Some Reasons for Government Coverups

The original cover up (1930s, 40s, 50s) might have been to hide their secret test-craft in a similar way like they still hide secret test-craft like the SR-71. And rightly so I should add. As more and more of the craft were seen, an Alien explanation came about to help disguise the secret tests and so they can fly about without the need for absolute secrecy. (Not that there aren't any Aliens whatsoever mind you)

In the past several years they have been releasing their information (false Alien story) in such a way that it looks like the facts are being uncovered by UFO researchers, FOIA requests, media events & documentaries (staged) like 'Sightings', etc.

So, instead of a cover-up, what we are seeing now is a dis and mis-information dispensing operation which in fact might be the 'real' deception.

I realize the nature of a secret is that we DON'T know the answer and that's why it is called a SECRET. And since we don't know exactly WHAT the secret is, we by default don't know WHY it is being covered up. There is substantial evidence which supports the idea the disks (and now the triangles) are man-made and the Alien connection (as it is presently being told) a hoax!

To briefly go over some of the evidence:

(1) Anti-gravity propulsion technology was being experimented with as far back as 1890s. Anti-gravity propulsion concepts go back as far as 1840s. Scientific American Magazine/Journal has documented many of the advanced technology experiments and the companies working on them throughout the 20s, 30, and 40s. Look them up!

(2) The German disk program is well-known and goes back to the 1920s (maybe even farther back, as they had operating disks in the 20s.). There are many photographs and schematics of these disks available.

(3) Regarding Alien abductions:

a. Some of the 'Alien' implants removed from humans are identical to implants being used by DOD.

b. Many abductees report being taken to underground bases where they see U.S. military personnel.

c. U.S. military helicopters are seen in connection with many abductions and cattle mutilations.

d. Psychological and other mind-control experiments have undergone several decades of experimentation.

I realize there other explanations which cover these facts but I think the afore mentioned explanations should be aired too. What have we got to lose by investigating more than one possibility? What have we got to lose by investigating only one possibility?

Used by Permission of the Author:

BB Ryder

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