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Stuart Adamson Biographical and Family Information
Stuart Adamson FULL NAME: William Stuart Adamson
April 11, 1958
BIRTH PLACE: Manchester, England (grew up in the village of Crossgates near Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland)
FATHER: Coal miner, seaman (marine engineering), fisherman, and a telephone worker in Saudi Arabia
MOTHER: Electronics factory assembly line worker
WIFE: Melanie Shelley (married February/March 2000)
CHILDREN: Callum (February 10, 1982) and Kirsten (June 11, 1985)

Stuart Adamson Instruments Played
Lead vocals, guitars (acoustic, electric, ebow, slide, b-bender) and piano

Stuart Adamson Equipment
  • Yamaha guitars
  • Les Paul guitars
    • 1 used.
    • 1 with standard pickups.
    • 1 with Seymour Duncan vintage pickups.
  • Jimmy Moon guitars
    • 1 custom design similar to a Fender Telecaster with a flat, wide neck, flat frets, ebony fingerboard and maple wood.
    • 1 custom design (configuration unknown).
    • 1 with EMG pickups (could be either of the above).
  • Fender guitars
    • American standard Telecaster
  • Gary Levinson guitars
    • 1 Blade with Sperzel machineheads.
  • Ebow
  • Amplifiers
    • (still working on this section)

Stuart Adamson Other Musical Projects
  • Tattoo (1973-1975, included Willie Simpson, John and Ian)
  • The Skids (1977–1981)
  • The Prime Movers
    • Spooked (1989, guitar on "Dark Western Nights")
  • Working with Marcus Hummon as "Blue Healer"

Stuart Adamson Musical Interests and Influences
Bepop Deluxe, Black Sabbath, The Clash, Offspring, Gin Blossoms, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Patsy Cline, Nine Inch Nails, Flaming Lips, The Smiths, Kate Bush and U2.

Stuart Adamson Hobbies and Interests
Arizona iced tea, Cajun food, fly fishing, football (Dunfermline Athletic), Geena Davis, Indian food, motorbikes (has sponsored the Big Country Motorcycle Racing Team), poetry (Hugh McDiarmid) and running.

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