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Genealogy is a great way to get to know yourself. I found that by better understanding my roots, I now understand myself better. That doesn't mean that I know everything about my genealogical background. In fact, I have a mystery which I have been trying to solve about my swedish roots for a long time. Anyone reading this who is good at SWEDISH GENEALOGY, please contact me via email or sign my guestbook. Thanks!

Well, as my brother would say, "this here's the story". In 1852 or 1853, a young Swedish couple set sail with a colony of Swedes for America. He was a minister, and she was pregnant with his child. The journey across the ocean was perilous, and the minister passed away, and was buried at sea, leaving his young pregnant widow, Anna Cora, to fend for herself. She arrived in the US, and traveled to Sugar Grove PA, where she was taken in by the Andersons, who sheltered her. She gave birth to her son on December 29, 1852 or 1853, and shortly thereafter gave him to Michael and Mary O'Gorman for caretaking so that she could support herself working at the Sugar Grove Hotel. A few weeks later, she met and married the widower John M.D. Hagel, a blacksmith, who had given up two of his own children for adoption. Shortly thereafter she grew ill and died, "of a broken heart". Her son was adopted and lovingly raised by Michael and Mary O'Gorman.

I am attaching links to sites which may help you in your own genealogical quest. Happy hunting!

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This portion of my website is dedicated to my Great-Grandfather, William Charles Gorman; 1852? or 1853?-1904; an orphan of Swedish heritage, who was adopted as an infant and raised by an Irish Catholic couple; married his high school sweetheart Ida Wilhemina Thorpe (1854-1902), and became a celebrated teacher in his day; (the subject of above mentioned quest); and to his sister-in-law, my Great-Great-Aunt Hattie,(Harriet Thorpe Morrison), who, out of love for his orphaned children, (my Grandfather; Frank Thorpe Gorman; and his two siblings; Vincent Edwards Gorman and Gladys Gertrude Gorman); chronicled his story for posterity.

This site is still under construction.


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