Hagen Renaker Disney

Hagen Renaker made the first pieces for Disneyland when it opened in 1955. They continued to make pieces until 1960 and they also made a large Fantasia set in 1982. Walt Disney said that Hagen Renaker made the finest 3 dimensional figurines he had ever seen. The Chamber Pot pictured was made in 1960. Only 100 were made, 50 in pink and 50 in blue. I'd love to have a blue one if anyone has one. I'm always looking for pieces or variations that I don't have pictured.

Hagen Renaker Disney Large Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Complete Set

Snow White is nearly 6 inches tall, with pink bow & large collar

Hagen Renaker Disney Large Snow White & Dwarfs In Unique Colors

Snow White has her eyes open, red bow, vibrant colors and no collar in this unique variation
I'd love to have any other odd colored dwarfs

Hagen Renaker Disney Mini Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Both Complete Sets

Snow White is only 2 1/4 inches tall in this set
The colorful set on the right is quite rare

Hagen Renaker Disney Peter Pan Complete Set

WARNING : The kneeling Mermaid was re-isssued with a lobster on a base
Dishonest People are removing the Mermaid and selling her as a Disney piece

Hagen Renaker Disney Mini Mickey Mouse & Friends Complete Set

2 variations of Goofy and 3 of Mickey are pictured
The Mickey with gold shoes was a test color

Hagen Renaker Disney Mini Lady & The Tramp Complete Set

Variations of several of the dogs are pictured

Hagen Renaker Disney Lady Bank

This bank 5 1/2 inches tall

Hagen Renaker Disney Shaggy Dog

2 Color Variations Pictured
This is the dog issued in 1959 for the Disney Shaggy Dog Movie
The books suggest another color but this dog is the genuine Disney piece
A similar San Dimas color was produced but it doesn't have the pink under his chin
The San Dimas era " Mops " also has caramel highlights instead of grey shading
The lighter variation has the original Disney sticker affixed
I have several non-Disney colors of " Mops " pictured on the DW dog pages

Hagen Renaker Disney Mini Cinderella Complete Set

Hagen Renaker Disney Mini Dumbo Complete Set

2 variations of Timothy Mouse pictured

Hagen Renaker Disney Large Dumbo

Hagen Renaker Disney Dumbo Bank

Hagen Renaker Rare Disney Dumbo Cookie Jar

Most HR Disney Cookie Jars left the factory as bisque jars and were painted later

Hagen Renaker Disney Large Flower & Bambi

Hagen Renaker Disney Mini Bambi Complete Set

The skunk Flower is pictured with 2 different types of flowers in his hand

Hagen Renaker Disney Thumper Bank

Hagen Renaker Disney Fantasia Complete Set From 1982

This set includes both colors of Hop Low the Mushroom and two variations of Bacchus
In one style he is spilling wine over his shoulder, In the other he is spilling the wine on his head

Hagen Renaker Disney 1950's Fantasia Set

I need the seated Faun and a Pegasus to complete this set

Hagen Renaker Disney Alice In Wonderland Complete Set

Hagen Renaker Disney Sleeping Beauty Complete Set

The Luster finish Prince and light pink glossy Cardinal are Disney test colors

Hagen Renaker Disney Jiminy Cricket & Figaro Complete Set

Hagen Renaker Disney Figaro Bank

Test piece and normal Figaro bank, The test piece was to test an airbrush mask
The eyes, tongue and nose were crudely cold painted on the test piece, probably after leaving the factory

Hagen Renaker Rare Disney Figaro Cookie Jar

Most HR Disney Cookie Jars left the factory as bisque jars and were painted later

Hagen Renaker Disney Practical Pig Bank

The Brown Practical Pig Bank was produced after the Disney licensing agreement expired

Hagen Renaker Rare Disney Chamber Pot

From 1960, Never available to the general public
These were given away by Walt Disney as gifts when an employee had a baby

Reverse Side Of The Disney Chamber Pot

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