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Lyme disease is a serious bacterial infection caused by a tick bite and affects humans and animals.

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Lyme Disease Organizations, Societies, Centers (Home Pages)  alt
Primary Information Resources for Lyme Disease  alt

Activism by Lyme Disease Patients  alt
Ancient History of Lyme Disease  alt
Animals - Pets and Wildlife - and Lyme Disease  alt
Annotated Bibliographies of Medical and Scientific Articles on Lyme Disease Issues  alt
Antibiotics and Lyme Disease  alt
Biology or Microbiology of Lyme Disease (tutorials, etc.)  alt
Blood Donation or Transfusion and Lyme Disease or the Lyme Disease Vaccine  alt
Books, Video Tapes, Audio, Slide Shows on Lyme Disease  alt
Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) - The Taxonomy and Genetics of the Lyme Disease Bacteria  alt
Children and Lyme Disease  alt
Chronic Lyme Disease - A survey of MEDLINE and other information on chronic LD  alt
Clinical Trials for Lyme disease  alt
Coinfections of Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Diseases  alt
Conferences, Meetings, and Seminars on Lyme Disease  alt
Current News on Lyme Disease  alt
Diagnosis of Lyme Disease  alt
Epidemiology of Lyme Disease (Where is it?)  alt
Fact Sheets, Brochures, and other small stuff on Lyme disease  alt
Fatalities and Lyme Disease  alt
Federal Government (United States) on Lyme Disease  alt
Genetics of Borrelia burgdorferi - the Lyme disease bacteria  alt
Grants and Other Research on Lyme Disease  alt
History of Lyme Disease  alt
Information Collections/Patient Pages on Lyme Disease  alt
Insects or Vectors, Other Than Ticks, and Lyme Disease  alt
Insurance, Disability Claims, Health Costs, and HMO Issues and Lyme Disease  alt
International Links on Lyme Disease  alt
Jarisch-Herxheimer (J-H) Reaction and Lyme Disease  alt
Journals on Lyme Disease  alt
Latent, Dormant, Subclinical or Asymptomatic Lyme Disease  alt
Latest Medical or Scientific NIH MEDLINE Information for Lyme disease  alt
Latest News on Lyme Disease  alt
Law and Lyme Disease  alt
Link Collections on Lyme Disease  alt
Long-term or Repeated Antibiotic Therapy for Lyme Disease  alt
Lyme Disease and Coinfections with other Tick-Borne Diseases  alt
Lyme Disease Advisory Committees, Councils, and Panels - Federal and State  alt
Lyme Disease Hall of Shame  alt
Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed As...and other diseases/conditions and LD (Text Version)  alt
Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed As ... and other diseases/conditions and LD (Links Only)  alt
Lyme Disease and Other Diseases or Conditions  alt
Lyme Disease Risk Assessments (U.S. Army, 1983-1996)  alt
Lyme Disease in the United States and Canada (Text Version)  alt
Lyme Disease in the United States and Canada (Links Only)  alt
Lyme Disease-Underdiagnosed, Overdiagnosed, and/or Underreported? (Text Version)  alt
Lyme Disease - Underdiagnosed, Overdiagnosed, and/or Underreported? (Links Only)  alt
Lyme Disease Human Vaccine Information  alt
"Lyme-like Disease" [Lyme-like disease, STARI, etc.]  alt
Military on Lyme Disease  alt
News Articles on Lyme Disease (Classic)  alt
News Articles on Lyme Disease (Recent)  alt
Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, etc. for Lyme Disease  alt
Newsletters on Lyme Disease  alt
NIH "Chronic" Lyme Disease Study - 5 years, $4,200,000.00  alt
Other diseases or conditions and Lyme disease  alt
Organizations (non-Lyme Disease) on Lyme Disease  alt
Outcomes for Lyme Disease  alt
Persistence or Relapse of Lyme Disease Despite...Antibiotic Therapy  alt
Pictures of Lyme Disease  alt
Physicians on Lyme Disease  alt
Politics of Lyme Disease  alt
Practice Guidelines for Lyme Disease  alt
Pregnancy and Lyme Disease  alt
Reporting of Lyme Disease  alt
Research Grants and Other Research on Lyme Disease  alt
Satellites and Lyme Disease - Remote Sensing Of Lyme Disease By Satellite  alt
Searching for Information on Lyme Disease  alt
Stories of Lyme Disease Patients (Sorted by State)  alt
Studies, Clinical Trials, etc. for Lyme Disease Patients  alt
Supplements and Alternative or Adjunctive Therapy or Treatment for Lyme Disease  alt
Support Groups  alt
Surveys on Lyme Disease  alt
Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes for Lyme Disease  alt
Symptoms of Lyme Disease  alt
Testing for Lyme Disease  alt
Tick Borne Diseases Other Than Lyme Disease  alt
Ticks - Pictures, Bite Prevention, Removal, Control, Testing, etc.  alt
Treatment of Lyme Disease  alt
Treatment of Lyme Disease - The Controversy  alt
Treatment of Lyme Disease - Alternative Therapies  alt
Weekly, monthly and yearly citations added to MEDLINE for Lyme disease  alt
Vaccine for Lyme Disease  alt

Miscellaneous Articles on Lyme Disease  alt
Not Recommended by Some Lyme Disease Knowledgeable Patients and Doctors  alt

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