IDMS-L Farewell

IDMS-L - The IDMS mailing List was the CA-IDMS Discussion Forum based at the University of Georgia. For 10 years James Bradshaw of the Clemson University did a marvellous job of running this newsgroup. The forum was closed recently and been since then re-started by IUA. Here are some comments and farewell note from James Bradshaw.

Here is the message from the Owner:
The Newsgroup feed of IDMS-L traffic, bit.listserv.idms-l, has been closed. This gated feed was provided by American University, as a public service. Per their advisories, the hardware that supported the gateway has been removed and will not be replaced.

Please note that this change does not impact those that receive IDMS-L traffic directly from LISTSERV or through some form of local redistribution. This change should, most likely, impact only those that monitored IDMS-L traffic via Newsreader software.

Additionally, the IDMS User Association is nearing completion of their efforts to host CA-IDMS discussions on a new site. Please watch IDMS-L and the IUA's web site, WWW.IUASSN.COM, for details about their new initiatives with electronic forums.
James Bradshaw,
IDMS-L Listowner

Farewell Note from James Bradshaw

Dear friends and colleagues,
For more than a decade, IDMS-L has been a personal endeavor. The list was created to extend to the IDMS community, the same benefits, that I had discovered through participation in IBM-MAIN and CICS-L LISTSERV forums. I thought this especially important, due to the denouement of Cullinet in 1989.

The list has served as a vehicle for sharing technical information among members of the IDMS user community. While not a service of the IUA, IDMS-L and the IUA have always had compatible goals.

I am pleased to report that the IUA's initiative to augment its member services with email-based forum(s) is scheduled for debut in mid-June. These new forum(s) will replace IDMS-L. List hosting and management roles will be provided by the IUA. Watch IDMS-L for details about this exciting new member service.

Transitioning to the new list will require that interested parties resubscribe. As has been standard policy for many years, IDMS-L's subscriber list has not and will not be disclosed to anyone, even the IUA. The list has NEVER been released to any party.

While I cannot control those parties that "datamine" list traffic for addresses, I do have the ability to control access to IDMS-L's subscriber list. I have always considered email address privacy to be a very important issue.

If you take exception to those parties that direct unsolicited email to your mailbox, please express your displeasure to them and not me. Rest assured, the IDMS-L list definition is NOT the source of their user-defined distributions.

In closing, I have been custodian of this public good for quite some time. I am excited about the new opportunities that the IUA's initiatives will provide to its constituency.

I am also indebted to my colleagues at The University of Georgia (UGA), a major Southeastern BITNET/CREN and LISTSERV backbone site. The list would not have become a reality without their assistance and support.

James Bradshaw
IDMS-L Listowner