ron henry

Literary Politics Event

(for Laura Bush)



resurrection of notes has allowed critics to

  consider and indeed even center themselves there

    it is such an obligation concentrates the


terse flows of an energy made possible

  with generous support from this long list

    of keywords so that when you add


your event to the to the thing

  you see the impact of personal associations

    is than to politics as in effect absorbing


another such reaction to a perspective on

  the obverse indeed observe it's a

    modernist is not the reason that was


given that some invited guests wanted to

  return what is intended to be saved

    thereby uncoupling the event of patriarchy into


or from its meticulous notes such persistent

  antagonism to which it's this society

    woven of press releases event photo and


in this case the shadow by studying

  a wide range of struggle from afar

    and then to write a one-woman play


about her how she might then combine

  idle chat the Romantic poets campfire song

    collections of documents from yet other critical


periods of value around to me and

  in understanding of the trajectory of this

    we think we are familiar with tragedy


but how does the street this day

  say in 1915 Henry James wrote the first

    event that attracted much publicity the first


and oldest document for the other event

  perhaps is a note in Latin people

    written more than 150 years after people


were found working as practitioners after being

  wholly and caught up in politics from

    which as an early age in the


field of this recorded event he knew

  he was spared none of the fun

    or given penalties with certain that if


you watch a man not in politics

  take them spots involving change in things

    then like institutional promotion or charged suppression


of literature or reason of his embracing

  such an unusual system as the one

    in the extant diaries of some literary


people such competing persuasions can easily describe

  the same new event which could be

    sign that a colossal came to a premature


end as other prisoners started to more

  openly mock the names of women of letters

    whom feminism patriotism has been in the


least alarmed about and long steep staircases

  and such though somewhat gloomy and warm

    are mysterious how they have their attraction


and what's more lead to many places

  that say include a collection of sonnets

    or say and to the structure of


our relationships we have however the sexual

  seen politics espoused in their opuses and

    were it could be seen as if


a counter culture event was never Included

  in the program irony or it occurs

    to me when one event is expected


that I spirit from her mother who

  in the year 1918 joined in a

    free flowing conversation about culture religion and


translation through labor songs readings or say

  from the much information not found on

    snot green sea disasters and literary figures


lost therein and reflect his own painful

  experiences with the poetics and politics of

    his and other rhetorical methods that developed


in those years or which signaled a

  major shift manifest through the end of

    the presentation of literary magazines at work


or this as well as novel theorizations

  of major plot driven event scenes in

    notices we know should be typed and


received no less than fourteen days prior

  to an on tape soon popular format

    you sometimes trivialize as a monthly charitable


networking expense the fractal and immaterial boundary

  forms of the global ecology and gestalt

    why that a political forum is moot


or more to the detriment of both

  contemporary literature and whatever ceremony the foremost

    will still be available for purchase and


especially for signing at as different to

  language learning as politics is to etc

    billions of pictures gratis every person who


had signed up for some very influential

  quotes derived from the classic songs of

    the 60's and 70's as heard on


or as well as the rich the

  poor and American hoi polloi reflect his

    own painful experiences there in or therein


knowing a person and seeing it happen

  or but watching the wide range of

    subjects including literary friendship weather map recursion


cannot but coincide in time with the

  stolid opening line one can hardly gainsay

    any more this linguistic frisson to a


tee a normally boring event and she

  hoots as a positive pleasurable remark and

    even life changing stage external biota ascends


elements such as those unavoidable personality politics

  or the history you look at a

    season of boundary conditions laid out here


seeming significant individual to buy for but

  to make monthly buying an almost automatic

    autopilot so this was not a lie








Noelia Rodriguez, spokeswoman for First Lady Laura Bush, said about the cancellation of the February 12th event "Poetry and the American Voice":

"While Mrs. Bush respects the right of all Americans to express their opinions, she, too, has opinions and believes it would be inappropriate to turn a literary event into a political forum."


"Do the right thing. It will gratify a few and amaze the rest." (Mark Twain, quoted by Laura Bush, 29 Nov 2001)


"...I don't know your exalted language / of power. I'm thankful for that." (Hayden Carruth, "Petition and Complaint")

ron henry lives and works in upstate new york, has studied writing and literature at cornell and syracuse university, and has worked over the years as a bookseller, a library book cataloger, an environmental activist, a technical writer, and a multimedia software developer. he edits an online avant-garde poetry journal, AUGHT.