quarter inch border

if you prefer:
the image slumps right to the edge of possible, upended
Bethlehem. the portico
unfairly sealed. no space for fingers or rough edges
franked without concealment so
the formal bleeds;
or eye design the margin's fist to proffer:
pithy glove,
discretionary pull-tabs, matted
overlap, waste
to cut.

box deposit
            for F.P.H.

this pink film enclosure is
provided for your conveyance or to
isolate the red cells in the roofed
recipient's swings

first pull up then pull down
then pull all around the town
my fly-by knight my binary firefly
root for the unicorn

thought as tucking jelly sandwich
brought to launch at covert cans
cannoned inside's excavation
thick licked out.


as in the whorl
of the striped head:
fingers tracing cone.

in the rain they
blanket every
stepping place.

accidential unctu-
osity; inventoried

enough nature in
a moistened day for
one tongue’s lick.

for W.K.-W.

no way to say the date is passed save
check the can; in may my wealth
is flown so soft in such alarmed
distress. there: the door. light squared
and shifted. the leaning
date. collection marked and gathered.
mess perplexed. and eke my life:
no shelf to build with dust
structures save this inventory
which numbered months remain.