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November 18, 1997 Brighton Rock in the U.S.
Brighton Rock cover According to CDnow Brighton Rock was released in the US on November 18. I have not been able to confirm its release, but other on-line stores list it as being released on the 18th.

November 17, 1997 Eclectic in the U.S.
Eclectic cover The live acoustic album Eclectic will be released in the U.S. at some point in time. The original release date was August 26th, which passed with no signs of the CD showing up. It is rumored that it may have a different track listing that includes more Big Country songs and less covers. It might also contain a bonus track from Stuart (perhaps a product of his work on his solo album?). The latest news is that Castle Communications have delayed/withheld the US release for unspecified reasons (and apparently the same goes for releasing the concert on video). [NOTE: As of late 1999 this album has not been released in the U.S.]

October 10, 1997 Tony on Tour
Tony Butler Tony (and an unspecified band) will be touring southwest England in October and November in support of his solo album, The Great Unknown.

October 21: The Grove in Exmouth
October 24: Strawberry Fields in Hayle
October 30: Plymouth University
October 31: The Rising Sun in Barnstaple
November 1: St. Austell Band Club
November 7: The White Hart in Launceston
November 8: Lanterns in Ashburton
November 14: The Britannia in Plymouth
November 15: The Bolton Hotel in Brixham
November 20: Rumours in Exeter
November 22: Treyarnon Bay Hotel in Nr Padstow

September 22, 1997 Brighton Rock 1995 Live Album
Brighton Rock cover A Big Country concert recorded on November 5th, 1995 at Brighton was released on September 22, 1997. See the CD Discography page for a track listing.

August 22, 1997 Tony and the Great Unknown
The Great Unknown cover Tony has released his own solo album, titled The Great Unknown, which was released on August 18, 1997 on a new label he has formed called Great West Records. A single, "One Day to the Next," is planned for release in 1998. Tony performed live on August 2nd at the Cornwall Coliseum in the UK in a show entitled The Great Big Noise (featuring him and other GWR signings). He will be singing and playing guitar (and a lot of other instruments) on this album, which will only be for sale via mail order, the internet and local shops in Devon and Cornwall. Tony will go out on a short tour in the UK to promote the album (band line-up unknown at this point). Check out the album link above for a track listing for the album.

June 16, 1997 Mark Goes Crazy
Mark Brzezicki Mark is working with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and will apparently record with them (the July 26th performance at The Round House Camden was canceled). Take a look at his profile to see the numerous projects he has been working on lately (far too many to list here). He played drums on two tracks on Tony's solo album, The Great Unknown, and is rumored to be appearing on Stuart's solo album.

June 16, 1997 Bruce Takes to the Skies
Bruce Watson Bruce has been working with his brother, a drummer, in a band named Wild Blue Yonder that has played a few dates in Dunfermline doing acoustic performances. They performed at the Eastport Bar, Dunfermline on May 22nd, 1997 and at Tappie Toories on June 1st, 1997.

March 25, 1997 King Biscuit Flower Hour Live CD
KBFH cover On March 25, 1997 a live album in the King Biscuit Flower Hour series of the 1983/84 Barrowlands New Year's Eve concert was released. The last track on the CD is an interview with Stuart and is 6 minutes long. A track listing can be found on the CD Discography page. The Canadian release (through EMI) is scheduled for April 15th, 1997. Support for this disc may spur KBFH Records to consider releasing the 1986 Big Country concert that they also have in their vaults.

March 1997 Master Series Compilation
Master Series cover An 18-track compilation CD was recently released in the UK and includes a handful of rare b-sides, including one track that is not part of the track listing for the Rarities release. A track listing can be found on the CD Discography page.

1997 Greatest Hits Live
The Greatest Hits Love cover Without the Aid of a Safety Net has been re-released as a budget CD under a different name—The Greatest Hits Live—and with different artwork. Don't ask me why they changed the name or the artwork.

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