Alien-Human Hybrids

written by Richard Gall

I have watched a few UFO videos recently. They spoke of Alien/Human experiments, and how some abductees recall seeing 'babies' and that sperm samples are taken from some Human male abductees. It even spoke of a case where a man was apparently abducted, and under regression he recalled being in a room, and a 'beautiful' looking female humanOID came into the room naked, and had sexual intercourse with him, apparently to make her pregnant for the purpose of a cross race hybrid.

Now they discussed the possibilities of why mix races and the genetic 'experiments' etc. They also spoke of some issues that I have personally not thought much about before till now. Humans are brutal. Look at the wars on earth, we hurt, kill, abuse and betray each other. We lie, cheat, steal, and we are killing our race, and we are unaware. Ok, I know we are not all evil and bad, but its in our nature to fight for what we want - you know what I mean. Anyway ... one thought was, Humans will be heading for the stars within the next 100 years (which is nothing in space terms) ... perhaps the Aliens are checking us out, when we get the capability, will we be hostile towards them and other races too? They must look down on us and think? What? This planet is full of psychos ..... and they would be right. Especially if they are looking at our governments. More corrupt than corruption.

Perhaps they are mixing our race with theirs, to help us survive .... when we are all dead for whatever reason, war, pollution ... at least our race will exist in some form to continue ... a lot of abductees report that the Aliens say that they are trying to help us. Whether this is true or not, who knows ... perhaps they are just taking advantage of how primitive we are for some sick experiment?

Do the Aliens have hostile intentions? If they have been here for as long as we think, which is thousands of years, since mentions in ancient scriptures etc of bright lights and 'Gods from the heavens' ..... if they wanted to take our planet, they would have done it long ago. The best thing for us to do is to engage in relations, peaceful ..... ok I know, they have no right to take a Human and experiment and distress them, they have no right penetrating our airspace, or flying in our skies ... but think .... these are the issues that start wars within our own race .... war for territory. If they want to fly over our skies, there is nothing we can do to stop them, assumtion is a bad thing, we can't just believe they are going to have hostile intentions because they fly over our cities. Should we open fire on their craft? Personally I think that is damn stupid .... whatever right they violate in our airspace, that is an act of war, an act of hostility, something we should avoid at all costs with a highly advanced and intelligence race we know nothing about. Perhaps they mutilate our cattle for a 'good' reason .... if it is them who mutilate the few human reports then, we can't prove it, and we can't declare a serious opposition to them anyway. If we do, it just goes to show how stupid and unthoughtful us humans can be. Remember, there is good and bad everywhere, I'm sure in their species it is no different. Some Aliens may experiment and distress us, however, I'm sure there is some great peaceful Aliens out there also. Not all contact experiences are necessarily 'negative' or 'experimental'. I can understand why the genuine abductee may feel hate towards these beings, I don't know what its like, I can only imagine. But please try not to generalize, hate the ones who take you and upset you, but remember, humans test on animals, but not all humans agree with it, I'm confident that there are Aliens up there who oppose what happens to human abductees.

People fear ridicule? What IS ridicule? I would be interested to hear how people have been put down and laughed at within this subject, I can tell you many stories of how foolish people have made me feel because of my interest in the subject. For example, people come up to me and ask what I am doing ..... they say "Seen any aliens, they phoned home yet?" .. its funny, but over and over and over they joke, they think its a subject for people who are nuts and paranoid. I have never seen a UFO, I have never been abducted, yet I stand by my beliefs, come forward and report what you have seen, if people laugh at you, to hell with them, you know what you seen right? You know what happened right? Believe yourself. Those who make jokes about us, we should be the ones laughing at their petty unwillingness to listen to the scientific facts. You fear no one will believe you if you come forward and report a sighting? If your sighting is real, then their are many people willing to listen, you have a huge number of people here on this Skywatch discussion who are willing to listen and who may have seen the same sight as you.

To bring the facts out, we need to forget about the government for a minute, they may be the ones who have a hell of a lot of classified info on them, however, we don't need Mr Pres to confirm what we already know do we? With proper scientific and (no-bull) researchers and investigators and no kids making up false information for a laugh, we can gather scientific facts to produce to the public in our own forms, through conferences, public announcements and ads, via radio, television, and any other means. We can all say we know there is Aliens out there, but how many of you can actually personally prove it? Examination of sightings, proper treatment and medical analysis of abductees (a lot of which can be due to other reasons than real time abduction remember) and generate reports and opinions of those in reliable professions, such as doctors, physicists and researchers around the world. We don't need the government or CSETI to reveal facts to the public, if we can gather enough statements and footage and anything else, we can start presenting information to the public, we don't need to wait. Thanks to CSETI for stepping up the progress, however, I believe we need to stop waiting and all start pushing ourselves also. But this is just my personal opinion.

Used with the permission of the author

Richard Gall

Skywatch International

Scotland Director

"...eyes to the skies..."

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