catherine cafferty

S F, b. 2001



[borrowing     with


    wax in my ears]


I like this season

The sun \\a zing

We forgot how,  ofcourse there is a hush


And I praywalk


Hooves down


There is no sense to this; so I warn them



Implications a netting


dream of precipitation  of frozen teeth


there is a plank for assurance


[a danger was in slimy-crag, the jetties, 1986]



    smarted by land


rashed in this season


the punkrock music in the fishstore


truncation my middlename



and at the bark, Thelxepeia’s song,

my door




- - -






Ode to Canada


Grnpa and I drank Lucky in our twenties. Tourist(s).  What you call a goodlooking guy in M——(probably headed for Ste. Catherine’s i.e. SuperSex e.g. $15 minimum).  So buy a bonhomme.  Below, Metro holds 1. bibliotheque 2. le Bay 3. also trains.  O the pragmatic Canadian.  For the warmth on the toboggan.  Else yell from car “Ou est le carnival?”  I have stigmata I am an American.  We like Toronto better.  She says in her sleep “Je ne me souviens!”  Acquiesce.  L. Cohen shouted obscenities also lit up in the last row of Leacock 132.  You will be tested on this.  Top Text must be double plus 3 cm greater than the text below, else we will sock the language police on you. Merci.  Student Ghetto doubles as G. Village.  When breaking the barrier there is a profound ‘gasp.’   I fuck up American Cinema.  Queen E. frowns.  Looney.  Twooney.  Deceptively heavy wallet of maple syrup.  Spread.  Quebec frontier desolate plus Tim Horton’s.  Cheese curd is a major food group.  See poutine.  Broomball aspires to become Olympic in 2004 Athens.  We Anglophones.  To restore the grid we sit in the dark drunk for 4 days.  Because politeness works as social lubricant.  We ‘write’ an exam.  She ‘has’ a nap.  Stop taking everything like an American.  Memorize when it is above 18ºC it is warm but this never happens.   




- - -







catherine cafferty is pursuing her mfa in creative writing at san francisco state university: she lives in the fog and dreams of cities with seasons: xo gas: this is her first on-line publication: ‘old shoe.’