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Perfect World Driving to Damascus Online Fan Tribute

UK Ian Grant Management
The web page of Big Country's management, Ian Grant Management.

UK Track Records
Track Records are Big Country's current label.

UK Pinnacle Records On-Line
Pinnacle Records are the distributors for Track Records in the UK.

UK Esprit
Esprit is a UK company with a fairly large Big Country selection. It's somewhat expensive, but they filled my first order (6 BC singles and promos) and shipped it the next day. Better yet, I acquired the rare Through a Big Country Japanese boxed set from Espirt after receiving an e-mail from an Esprit salesperson who gave me first dibs for a 48-hour period. Click here to go directly to Esprit's Big Country section.

US CDnow
I have found CDnow to be reliable, with shipping times on import material varying from a week or so to a month. They haven't let me down yet. Click here to go straight to CDnow's Big Country section.

US Amazon
Although I have not ordered any Big Country material from Amazon, they are a reputable online retailer with a good stock of Big Country material. Click here to go straight to Amazon's Big Country section (this search will also find any item with the words "big" and "country" in them).

US eBay
eBay can be an excellent source for rare Big Country material at reasonable prices. Click here to see a list of Big Country items currently available on eBay (keep in mind that this will also find random items that contain both the words "big" and "country").

UK Great West Records
Great West Records is Tony's own record label. It is listed here because it is one of the few places that you can order his album, The Great Unknown. Click here to go straight to Tony's page at GWR.

US CD Universe
I got my copy of Eclectic from CD Universe. They were a bit slow, and it was expensive, but that's certainly not unusual for import material.

US Rocktoys!
I finally managed to find a Big Country t-shirt on the web—a Buffalo Skinners tour shirt from Rocktoys! There's no guarantee of finding any Big Country items, but it can't hurt to look.

Netherlands German Music Express
I ordered the Polygram Master Series CD from German Music Express. It was on order for a week until it was shipped, but then it took less than a week to get from the Netherlands to Maine. An attempt to order Brighton Rock failed after four weeks of waiting when they realized they couldn't get the CD at all. A 50% success rate overall.

US Compact Disc Connection
I ordered the Brighton Rock CD from Compact Disc Connection. It took approximately two weeks for the CD to arrive and was priced fairly well for an import album.

US Legends Concert Posters
As the title says, Legends Concert Posters sells concert posters. When I checked they had one Big Country poster for sale.

US The Webmaster's Other Sites

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