Bob Lazar and Area 51

Just a few miles from Las Vegas, Nevada there lies a "TOP SECRET" instalation called AREA# 51. This area is run by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Jaime Shandera (investigator/editor) calls the TOP SECRET area within AREA# 51 "DREAMLAND". A ring of mountains surrounded by another ring of mountains.
An Electro Physicist named: Bob Lazar known for his work with Los Alamos Meson Physics facility along with his work at NASA has come forward with information on the Navy's (9) captured/acquired alien spacecraft/disks/ UFOs.
He was hired/assigned to investigate/analyze one of these captured UFOs. He states: "these things were not built by human hands, as the tech- nology is FAR beyond anything we have presently! Just the reactor & power source alone produce an amazing amount of power!!! It was very OBVIOUS what was in the hanger!, a typical flying saucer! The fuel that the reactor uses is a SUPER HEAVY element!, something on the lines of approx.#115 on the periotic charts! It's a material which cannot be synthesized here on earth, nevertheless be found in nature! It does not exist!!!
Ten years ago, this AREA# 51 was the secret developmental area for the stealth fighters and bombers, along with countless underground nuclear testing, which STILL goes on! Many researchers say that if the military wanted to hide a secret testing/analizing of captured alien spacecrafts/disks; that this AREA# 51 would be the place to do just that!!!
Mr. Bob Lazar (distraught over the criminal activities of the Navy), brought friends to the perimeter to photograph the FIRST FLIGHT TESTING of said disk by our own military! They filmed it making numerous streaks across the skies over and around Rachiel Nv.

Unfortunately, he and his friends were found out............. Since then, Mr. Lazar has become a modern man without a country! His birth certificate, records of government jobs, coworkers, everything vanished, without a trace!!! The man does not exist! "As if I was never born....he says..........."

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