garbage for mars
for example:
the curious rationale of a wilful act of destruction, e.g.
throwing an aluminum can in the trash
which is redeemable
which act is founded upon a complicated assumption only
comprehensible to the intuitive mind, e.g. that the combing &
dutyful hands of a pauper will happily pull it to land
which theory is confirmed by a circle of ignorance/bliss, or of
reciprocal valuation, or diatonic filtration, or something
involving spheres
there are thousands of gritty fingers foreverly pulling them out
ďME 10c,Ē they say
if i am discursive are you then discursed?
in the big can there are chunks of aluminum there is a quivering
there are shallots of grace in the lander
send garbage to mars
and some great unknowable will pick it up, you inject
some undiscovered bum some uncatalogued destroyer some merciful hands
for example:
brooklyn never asked for your diapers
nor the island for your wishes
and shit in the yard it will make additions to the house
encourage imperfect foundation†††††††††††† spackled on marshes like chelsea
the bedrock submerged
or else:
instamatic incisions carve off the sight of your eyes
and fences blur the ability to identify
the precedent is that it is not shrinking
if the bus driver doesnít believe then leap for the fountain
if the principal doesnít believe then lunge for the pail
inconsistencies of scale will fetter your questions
& queries will circumvent chasing your tail
there is no more ďbite it but
take care not to hurt milady is rising from garbage and flowers
milady is shedding waxed paper like scales
and wednesday
is half price day wednesday
is cellophaned squishies and oozes of cream
wednesday is riding away to the island compacted and crumpled and smelling
of ripe rot and old lace with a yowl
and a scratching of claws
for example:
the canyon is yet only three feet deep
and the cheese rinds are rising from bubbles and squeaks
send garbage to mars
displacing our other excursions
send garbage to mars
and find a resealable bag
she says the rot is retarded
therefore the smell is staved off
therefore the crumbs remain submerged
and save us the pain of the razor
stradlater is waving his tongs
stradlater scatters his commas
stradlaterís falling down wednesday in ashes and promises
under his seams
take out the ash can call it a flower
take out the scraps and pour them in honey and
calibrate the timing of rinds
bananas are slower than cardboard
and diamonds are faster than plastic
send garbage to mars and line up the wickets
and send the balls through with a bang
send garbage to mars and fill in the black holes and bang up the vaccums
in comfort and clutter and junk
itís too cold for compost
itís fat in the backyard send
garbage to mars
copyright 2000, g chao