish To Explore Their Darker Sides.  We Welcome All Who Wish To Join Our Ranks In Furtherance Of Our Desire To Find Peace In The Balance Of Good And Evil.

Hi, Mom!!He Is Danny Cimoli, The Immortal Cimoli.  Born In 1967 In The Suburbs Of Italy, And He Is Still Alive (?).  He Is Immortal.  For 30 Years He Has Been A Warrior (Yeah, Right!)...  A Lover (Doesn't He Wish!!)...  A Wanderer (Or Is That "Wonderer"?)...  Constantly Evading Other Immortals Who Seek Combat To The Death.  The Winner Would Take His Head And With It His Power.

In The end, There Can Be Only One. May It Be Danny Cimoli, The Immortal Cimoli!

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