an incomplete list:


brian lennon’s minor idealism [it makes you feel warm all over]

ubuweb  [all this and good looks too]

a brian kim stefans production, arras [float like a butterfly---]

drunken boat, a literary thing online, currently featuring the great serge gavronsky

aught, in which some of my poems have appeared, in addition to many other fine poems by many other fine people

boston review

american letters & commentary

kathleen fraser’s how2 [systematic. hydromatic.]

sfsu’s poetry center and american poetry archives [aka grad school, round 1.  many hours spent filtering through william dickey’s old library here]

non [laura moriarty has not updated this in forever but we cannot leave it out]

will the real michael palmer please stand up.  [it’s about the company we keep]

buffalo’s electronic poetry center [noblesse oblige]

small press distribution [where to get the books nobody else is reading]

illuminations [frankfurters galore]

baudrillard 2.0 [no. you da man.]

cultural studies west [do i feel lucky?]

chain [jena osman, juliana spahr, janet zweig, and the makings for an excellent cocktail party]

the beautiful,hypnotic, and whip-smart stacy doris [we’ll hold the nuptials at my castle]

blah blah blah postmodern culture blah blah blah

the only site you’ll ever really need, streeeeeaming