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Tony Butler Biographical and Family Information
Stuart Adamson FULL NAME: Anthony Earle Peter Butler
February 13, 1957
BIRTH PLACE: London, England
FATHER: Deceased 1963 (welder)
SIBLINGS: Lennox (older brother)
WIFE: Jackie Whitburn
CHILDREN: Alex, Jake and Joella

Tony Butler Instruments Played
Bass (acoustic and electric), guitar (on solo project) and backing vocals.

Tony Butler Equipment
No information available.

Tony Butler Other Musical Projects
  • Sounds of Green Lightning (later Clear Peace)
  • Simon Townshend
  • On The Air (Simon Townshend, Tony and Mark)
  • Rhythm For Hire (session "duo" with Mark)
  • Pete Townshend
    • 1980: Empty Glass
    • 1982: All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
    • 1985: White City: A Novel
  • The Pretenders
    • 1984: Learning to Crawl
  • Roger Daltry
    • 1985: Under a Raging Moon
  • Time To Taste Bass
    • 1994: worked as an engineer
  • Tony Butler
    • 1997: The Great Unknown solo album due out on August 18th on Great West Records (with Mark on a few tracks)
    • 1998: Release of the single "One Day to the Next" planned for March/May during ME Awareness Week

Tony Butler Musical Interests and Influences
Jimi Hendrix, Genesis, Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Yes (Chris Squire) and Neil Young.

Tony Butler Hobbies and Interests
Fawlty Towers, Men Behvaving Badly and Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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