Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't

Used by permission of the author, Amy Hebert, M.Ed., C.Ht.

The focus of this article is the examination of current theories concerning the visibility or invisibility of UFOs and possible correlates found in sighting reports and observations made by abductees.


Catching a glimpse of a UFO is often a rare experience. If everyone could see UFOs darting about in our air space, there would be no doubts that UFOs exist. They wouldn't have to land on the White House lawn or drive thru a local McDonald's for everyone to believe UFOs are real. If anyone wanted to see a UFO, all they'd have to do is...look up.

UFOs are classified as "phenomena" because sightings are rare (except in UFO hotspots) and there are so few witnesses. Many people have never seen a UFO and some people live their entire lives without ever seeing one. The rarity of observing UFOs, the lack of public acknowledgement that UFOs exist, government debunking and ridicule of witnesses who DO come forward, and various human belief systems divide world populations into those who believe UFOs exist, those who do not and the "undecided".

The main arguement of those who do not believe UFOs exist is, "Well, if they are real, how come we can't see 'em?" If they exist, why do only a few see them and others do not? If UFO occupants wanted the earth's population to know they exist, they would make their presence obvious to all. But...they do not. We may therefore conclude that UFO beings DO NOT wish to make open and public contact with the human inhabitants of this planet at this time. (Some may argue that they ARE making contact on a one-to-one basis or in other ways but the consensus is that OPEN and PUBLIC contact has NOT yet been made.)

The Literature

Some researchers theorize that UFOs are multi-dimensional and appear and disappear when they "jump" from one dimension to another dimension. Other researchers believe UFO occupants use various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum to "cloak" their ships and thus create the illusion of invisibility. And some researchers believe UFOs simply fly too fast for the human eye to see and this makes them difficult to observe. While researchers and interested public may argue and debate the validity of each theory, it is the contention of this narticle* that any or ALL of these theories may explain why UFOs are seen or not seen. Considering the possibility of multiple life forms in the universe and the development of diverse technologies, any and all of the above may apply. Even HUMANS don't drive the same make, model and color cars.

In his initial assessment, Jacques Vallee considered UFOs to be multidimensional. Vallee believed, "...the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond spacetime; the UFOs may not come from ordinary space, but from a multiverse which is all around us, and of which we have stubbornly refused to consider the disturbing reality in spite of the evidence available to us for centuries." (Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact, 1988)

UFOs may use a variety of EM frequencies to "cloak" their visibility and avoid detection. According to Ellen Crystall, "The ships release short wave radiation- ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma ray - which our eyes do not see but which film registers." Crystall further states, "The ships' external covering has a quality that can render the ship invisible or transparent when lit. The ships' lights illuminate the portion of the ship immediately surrounding the lights. When a ship turns out all its lights, it seems to disappear as if dematerialized, but it has only vanished from our optical view not from our space-time." (Silent Invasion, 1991)

The use of EM frequencies to mask visibility may also be used by UFO occupants while outside the UFO. In a conscious encounter including multiple witnesses, photographs taken during the event display the image of a being with large, black eyes standing not more than 6-7 feet from the witness who took the photographs. However, according to the same witness, no such being was observed during the encounter. The photographer was actually attempting to photograph ANOTHER being clearly visible and further away. The being in the photograph was not visible to the naked eye but WAS registered on film. (Unpublished investigation by this author.)

Another reason UFOs remain "hidden" may be due to the speed at which these objects travel. According to John Bro, the analysis of 3 frames of video footage shot during a one second period indicates, "...the disk is of solid metallic composition and it is moving between 8,000-10,000 miles per hour!...far faster than the human eye can track." (How To Videotape UFOs In Your Own Back Yard 1997)

One More Theory

One theory often neglected in popular UFO literature concerns the reflective surface of UFOs often described by witnesses. Many observers describe UFOs as "mirror-like", "shiny", "reflective" and "like polished metal". In the infamous sighting by Kennith Arnold in June of 1947 of nine UFOs over Mt. Ranier, "Every few seconds, two or three of them would dip or change their course slightly, just enough for the sun to catch their reflective surfaces." (U.F.O.s, 1992) From analysis of video footage taken of objects near the sun's corona, John Bro states, "It appears that the camera is catching these UFOs at a critical point of reflection." ("How To Videotape UFOs In Your Own Back Yard!", 1997)

Abductees also report observing UFOs with reflective surfaces during abduction experiences. In a childhood abduction, Betty Andreasson-Luca observed a round ship that was, "...silvery, sort of mirrorlike and transparent, and trees seemed to reflect in it." (The Andreasson Affair - Phase Two, 1982) During his 1975 abduction experience, Travis Walton reported being taken to a larger ship where he observed various reflective objects in a hangarlike room. Walton remembered, "On my left, toward one end of the large room, there were two or three oval-shaped saucers, reflecting light like highly polished chrome. I saw beyond the edge of the brushed-metal craft a silvery reflection that could have been another shiny, rounded craft." ( Fire In The Sky: The Walton Experience, 1979, 1996)

UFOs may also use reflective properties to camouflage their presence and "blend in" with surroundings to avoid observation by human witnesses. Silvery, mirror-like surfaces would naturally reflect blue skies or other surroundings rendering the object virtually invisible. Unfortunately, the closer these objects come to light sources, such as the sun's corona, the less "camouflaged" these objects become and the easier they are to spot. UFO occupants may use all kinds of advanced technology to "cloak" their ships but we must not overlook the simple technique of camouflage used by even the tiniest of Nature's creatures.

Final Thoughts

UFOs may be rendered invisible through multidimensional travel, electromagnetic frequencies that "cloak" the objects, travel at speeds faster than the human eye can detect and even the use of reflective properties which serve to camouflage these objects. UFOs may not be invisible but rather unvisible to the human eye. As photographs and new techniques demonstrate, UFOs can become visible if we extend the visual range of the human eye through technology and other techniques. We may be looking right at the evidence but not seeing it. All we need now are the right tools to see beyond our physical, and sometimes mental, limitations.

Author:Amy Hebert, M.Ed., C.Ht.

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