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Welcome to my World of DQ!

Below are a number of short stories and novels I have written over the past few years. They are based on the wonderful series "Dr Quinn Medicine Woman". I truly hope you will enjoy them.

Circle of Life: Read Chapter 41  of my novel. Sorry, real life has been getting in the way of my writing, hence no Chapter 42. It's half written!! I hope to one day finish it, even if most of you have given up on me. My old email account has been closed. Sorry about that. Have opened a new one with hotmail. See below.

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My novels (in chronological order):

bulletLongings:  Chapters 1 - 6
bulletLongings:  Chapters 7 - 12
bulletLongings:  Chapters 13 - 18
bulletLongings:  Chapters 19 - 24
bulletLongings:  Chapters 25 - 30
bulletLongings:  Chapters 31 - 36
bulletLongings:  Chapters 37 - 42
bulletLongings:  Chapters 43 - 48
bulletLongings:  Chapters 49 - 55 (final)
This novel continues the DQ saga from the end of the sixth season.

Heroes and Fools: Chapters 1 - 6


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 7 - 12


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 13 - 18


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 19 - 24


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 25 - 30


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 31 - 36


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 37 - 42


Heroes and Fools: Chapters 43 - 48


Heroes and Fools: Chapter 49 (final)

This novel is a sequel to "Longings" and again progresses the DQ story.
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 1 - 6
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 7 - 12 
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 13 - 18 
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 19 - 24 
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 25 - 30
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 31 - 32 
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 33 - 34  
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 35 - 36
bulletCircle of Life: Chapters 37 - 39 
bulletCircle of Life: Chapter 40
bulletCircle of Life: Chapter 41  new4.gif (2411 bytes)

September 20, 2001 Disclaimer - I decided to continue with "Circle of Life" despite the tragic events of September 11. To those inclined to draw inferences that were not intended, please note that Chapters 1 - 12 were all written prior to that fateful day.

This third novel in the sequence (a sequel to "Heroes and Fools") deals with the issue of tolerance and acceptance.
bulletA Forever Love:  Chapters 1 - 6
bulletA Forever Love:  Chapters 7 - 12
bulletA Forever Love:  Chapters 13 - 18
bulletA Forever Love:  Chapters 19 - 24
bulletA Forever Love:  Chapters 25 - 30
bulletA Forever Love:  Chapters 31 - 36 (final)
This, my favourite novel, takes place four years after the first movie. It was my concept of what a DQ movie SHOULD look like.

My short stories (in chronological order or as near as chronological as I can make it!):

"Wedding Trilogy"
bullet Anticipation (PG)
bullet I Take Thee (PG)
bulletTo Love and To Cherish (PG)
My trilogy requires no explanation!
bulletHoneymoon Reflections
bulletHoneymoon Reflections Too
These two 'honeymoon' stories explore past episodes and add some perspectives we never saw on screen.
bulletTailor Made
After years of living in the wilderness will Sully adjust to this 'new suit' called marriage?
bulletIt Just Gets Better
What happened between the conclusion of "Travelling Allstars" and the beginning of "Mothers and Daughters" that changed Michaela's attitude to 'enthusiasm'?
bulletFrom Books to Promises
Another story that explores what might have happened between episodes. This time its "Dorothy's Book" and "Promises Promises".
bulletOf Husbands and Fathers
Sully revels in fatherhood.
bulletA Light in the Darkness
That uncanny ability Michaela and Sully have to call to each other over distance is vital when Sully is robbed and left for dead.
bulletHome for Christmas  
Sully is finally free after months of hiding from the army and he and Michaela return to the homestead late on Christmas Eve.
bulletThe Ties That Bind
How did Sully and Michaela really cope after the miscarriage?
bulletHome and Away
Sully has gone away to work for a few weeks and Michaela misses him terribly. Finally she gives into herself and pays him a visit.
bulletThe Storm Before the Calm
The issue of the miscarriage remains unresolved between Sully and Michaela until they are stranded in an abandoned cabin (written before "To Have and to Hold" was screened).
bulletKeeping the Song Alive
Michaela finally realises the conflict between the army and the indians really IS a war.
bulletWhat If
What would happen between Sully and Michaela if David was to return to Colorado Springs?
bulletThe Desk
A present from her mother makes Michaela see both her parents in a new light.
bulletSeeing Red
Away from their comfortable and familiar life in Colorado Springs, Michaela and Sully realise that they still see things somewhat differently.
bulletWhen Paths Cross
Michaela, Sully and Hank have to rely on their wits and trust in each other if they are to survive the intentions of a madman.
bulletIn a Heartbeat  
bulletIn a Perfect World      
bulletSafety Measures   
My three episodes of the virtual seventh season.

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