Poems and Songs by Iona Miller, c2000

(A Tree of Life Production)


                            by Iona Miller, c2000

Part 1

SHAFT OF LIGHT, 1-19-2000
VIA AMORIS, 1-21-2000
GARDEN OF CALM, 1-23-2000
A LEAP IN THE DARK, 2-2-2000
FIAT LUX, 2-5-2000
KNOW THYSELF, 2-6-2000



James Eastman and Iona Miller, c 1999

Show me your mysteries, I'll show you mine,
As we embark outside this space and time.
Clasping hands we'll join the dance divine,
Flowing gently toward eternal rhyme.

Tell me your fantasies, I'll tell you mine,
Show me your ecstasies that flow as wine.
Together we'll reach the highest peak sublime,
Drinking deeply from the spring of time.


Try as we might...
    So many chambers in which to dwell.
To reach the heights...
    From the bottom of a wishing well.
With second sight...
    How we ascend only time will tell.
To the temple of living Light...
    Far beyond heaven and hell.

Bare your heart to me, I'll give you mine,
Though all alone we might be flying blind.
Through embrace, fire and ice entwine,
Surging and merging as the ocean tide.


Piercing the Sphere of the Moon, or


by Iona Miller, c2000

Now we've passed all the portals,
Come to the house of Immortals.
The sky becomes one with it clouds,
All of our visions allowed.
We hold the Sun and Moon as our witness;
Love alone, the test of our fitness.


I nakedly desired you before the world began.
Now and then I desired you again and again.
A vein of sapphires, a heart of ruby,
Eyes so radiant, I loved you truly.
My body and soul became your mirror,
And you became even dearer.

Every pore of my body is drenched in bliss,
Recalling the flame of your saffron kiss.
Within our bodies are fragrant gardens,
Where selfless love bears effortless fruit.
Our souls whirled in ecstatic certainty,
And all we were doing was breathing eternity.

You are the moon and I am its phases;
Echoes alone are left of our traces.



(A Near-Life Experience)

by Iona Miller, c2000

The drum of breath is beating;
Consciousness retreating.
Soul befuddled by mighty illusions,
Traversing bridges of delusions.
Restless trepidation - frustration,
False hopes and expectations.

Ride a long distance on destiny's wings;
Hear the luminous voice of a Nature that sings.
Light finds its own abode [in the place that time forgot];
Only obeying an unknown code [dissolving slowly into Naught].

One glance completely resplendent,
Then plunged into darkness, restless--impatient.
Take recourse to other means and depart;
Kindle the flame of yearning in your heart.
Follow your heart beyond your dreams,
By avoiding all wild extremes. [Even then do not awake!]

Find that fullness pushing us out of existence,
Into pleromas of radiant emptiness.
Quicker than the speed of light,
A wisp of gold in the velvet night.
Eden lies in the future as well as the past.
With each new morning the die is cast.

Darkness has gone now as morning comes calling.
Through the pleasure of waking and the pain of falling.
The stream of love and devotion flows without failing,
Luminous, soul, mind and spirit -- all peacefully sailing.
We are riders at dawn in a chariot of echoes,
To the other side of Light and Let Goes.



Iona Miller, c2000

The Sun of the One I love
Has risen in the night.
Embodying emanations
Of liquified delight.
I am drenched in devotions
Waves, streams, and oceans.

Twin serpents form a healing force
Burning desire permits no recourse.
Entering a deeper rapture
Unborn form is all we capture.

Such an embrace is magnetically compelling;
We dissolve in bliss unending.
Something precious has taken place,
It's written in pearls all over my face.
Liberated, our being sinks in surrender,
No One is left to be a defender.

Love like this makes meaning possible;
Nature herself provides wand and vessel.
Infinite power of expression with might,
Flies without wings on the blackness of night.

Sun and Moon die in the bath of Immortality
For the birth of the power of true Reality.
Our bodies become a jewelled irridescence;
We've captured the Stone, made the Quintessece.
Renewal of Spirit defies all description,
Nature herself suspends her encryption.

Vision becomes a way of seeing and knowing.
The gift of comprehension--infinity glowing.
Caught in the flux of secret inpouring
Seeds of rejuvination gently imploring.

No force could deny such holy transgression.
We surrender to this loving possession.
Soul and Spirit joined in magnanamous pleasure,
Our hearts entwined forever and ever.


Iona Miller, c2000

I've given up silks and fine array.
Clothed only in you, Beloved, found another Way.
A penetrating shaft of Light, a ray of bliss,
A touch, a kiss; what infinite joy is this!

Wrought neither of fire nor of foam
Our candle dance forms a lyrical poem.
All night long teaching love tricks to the moon,
We've ridden from Not-being, to Being in tune.

[Chorus 1]
Shoreless space holds ten thousand moon and skies
On wings of building desires, swiftly love flies.
Raining opalescent pearls without any clouds,
Beyond the intensity mere passion enshrouds.

We linger awhile on the lip of oblivion,
Before taking the plunge, diving deeply therein.
We've learned the Curtain's sacred mystical secret.
Now purified hearts yearn only to keep it.

A living fountain emanating colors of the soul.
We are mingled in moist ecstasy beyond all control.
Love's sea bursts when the sky is torn away.
For Truth, I gave my life to bring you peace today.


The Essence of Experience

Iona Miller, c2000

The hold of passion,
Snare of the soul.
In the alchemy of suffering,
The crucible of compassion.

Flowing like living gold,
The body speaks to the soul.
Its offering in silence is told
Through the eyes of eternity.

The round of existence,
The Chain of Transmission,
Belief in the Unseen,
Live the Via Amoris.

The living magic of its message:
"Nothing real is lost."
The essence of experience:
"We can never count the cost."

Speaking in riddles,
Like the languid Delphic Sibyl,
With soul-reviving fervor
The message is delivered:

"Perceive and express the Truth,
Extract the heinous poison,
Partake of life's perfection,
Fulfill your expectations."

Consummation of desire,
Leaping from beginning to conclusion.
Clearly living through illusion,
Extracting meaning from confusion.

"Thoughts are things,"
The primal lesson rings.
One at a time, they communicate,
An ancient gnosis elucidate.

Sensuous nature, so deeply sublime,
Both verifies and falsifies.
While we brood on our alibies,
Reflectively seeking justification.

Renewed attempt, deeply gazing,
With a clear eye saw unheard of things.
Single Eye, radiantly blazing.
The Crown of Life relieves all stings.

Sunk in objectless contemplation,
Closing the doors of the senses,
Beyond swelling elation,
Merging all of time's tenses.

Detachment from place and conditions,
Only fusion dispels illusions.
In the abyss of divine Light,
Breathless, mindless, pure delight.



Iona Miller, c2000

In the silence, a garden of calm,
Engenders the perfume of a healing balm.
A blessed memory of a wild nature,
Full of life and hard to capture.
An untouched lily full of dew,
A greater yearning never knew.

Virtue is a thousand shields,
But cannot keep the plow from fields.
To taste divine Felicity,
Yield to fervent electricity.
Glowing with a fragrant air
Hiding not from love's sweet stare.

Endurance is a mighty charm
Borne heavenward by golden arms.
Mounting before the celestial throne,
The soul, a dark and narrow dungeon
Where my buried treasure lay,
Ravished purity, formless, dross stripped away.

On the very altar, a light without fire
Kindled by a madness beyond all desire.
Quintessence, the elixer of Sages,
Contains the Essence of the Ages.
This Truth hides, in fact, a garden of pleasure,
By whatever means we may choose to measure.

Nothing is beyond our reach.
Even things that injure surely teach.
Nothing is beautiful but the True,
Which lifts our hearts and makes all new.
In the Book of Life every chapter,
Leads toward a higher rapture.

The language of truth is simple:
The rewards of love are more than ample.
Truth is called the daughter of time,
That to which we all incline.
Truth is near and yet we seek it far away,
Forgetting it is always only today.

The questions drop from a life devoted,
Answered before they are even noted.
The whole of life one continuous prayer;
Creating as natural as breathing air.
From the garden of calm to being ravished,
Sweet love upon me has been lavished.



Iona Miller, c2000

The pathway of love is the ordeal of fire.
Two spirits lightly strive together,
To take one another's fullest measure.
And capture love's sweetest treasure.
Playing a tune on the fleshly lyre,
Hypnotic rapture takes us ever higher.

The light within our souls, brighter than the Sun.
Seized with aching discontent until the dance is done.
Stung by desire, isolation breached, seized by holy ecstasy,
Delicious link that unites the lover with me.
Locked hopefully in actionless action,
Surrendered to the pull of primal seduction.

Lightning flash and limitless grace,
Zeal grows in the heart until our passions dissipate.
We receive the divine kiss in the closest embrace,
Rising above human senses, in love we do penance.
All earthly pleasures fade into nothingness,
Plunged into the unity of the motionless Presence.

Born at a banquet of the gods, in the inner dimension,
Divine love the eternally supreme attraction.
For that act of love, we create a paradise,
Where our only desire is sanctification.
The Adored fills all and brings true meaning,
Bewildering us with brilliant gleaming.

Irresistably stripped of all our sheaths,
We are dazzled by beauty lying beneath.
The madness of love is the greatest of blessings,
Whose deepest caress is perfect initiating.
Hearts melt in joy, Spirit enters body so bold.
Heaven breaks through the veil of this world.
God desires us still more intently.



Iona Miller, c2000

I saw nothing but the Moon, deep inside.
Upon its evanescent pull I solely relied.
That lustrous, eternal, mysterious pearl,
Cool symbol of the psychic world.
Her orbit forms an etheric circle,
Echoing memories of love's euphoric recall.

Source of immortal joy with wonders implied.
To enter that realm I mightily strived,
Erasing my doubt about the ultimate goal.
Spirit enters body compelling surrender of the soul.
Resplendent in Fullness unveiled,
Her charms are many, minutely detailed.

Thirst for that spring of fresh water
Flowing from the Source of all decrees.
The ever-virgin cannot be fruitful,
So plumb her depths and sail her sea.
You are her son, as I am her daughter,
Molded in that image as by a potter.

The lotus-eyed goddess always knows
Just for whom the tears of Lakshmi flow.
With a mind as calm as moonlight
In the shelter of the Tree of Life.
Leaning on the windowsill of Heaven
Trust your body's innate wisdom.

She flies with her own gossamer wings;
Her heart hiding secrets of arcane things,
Learned neither by price nor by prayer.
Adventure in her labyrinth, if you dare.
The turbulent stream of imaginal flow,
The power of energy rooted below.

Moon of my delight, brilliant blue ray of light.
All spheres of heaven merge in that sight.
With quicksilver orb, and luminous halo.
For that perfect Queen of sacred love's pillow,
Our yearning discontent never ceases.
For the Source of Life it always increases.



Iona Miller, c2000

In the regions which resound
I gave up my soul was found.
Music, rapture of the unseen world,
Held my heart while my soul whirled.
Tones arise from the luminous heart,
Sweet tidings of the Truth impart.

Hushed notes of the clearest song,
Echoing the realm where we belong.
Audible Silence falls on ears of Seraphim;
Perfection arising from sacred meditation.
No one can hear it while still in the body,
An enchanting reality beyond aural oddity.

Translucent calm loves divine Beauty,
Bereft of resisstance to sacred duty.
Leaving behind all human relations,
Opening to the spirit of cessation.
Soft tones dying almost to nothing,
Nature's voice so warm and consoling.

Melody of the natural mystic dance,
Celestial order, intervals, and cadence.
Inspiring evolutions of the soul,
Dulcet tones of the Muses' toll.
Hear things inaudible to others
In the consecrated song of lovers.

Faultless harmony affects the inspired heart.
Gently wooed by melodious consort.
Listening with delight to symphonies of relief,
Gently transforming fundamental belief.
Sacred music arises from heaven,
And by it we find our souls are leavened.

Beauty for the almost hearing,
Too melifluous for bearing.
Spheres of sound produced from ether,
Invoking radiant visions of Kether.
Unstruck sound; attaining liberation,
The highest of causes for celebration.

Listen ever more intently to that cosmic trill,
To each and every strain from divine minstrel.
Seek the tranquil beat of the pulse required,
To lift and anoint a heart inspired.
Imagine numinous immaterial bodies,
Finally freed now of ancient follies.



Iona Miller, c2000

Truth is the only resting place;
The only solution, ultimate grace.
Cleanse your own heart;
Empty your cup, not just a part.
Cast out your mind,
Enter life of a rarified kind.

Gaze in the mirror of all creation;
The archaic source of all elation.
No wave of desire of any kind rises,
In this state the Lord of Time despises.
There is only One glorious, miraculous Age.
For All is equal to the Sage.

No dependence on that received by the eye,
Even inner visions the saint would decry.
Downward corporeal pull we resist,
In favor of Spirit where we truly exist.
The moon is our pillow in this foreign land,
Which nurtures quiesence like a holy man.

Beyond outgrown ritual patterns on Earth,
Lies the land of incorporeal rebirth.
In the Sun of eternity, we are delivered from decay.
Healing passions of the soul, a debt we repay.
"You are the lotus, and I am the bee,"
Basking in the luminous shade of the World Tree.

So burn away the veil of Time;
Whose jewels are moon and stars, just cosmic grime.
Emotions are touched in mysterious recesses,
While the galactic dance cycles and precesses.
In the character of those pious and peaceful,
Old rites are altered, Nothing is meaningful.

The jewel of love is beyond belief,
A sweet distillation of quenching relief.
All those old heartaches which we so dread,
Dissolve in an instant like pearls on a thread.
Only Time shuts out sure Knowledge,
No wave of any kind of desire arises.


Iona Miller, c2000

Deep within my unveiled vision,
Scenes of spinning worlds in collision.
Carried there by a transposition;
Metamorphosis without omission.
Self-luminous, supernatural beauty,
Revealed result of this spiritual duty.

Sphere and realm of the First Cause:
Light that always Is and never was.
This imprint of the Absolute,
Penetrates my being as its fruit.
Each journey psychically exclusive,
Spirit and Soul never more reclusive.

A leap in the dark,
But not missing the mark.
Embracing no more esoteric doctrines,
Nor drinking alchemical medicines.
Transcend the dark side of subversion,
Finally make the last conversion.

In the Divine Couple's temple,
The flow of love is more than ample.
Dancing, naked luminosity
Bathed in perfume of infinity.
Urged on by the promise of synthesis,
From wanton orgy to Katharsis.

Heaven's compliment is quick to entice,
There's never a need to ask for it thrice.
Impossible not to inhabit the moment;
Love carries the soul to the final atonement.
No more affected by any form of privation,
This is the extinction of naught but illusion.

Fiat Lux!

Iona Miller, c2000

Fiat Lux! Prime determinate;
Intrinsic qualities, mutually illuminate.
First moment without duration,
Difficult to contemplate such elation.
Amplifying and reverberating inaccessible Light,
Celestial ray set in motion all aright.

First Cause, point without extension.
Basic unmanifest unity, beyond tension.
Rooted backwards in eternity,
Home of innumerable infinities.
Starting place of universal genesis,
Exemplar of mystic axiom's egegesis.

Mystical shape of Godhead,
Source of all, of awe and dread.
All heaven's radiate from this mystical shape,
But we can see only the starry drape.
In the abode of immortality, imagery of Shi 'ur Komah,
Incomparable sublimity and Throne of the Merkavah.

All measurements fail without a break,
What shape could the invisible take?

His celestial Throne of tremendous dimension,
Makes any description seem pure pretention.
"Whoever knows this measure, the glory of the Holy One,
Blessed be he, promised son of the World to Come."
From a place in which we cannot stand,
"He measures the sky with his span."

Vision of the shape of God, now revealed and manifest;
Upon the holy Throne, semblance of Light Limitless.
No object of contemplation with the temple of His Eye,
Beyond the visionary manner, far beyond this mortal sky.
Past all castles in the air near cosmological goal,
At the end of the journey of the ascending soul.

More radiant than anything else born,
Himself without image, or solid form.
Only a voice speaks in Silence with force,
The divine transcnds our human discourse.
Only that voice reaches across the abyss,
On the bridge of revelation, God and man kiss.

The sounds form the aeon, the angels' conformation,
Primal shape reproduced in man's confirmation.
Letters that sound their own pronunciation,
Loudly peal forth His sacred proclamation.
In inward rapture, we can only listen and stare,
For the King of all Worlds is crowned by our prayer.


Iona Miller, c2000

"Know Thyself," the Delphian inscription,
In itself the most archaic prescription.
Withdraw into yourself and look inside.
In self-understanding your true self resides.
Contemplate the great imponderable,
Mezmerized by glory intolerable.

Unity of vision the only gauge,
Even paradise is a prison to the Sage.
Passage out of the cosmos imperative,
And the end of all meaningless narrative.
Watched over by a single Sentinel,
Reassuring us that all is well.

Insight doesn't happen simply by being clever,
But with the humility of "please accept my endeavor."
Know the nakedness of mind in its might,
Bathed in the aura of inaccessible Clear Light.
Seek the things already in your possession,
In the sanctuary reflect on it, again and again.

In the isolated cell of self-knowledge,
Deep inside the soul's spiritual college,
Seek for one kind of facet as much as another,
Knowing yourself is like knowing a lover.
On this path of realization there are many steps,
To the whole and motionless nature of your very own depths.

When mind and environmental objects are one,
This part of the Opus is surely well done.
Unconditioned being, free of conceptual thought,
Attained the fundamental principle, unity with Absolute.
Your self is the whole world, above and below.
Now the very core of being takes on a new glow.


Iona Miller, c1983

Ancient Uranus, Heaven's Titan of old,
Gelded by Cronos with one stroke so bold.

Hermes the Messenger, electrical charge!
Conveys hidden meanings, otherwise barred.

I am Artemis, Queen of Night;
Silver my bow, swift my flight.

Aphrodite, the Beauteous, born of sea-foam at dawn;
By her ardent persuasion, the hearts are all won.

Sophisticated Athena sprang forth steel-eyed and tall;
Concerning cultural awareness, she wisely counsels all.

All homage to Hera, stately equal of Zeus.
Her power and position are put to great use.

Eros and Psyche: their love knows no measure.
Through trials, love leads them to immortal Pleasure.

Demure Hesia, help me to focus;
The hearth of the home is your eternal locus.

Mighty Demeter, the seed's cycle you know;
From your tears of deep mourning, spring's flowers grow.

Hail Hephaistos, preeminent craftsman;
Artful his style, bold his creation.

All powerful Zeus, with his lightning bolts,
Dispenses his favors in enlightening jolts.

Themis, let justice be tempered with mercy.
Condemn none without evidence, never on hearsay.

Poseidon, the Mighty, with Trident in hand,
Rules fathomless oceans, and earthquakes on land.

Fearsome Thanatos, harbinger of death,
With Hypnos, his brother, conveys man to rest.

Artemis/Apollo, moon and sun team;
They roam o'er the heavens, through forest, and stream.

Uncivilized Pan, the outlands his lair,
Betrays bestial origins with his cloven-foot hair.

Ares, the Courageous, of muscular mein;
His consort provokes his rivalrous strain.

O Rhea, starry mother of the Olympian Gods,
Preserve us from Cronos, who would make us dry clods.

Hail Hekate, tripartate goddess.
Crossroads her altar; there's virtue in garbage.

Blessed Apollo, radiant charioteer,
Give the clear light of logic to your spiritual heir!

Hades-Dionysus, intoxication's high!
Beware of his pitfalls, or you, too, shall die.

Cronos, the Ancient, spacetime in one.
It is he who chronically devours all suns.

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