thomas fink


to broil attraction
could blister
threshold multiples.

As penthouse
convening diced
numb strut
homicide. Tusk
letter, axle to an

angel's curt dress,
braps lotto homily.
Staved off adjacent
complaint of aporia
debris branching
over & into strict
praxis garrets.

Carom thickens.
Still studying what
eggs advise. He
felt complacent to
wrong the colleen
who threshes polo
posse from
transfusion, street.


- -



She's a

muscular void,
a discrete, intractable ditty.

A tether of drizzled pearls
paste a gel on me
and pee on my pride;

Id spree on your slide.
This is no season
to subdivide.
We plot to spay the bruise if we

wanna fling taboos.
Angel prose, it don't appease thee.
Clear students,

open up your skies.
You don't have

to scribble highbrow recipes.








"A Name Tuck": Aporia debris might prove useful in retarding or zapping the flight of violent opportunisms.


"Dented Reprise II": If you don't remember the tunes from the sixties that have been riffed off of, it's OK just to know that ghosts are within each phrase, line, or sentence.

thomas fink is the author of GOSSIP: A BOOK OF POEMS (marsh hawk press, 2001) and A DIFFERENT SENSE OF POWER: PROBLEMS OF COMMUNITY IN LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY U.S. POETRY (fairleigh dickinson UP, 2001) and two prior books. his most recent e-zine appearances have been in AUGHT, MUSE APPRENTICE GUILD, POETHIA, SHAMPOO, SIDEREALITY, and SWIRL.