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July 2000 What's New
  • June 16: Added an announcement about the closing of this site to the News page.

June 2000 What's New

May 2000 What's New
  • May 29: "Somebody Else" single released in the UK. Details on the single can be found on the News page.
  • May 16: Added information on UK radio and TV appearances to the News page.

April 2000 What's New
  • April 10: Added information on "Somebody Else," the third single to be released from Driving to Damascus, to the News page.
  • April 7: Added information on the Nashville Sessions CD, which is available only through the Track Records web site.
  • April 6: Added an official statement on Big Country's future to the News page.

March 2000 What's New
  • March 28: Added UK performances in May to the Live Dates page.
  • March 27: The UK television show The Big Breakfast is looking for Big Country fans. Check out the News page for more details.
  • March 6: Added information on Stuart's marriage, and the cancellation of the March 30th Blue Healer performance to the News page.
  • March 3: Added information on the European release of Driving to Damascus and the Fragile Thing single to the News and Discography pages.

February 2000 What's New
  • February 29: Added a few performances in the Netherlands to the Live Dates page. Information on a concert to be broadcast on German TV has been added to the News page.
  • February 10: Added information on a Blue Healer performance to the News page.
  • February 8: Added information on a change in the airdate of the BBC Radio 2 conert to the News page. Information on the cancellation of one of the German concerts has been added to the Tour Dates page.

January 2000 What's New
  • January 28: Numerous items added to the News page, including Tour Dates in Germany in April.
  • January 23: Updated the Big Country Book of Lyrics PDF to include songs from Driving to Damascus and its related singles.
  • January 20: Added information on Ian Grant resigning as Stuart's manager to the News page. A search function has been added to the site and can be found on the Site Index page.
  • January 13: Added a Discussion Forum to allow interactive communication between Big Country fans.
  • January 6: Added information on a BBC Radio 2 concert to the News page. Also added to the News page is preliminary information on a live EP to be released in February.

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