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Hi! This page has been created by several children in this system. We wrote this as a safehaven for littles and children everywhere. My name is Aaron and I have been chosen as the spokesperson for the littles writing this page. Below are some of Turtle's favorite links but he is too shy to come out and talk to you himself. So he's hiding inside of his shell while I set up these links. If you have any questions you can mail to turtle below and maybe he will pop out long enough to answer you.

Kids Pages

Billy Bear's Playground Storybooks, Games, and Other fun Stuff for Kids
Bonus.Com contains over 500 games and activities for children.
Children's Software & More has freeware and shareware for kids.
Kids' Playplace has games and coloring pages for younger kids.
ACEKIDS has stories and activities along with a homework helper.
Disney homepage.
Seussville has stories and games by Dr. Seuss
Games Kids Play has the rules and instructions to over 250 games.
Story Hour has on-line storybooks for children.

NEW! Blue's Clip Art Page a small clip art section designed by lils

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Thank you for looking at our page. If you have any kids sites you'd like to see added please let us know. We are constanly looking for new sites to play on.

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