Never Accept Candy From Strangers

Used by permission of the author, Amy Hebert, M.Ed., C.Ht.

Many of us were told when we were children, "Don't talk to strangers" and "Never accept candy from strangers". These common sense warnings seem obvious to all yet there are some so-called researchers and "experts" who try to tell us, "ET's are benevolent", "They are only here to guide, teach, heal, study and save us from our evil ways", "They don't abduct anyone, they just take people here and there to implant knowledge and teach us to accept ET's (strangers) without question so that when they land, they will save us!" Get real.

In attempts to force their "logic" upon the masses, these "experts" and "researchers" boast of their alleged qualifications and parade the names of so-called researchers and Deep Throats before us in an effort to razzle-dazzle us into acceptance, dimwitted "Duh's" and bob our heads in nodding stupidity. They expect us to bow before them as gods of knowledge and givers of wisdom believing every word they utter without question, without thought. They think that because they went to college and have a string of letters after their names this makes them the authority on everything from UFOs and top secret projects to why aliens abduct people and brand names of ET underwear. Uh-huh, sure.

They assume those not as "educated" as they are cannot think for themselves and therefore require so-called "experts" and social-scientists to do all their thinking for them. Based upon their own self-delusions and inflated egos, they go forth into the world and spread their beliefs expecting most people to be too stupid to remember the common sensibilities they have practiced since childhood taught by loving parents and relatives whose only agendas were to love and protect.

Truly educated and wise people never profess to know everything and never proclaim, even to themselves, to be "experts" on anything - least of all...the Unknown. The wisest among us never tell others what is true or what is fact. They humbly share their thoughts and walk with us hand-in-hand because they know we are ALL in this together.

No one is "chosen". No one is more "special" than the next person. We are all God's children and loved equally. Those who set themselves above and apart from the rest are to be pitied and forgiven for their ignorance.

We are taught as children to beware of strangers because there is always the potential for danger in what we do not know. Our parents and caregivers taught us to be careful because it can actually be fatal to trust everyone and everything. As children we are taught to beware of strangers because there are many people who seek only to abduct, rape, and molest others for their own sexual and perverse needs. It is natural to exercise caution and protect ourselves because it is how we stay alive. It is not normal to trust openly and without question.

All trust must be weighed against what we know not what is unknown. And those who advise others to drop all defenses and trust them and/or beings of unknown origins and agendas should be the last persons we trust or pay heed to. In fact, we should focus the most intense scrutiny upon those who urge others to follow them and/or false prophets and "saviors" for we have been warned, time and time again, that these trials of faith and reason would be placed upon us.

We must proceed with caution and common sense with respect to encounters with beings of unknown origins and intentions. The same is true for those among us who would seek to lower our defenses and turn us from the very truths by which we live and survive. For if we abandon all logic and reason, we become vulnerable and easily fooled by propaganda spread by those seeking to control and manipulate our hearts, minds and souls for their own selfish agendas.

Any humans, "ETs", or beings of unknown origins who abduct humans against their wills and subject them to experiments or studies, regardless if they say they are here to "save" us, demonstrate by their actions that they have little if any regard for our needs for respect, safety and personal dignity.

Superior beings do not abduct, mutilate, implant or manipulate the minds and bodies of other beings under any circumstance for any reason. We evolve according to the designs of our Creator not by the devices of "ET's" professing to be our gods or creators.

We cannot assume any beings we encounter are either benevolent or malevolent. We must not abandon our common senses and rationalities in our rush to greet ambassadors from other nations, other planets or dimensions. Neither should we accept the values and morals of others over our own. And as we extend the opportunity for mutual respect and diplomacy to beings of unknown origins, so shall we expect visitors/strangers to extend the same courtesies to all beings inhabiting this planet.

Abducting men, women, children and animals from this planet for any reason under any circumstance must not be tolerated! Beings wishing to establish diplomatic relations with the human population of this planet are expected to treat us with the same respect and dignity they would ask for themselves. And until they demonstrate their intentions with honesty and clarity, they will be considered strangers to our communities, homes and our trust.

We must not accept gifts, "candy" or promises from beings of unknown origins and intentions until we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in so doing we will not be taken against our wills, manipulated, mutilated or used as human guinea pigs. If any beings of unknown origins and agendas wish to establish open and sincere communications, they must do so under our conditions not under the cover of night or as shadows in our nightmares.

We are a species with great potential for joy, compassion and love. We have much to learn but we are not stupid. As we were taught by those who loved and nurtured us from birth, so must we teach our children to beware of strangers if we are to survive and protect our rights as a species.

So remember, use common sense, never accept rides or candy from strangers, and never trust anyone who tells you they know more about the unknown than you do.

Author:Amy Hebert, M.Ed., C.Ht.

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