Stephen Ratcliffe

The following six poems are part of a year-long series of daily works.


perception of sky's purple which hasn't appeared (important)

before this, a figure walking through the closed back door

subject depending on the position of two glasses on the left

whose sound hasn't been included, which (must) also exist

where action takes place, image of color in a plane changing

between observation of it and point it comes from (p)

(blue) above the intangible surface of a vertical situation,

moment on horizon where light seems to curve toward green

person in last frame not present, (arrangement) of a feeling

according to how it fills the air of otherwise empty room


interaction of a bird's sound and its shape passing visually

through glass, experienced in terms of this (conjunction)

(blue) green at edge of an about-to-break wave for instance,

whose linear motion the person feels looking back down it

face turned toward viewer, angle as her back leans (paradox)

exactly into the space between his back and opposite wall

duration of notes extended as feeling (situation) continues,

the faded edge of a petal where memory of yellow once was

still below grey-white (surface) texture of a sky's dimensions

bounded by apparent weather, man at the table thinking it


appearance of (concept) across space of room, woman in chair

feeling a picture of two people from somewhere outside it

small bird lifting up from the ground when the second person
(proof) walks toward it, whose meaning isn't itself there

interrupted by a perception of the object and its (position)

behind her, where blue-white above green doesn't continue

sound of feeling it between two shapes, the man's right hand

filling the space in which her features will appear (how)

(something) seems to repeat, like her experience of thinking

reflected in glass beyond the absence of equivalent color


yellow as motion leaves (picture) it, above which grey-white

and/or blue surface closer to the person who perceives it

absence of wind's sound in passage following (investigation)

elsewhere, notes repeated in back of its insistent return

how the man's shadow appears to be walking toward it, action

looking back through distance after thinking of it (here)

(position) of the woman standing beside table reading letter

in relation to map on wall, whether to turn left or right

act performed by (subject) upon him, how leaves for instance

falling against the blue of apparent sky sound like water


capacity of leaves through which sun's light passes (subject)

to an image of actual motion, also taking place obliquely

pale blue at lower edge of square (exact) in relation to how

it sounds, where wind moving through air makes it clearer

(action) before an opening scene, where the man falls asleep

followed by entrance of a second person holding something

repetition of bird's sound from the tree's invisible brach,

another descending from its position (picture) near there


motion of small grey-white body lifting above sand (concept)

for instance, white underside of the soaring bird's wings

window half-open on the left, the vertical edge which frames

a section of ridge below pale blue-white plane of sky (p)

(how) sunlight arrives in the faint reddish glow against it,

relation of distant color into which its shape disappears

visual placement of perpendicular lines in a grid (position)

followed by the sound of notes from another room, example

water falling at farthest corner of house, the (other) woman

to the left of the open window apparently not watching it

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