Used by permission of the author, Amy Hebert, M.Ed., C.Ht.

In contemplating recent comments by Art Bell and Hoagland concerning focus pointing from all directions of the media to Phoenix, Arizona, I wondered what possible significance this singular city may have to alien agendas and/or agendas of the Military-industrial complex.

It seems that we have heard that word often in UFOlogy texts. As I began to review my mental files of the various places I've read about this mythical bird, it seemed like somewhat more than just a coincidence that this one city should now be where the media and others(?) wish us to turn our attention.

What possible significance could this one American city have to the human race? If one were to pick one spot on the entire globe for some type of "demonstration" or "beginning", which one would YOU pick? There are many places one may pick for various agendas. Could we have been given a few "hints" or "clues" as to where to look?

My first thoughts recalled various statements made by William Bramley in his book, The Gods Of Eden (1990). His references to the legend of the Phoenix in American history was the first time I'd ever heard of this legend. Bramley wrote:

"The phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress. The first die of the U.S. seal depicts a long-necked tufted bird: the phoenix. The phoenix holds in its mouth a banner with the words "E. Pluribus Unum" ("Out of many, one"). Above the bird's head are thirteen stars breaking through a cloud. In one talon the phoenix holds a cluster of arrows; in the other, an olive branch. Some people mistook the bird for a wild turkey because of the long neck; however, the phoenix is also long of neck and all other features of the bird clearly indicate that it is a phoenix. The die was retired in 1841 and the phoenix was replaced by the bald eagle - America's national bird."

Many major human events have involved specific symbols, usually pictures rather than just words. The phoenix has also been interpreted to represent a form of apocalypse. Apocalyptic themes are a constant feature in human history. What symbol would you chose to represent "the end times"?

According to Bramley... .

"The question is: who implanted apocalyptic beliefs on Earth? A Supreme Being is usually cited-but is a Supreme Being truly the source? A careful look at history reveals that apocalyptic teachings first arose out of Custodial activity and from sources within the corrupted Brotherhood network. End of the World doctrines were disseminated by early Brotherhood missionaries and conquerors hand-in-hand with monotheism. It is therefore not surprising to learn that Final Battle doctrines have some roots in a famous Brotherhood symbol discovered on ancient Egyptian relics. That symbol was the mythical bird known as the PHOENIX. (Emphasis mine).

The phoenix is a fictional bird which is said to live five hundred to six hundred years before burning itself to death in a nest of herbs. Out of the ashes emerges a small worm which grows back into the phoenix. The phoenix repeats this life-death-rebirth cycle over and over again, endlessly. The phoenix legend is an allegory (a story with an under- lying meaning), or symbol, designed to impart a deeper truth. Precisely what that truth is has been lost, and so we find people interpreting the phoenix legend in a variety of ways. For example, many people see the phoenix as a symbol of resurrection or spiritual survival after death: a soul is born into a body, the body flowers, the body undergoes the fiery rigors of life and death, and the soul remains intact to rise and build again. Others see the phoenix as a symbol of the birth-growth-decay cycle upon which the physical elements of the universe seem to operate, behind which there lies an indestructible spiritual reality.
Regrettably, the phoenix legend, like so many other mystical allegories of the Egyptian Brotherhood, distorted important truths. The legend came to convey the false idea that there exists some kind of unalterable "law" or "plan" which mandates that spiritual existence must consist of an arduous phoenix-like process of growing, dying by "fire," emerging out of the ashes, growing again, dying again, and so on forever. While this process does seem to regulate life on Earth, it is neither natural, inevitable nor healthy.

Many "End of the World" teachings take the philosophy expressed in the phoenix myth and apply it to the entire human race. When they do so, they often express the notion that human societies must endure continuous "ordeals by fire" as part of God's great plan. Most apocalypses then veer from standard phoenix allegory by proclaiming that this process will culminate in a great "Final Battle" followed by a utopia. These beliefs encourage people to tolerate, and even welcome, a world of unremitting physical hardship, conflict, and death: the kind of world that ancient writings say Custodians wished their work race to live in. Judgment Day prophesies even spur some people into working to bring about a "final battle" because those believers think that it will mean the dawn of a utopia."

Many abductees have related stories of seeing emblems that they assumed depicted eagles either on their abductors' clothing, in symbols on walls or in other places during their abductions. Could these symbols have represented the phoenix rather than the eagle, much like those who thought the first American symbol was a turkey? How many countries, past and present, use the eagle in their national seals and other designs of national allegiance? Maybe the eagle evolved from the phoenix, both physically and symbolically?

In his book, Bramley draws this connection between UFOs and the phoenix:

"UFO occupants still come right out today and imply that they are God. One abduction episode in which this occurred involved a woman named Betty Ann Andreasson, whose well-documented and exhaustively-researched experience was the subject of an intriguing book entitled The Andreas- son Affair, by Raymond Fowler.

Mrs. Andreasson's abduction occurred on January 25, 1967. Later, while under hypnosis, Mrs. Andreasson recalled that she had been kidnapped out of her home, was taken aboard an apparent alien aircraft and flown to an unknown location where she was led through what seemed to be a number of unusual red and green underground passages within some sort of city. Mrs. Andreasson then had an experience which makes her story unbelievable to many people; but to us, it is the experience which may give her story the most credence.
According to Mrs. Andreasson, her abductors took her to a special room. There she underwent what her investigators described as "the most painful and emotional segment of her total experience." In the room, Mrs. Andreasson saw a large bird about fifteen feet in height. The bird resembled an eagle, but it had a longer neck. It was, in fact, a replica of a PHOENIX, and it had the illusion of being alive. As Mrs. Andreasson stood and watched it, the phoenix began to undergo a transformation. Mrs. Andreasson felt an intense heat so powerful that she cried out in pain during her hypnosis session while recounting the incident. The strange alien room abruptly cooled off. Where the "Great Bird" had stood there now burned a small fire. The fire died down to a pile of gray ash with a few red embers. As the pile continued to cool, Betty saw something in the ashes: "Now, looks like a worm " she recalled under hypnosis, "a big fat worm. It just looks like a big fat worm-a big gray worm just lying there."

What Mrs. Andreasson had witnessed was a re-enactment of the legend of the phoenix, clearly staged for her benefit. The phoenix, as we recall, is a Brotherhood symbol which has been used to promote apocalypticism and justify endless human suffering. Although Mrs. Andreasson's "vision" of the phoenix constituted only a small portion of her total abduction experience, the investigators concluded: is only too obvious that the aliens had brought Betty to the bird as the focal point of her whole experience; it'seemed to be the purpose for her travel through the red and green spaces.

Mrs. Andreasson testified under hypnosis that after being implanted with this mystical vision, the following conversation ensued between her and her captors:

"They called my name, and repeated it again in a louder voice. I said, "No, I don't understand what this is all about, why I'm even here." And they-whatever it was-said that "I have chosen you." "For what have you chosen me?" Betty asked. "I have chosen you to show the world." "Are you God?" Betty asked, "Are you the Lord God?" "I shall show you as your time goes by."

At the time of her abduction, Mrs. Andreasson was already a Christian. As a result of her experience, she began to include UFOs in her own Christian apocalyptic belief system. Researcher Raymond Fowler probed those beliefs:

RAYMOND FOWLER: "Have they [UFOs] anything to do with what we call the second coming of Christ?"

BETTY: "They definitely do."

RAYMOND FOWLER:" When is this going to occur?"

BETTY: "It is not for them to tell you."

RAYMOND FOWLER:" Do they know? "

BETTY: "They know the Master is getting ready, and very close."

If real, Betty Andreasson's experience was a remark- able one. It would indicate that she was but one in a very long line of reluctant prophets forcibly implanted with an apocalyptic religious message by members of the Custodial society. Like the "Ezekiels" who preceded her in history, Betty Andreasson's testimony suggests that she suffered considerable mental tampering at the hands of her abductors. This tampering may account for some of the unusual perceptual phenomena she experienced during her abduction episode. Unlike past "Ezekiels," however, Mrs. Andreasson's vision will probably not be added to the Bible nor will it cause her to rally an army and embark on a campaign of religious conquest. Her courageous testimony will simply offer the world additional evidence that the 20th century has not seen a change in the methods by which a Custodial race appears to maintain a hold on the human race.

Does Mrs. Andreasson's experience mean that human society will be required to undergo yet another "End of the World" episode? The political, social, and economic structure of the world certainly makes it possible. The Brotherhood network is alive and active, as are the many institutions it created. They may well bring to our world yet another senseless "Final Battle."

When all the "pieces" and "players" are in place, checkmate. I agree with Art Bell that all this media blitz focusing around Phoenix, AZ. seems too well planned and executed to be mere coincidence. If by plan, when did it actually begin and how was this orchestrated?

Perhaps it began before there was a "United States". Perhaps it began in ancient history. Perhaps it began in November....? And perhaps we have all been unwitting participants.

Author:Amy Hebert, M.Ed., C.Ht.

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