Serge Gavronsky

Words Will Do It Words Will Do It

was it true maybe
was it practical maybe
were you in agreement maybe
were horses with you perhaps
what then says horses always
more of the same always
sometimes manes in translation always
always in between things always
words will do it maybe
perhaps when they come streets
potholes perhaps even

maybe sometimes things like horses
like word-fragments questions always
a though nothing like it maybe
a pause like manes a question
toward a void or something maybe
nothing perhaps a void always
words here trample under words
always fragments of something maybe

in German a question or a fragment
maybe or elsewhere horses without
knowing perhaps it is sometimes
always a division in the void or
again sometimes it is different
a run around a circle whips and manes
or a direction toward nothing perhaps
a direction once more a shift in tone
maybe sometimes a word a move to the
right perhaps and yet no formula

act two much like all previous horses
reigning in is that all is that a voice
a void a nothing interrupts swaying
people dressed in habits words parade
stop and retreat without music always
somewhere it is true elsewhere not
however the sand catches blood disappears
I mean the blood elsewhere hurrah they
call out throw things into the ring
of words shift perhaps a fragment
especially no pronouns replace manes
horses things maybe in place here
elsewhere always mention a word
like but then forget it always
sidetracking legs rub against legs
below the saddle words like blankets
sweaty words yellow soap always
at other times still no pronouns
false matter no philosophy here
nothing you said it a ring words
in the ring always equal false underline
maybe metaphysics perhaps animals
no philosophy here perhaps elsewhere
alternative switch whip ride always
things become fragments droppings maybe
not so clear now perhaps

third section maybe thatís an answer
of sorts switch rings the master
idea of a question no personal pronouns
direction forward horses smack the ring
a sound orders or words still
words do it signs of blood on sand
you know what i mean maybe a rider
musical accompaniment or metaphysicals
elsewhere maybe not here manes or blood
disrupt the ring break pace
ride always elsewhere no direction
a gap a hole an opening language
perhaps we could meet she insists
maybe someday if the music is right

what kind of series or pain might
it be a painting of horses maybe
guess again i leave her guessing
fragments words fall to the side
they break in pieces I mean clear
out run off get married horses do it
without metaphysics a meeting
whip up a speech hammer words out
real blood as in language maybe
says you then says I lots of philosophy
too boot on a saddle fragments
maybe she agrees with the idea
always and yet death gets
to her agrees no personal pronouns
a document perhaps or something
like a document horses manes words
will do it.

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