jim behrle

The Charm of the Highway Strip

                                                for Fanny Howe




objects in the mirror are mirrors

            backbeats help strip it clean

                        we're watching Al-Jazeera & getting high

            beneath a gray anvil of history

where are the poets? check the discos


ask a stranger I'm fast and danger

            madly past shiny convenience and

                        cute but reductive theories of inaction

            come take a seat upon my anger sword

sonic booms that got stopped by God


they had big dicks for hearts

            black telephones to light the way

                        in thievespeak, sorry, how would you say

            "go ahead, gas up the family tank"

our boys march over hymens to victory





the title was lifted from The Magnetic Fields' cd, casting it in a twisting light, like "enjoy the vistas of the road, you drivers, while plunging our country into countless wars for that gasoline."  the line "where are the poets?" i credit to anne waldman.  some stolen lines from ill mitch, russian hip-hop skateboarder (illmitch.com).

jim behrle edits can we have our ball back?  WHO ARE THE BIG BOYS? (with matthew wascovich) is due out very soon.  e-mail him at jimbehrle@hotmail.com