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September 2, 1998 Big Country Live in 1998
Date Venue/Location
July 10 Olympia, Dublin, Ireland
Set list: We're Not in Kansas, You Dreamer, The President Tripped and Fell, Broken Heart (13 Valleys), No Sleep Till Dawn, Wonderland, Loserville, I'm Not Ashamed, Living By Memory, I Get Hurt, Ships, Look Away, Restless Natives, Lost Patrol, Grace, Alone, Fields of Fire and Chance.
July 11 Olympia, Dublin, Ireland
No info available (set list may be the same as the earlier concert).
August 8 Tallin, Estonia
With the Rolling Stones. Set list: We're Not In Kansas, You Dreamer, Look Away, The President Tripped & Fell, Chance, I Get Hurt, Alone, Fields Of Fire and In A Big Country
August 16 Plymouth Festival, UK
Also performing: Leo Sayer, Cheryl Beer, Pelt, Sacred Turf, Blues Bands, Republica, Counterfeit Stones, Audioweb, 60ft Dolls plus more over three days. Free admission. Promoter 01752-264913. Set list: We're Not In Kansas, You Dreamer, Sleep Till Dawn, Loserville, Wonderland, The President Tripped and Fell, Living By Memory, Ships, Alone, I'm Not Ashamed, Restless Natives, I Get Hurt, In A Big Country, Chance and Fields of Fire.
August 20 Zagreb, Croatia
With the Rolling Stones
August 22 Weston Super Mare Festival, UK
Also performing: Bad Manners, The Hoax, Dogwood, Snowdogs, Pelt, Sacred Turf, Lone Sharkx, Ska Bop, Watermelon Man and many more.
August 23 Pontefract Festival, West Yorkshire, UK
August 26 Berlin Olympic Stadium, Germany
With the Rolling Stones.
August 28 Leipzig Festwiese
With the Rolling Stones.
August 29 Porthcawl Festival
Also performing: Bob Geldof, China Crisis, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Dexys Midnight Runners, Geno Washington plus many more, over three days, £20 for weekend or £12.50 per day. Phone 01269-596785 for further details.
August 30 Hamburg Trabrenbahn
With the Rolling Stones. This concert is already sold out.
September 1 The Kade, Zaandam, Amsterdam
Tickets can be reserved by e-mailing, calling 31.75.6121220, or visiting the Theater & Concert Online web site. Approximate ticket price is £7. Set list: We're Not In Kansas, You Dreamer, The President Tripped and Fell, Fragile Thing, Wonderland, Loserville Living By Memory, I'm Not Ashamed, Ships, I Get Hurt, Look Away, Restless Natives, In A Big Country, Alone, Chance, Fields of Fire and Rockin' In The Free World
September 2 Bremen Weserstadion
With the Rolling Stones.
September 3 The Luxor, Arnhem
With the Rolling Stones. Phone 00 31 26 4438965 or fax 4450947
September 5 Den Haag
With the Rolling Stones.

The 1998 UK Restless Natives Tour:
Date Venue/Location
May 19 Rock City, Nottingham
Opening act: Pelt. Marcus Hummon was not available to play (with Stuart) as previously reported. Set list: We're Not In Kansas, You Dreamer, The President Tripped and Fell, Broken Heart (13 Valleys), Sleep Is Till Dawn, Wonderland, Loserville, Ships, I'm Not Ashamed, Living By Memory, I Get Hurt, Look Away, Restless Natives, Lost Patrol, Grace, Alone, Chance, Fields Of Fire
May 20 University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich
Opening act: Pelt. Click here to read a review of the concert.
May 22 Coatham Bowl, Redcar
Opening act: Pelt.
May 23 Forum 28, Barrow-In-Furness
Doors open at 7:30. Tickets are £8 from the Forum 28 Box Office: (01229) 820000. Opening act: Pelt. Also performing will be Jason Isaacs. NOTE: Barrow Rocks itself has been postponed until September 5 for safety reasons: "There are certain structural alterations which had to be done which we were unable to carry out in time. Under no circumstances could we go ahead when we couldn't meet safety requirements." (The September 5th Barrow Rocks has been cancelled). Click here to read a review of the concert.
May 24 Tappie Torries, Dunfermline
No info available (apparently a last moment addition to the schedule).
May 25 Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
Opening act: Pelt.
May 26 Brannigans, Dundee
Opening act: Pelt. FREE ADMISSION.
May 27 Blues, Inverness
Opening act: Pelt.
May 28 The Garage, Glasgow
Opening act: Pelt.

August 14, 1998 In A Big Compilation
As posted by Rich Kamerman to the Big Country Mailing List: According to an article in Billboard Magazine (dated 8/22/98), "Polymedia plans 2-CD 'Collector's Edition' overviews of ABC, Big Country and Soft Cell for October." There is no other information provided. [Webmasters note: Ian Grant says he has heard nothing of a new compilation, and he assumes this is the U.S. release of Restless Natives & Rarities. If true this means RN&R is set for release one month later then originally indicated].

June 24, 1998 A New Conquest?
Some info from Phil Lisle: I've heard that they have been speaking to Ray Davies who is forming a new label called 'Konk West' or Konquest or something like that, which will be aimed at the North American Market.

June 1, 1998 Restless Natives & Rarities
Restless Natives & Rarities cover The wait is finally over. After years of delays, and an ever-shifting track listing, the Restless Natives and Rarities CD has finally been released. The soundtrack portion on Disc 2 is from the film Restless Natives. The entirety of Disc 1, as well as parts of Disc 2, are various b-sides and demos mainly from the Polygram era. More information on this 2-CD set can be found on the CD Discography page. Although the original track listing was voted on by Big Country fans, the final track listing was altered for a variety of reasons. The biggest omission is "Troubled Man"—a track that Polygram has apparently LOST the master tape to! The remixes were removed for the possibility of a remix album (which was the original idea a number of years ago). And, to answer two burning questions, "When A Drum Beats" and "Promised Land" are the longer versions, not the butchered single edits previously released. Ian Grant informs us that Mercury will release this album in North America sometime in September.

May 22, 1998 The Official Big Country Web Site
The official Big Country web site Click here to visit The Official Big Country Web Site, maintained by Alex May. The merchandising section is still being worked on, as well as a members section, but the bulletin board is working great—stop by and drop off a message to the band or their management. Stuart, Tony and Bruce have answered messages and provided information…but Mark has not made it in so far.

April 28, 1998 Kings of Emotion Rises from the Grave
Kings of Emotion cover On April 27th Kings of Emotion: A Diverse Collection was finally released, although the final track listing appears to be rather disappointing compared to what was originally planned for this 2-CD set. A track listing can be found on the CD Discography page. (It appears that KOE may be released in the US on June 23rd). Ian Grant asks that BC fans not support this compilation since it was released without the band's consent. Apparently Snapper refused to wait for Stuart to lend his assistance on the project. I can't ignore that it exists, so I'll let everyone decide what they wish to do in regards to this rather strange little collection.

April 24, 1998 "One Day to the Next" Single Release
Tony Butler A press release from Great West Records:

Big Country bass player Tony Butler is marking International M.E. Awareness Week (May 11th - 17th) by releasing his song One Day to the Next.

All profits from sales of the CD single will be donated to support the charity Action for M.E. which supports people with the disease and their families and friends. Tony was compelled to write the song after his wife, Jackie and daughter Joey were both struck by the illness. He said: "It is a song intended to make those who do not suffer understand the devastation M.E. causes to families like mine".

M.E. (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) affects approximately 150,000 people in the UK alone, including children as young as four. The symptoms include chronic exhaustion made worse by physical or mental exertion, migraine-type headaches, muscle pain, sleep disorders, bowel problems, loss of memory and concentration and multiple food allergies.

These symptoms can fluctuate from day to day and hour to hour, leaving the most severely affected bed bound, and the luckier ones able to carry on with a limited lifestyle.

The most severe of all cases are found in teenagers.

There is as yet no cure for M.E., but a good proportion of sufferers can and do recover in time, as Jackie and Joey have. Early diagnosis is vital because it allows the sufferer to manage their condition before it becomes too serious, giving them a better chance of recovery. It is with this in mind that Tony is releasing One Day to the Next to promote maximum awareness amongst the public and health and education professionals.

The CD (on the GWR label) is available mail order at £6.50 (inc UK p&p) from Action for M.E., P.O. Box 1302, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1YE.

For more information about Action for M.E. please contact Kerry Tolley, press officer, on 01749 679193.

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