jasmine deloria kelly

for Emily Dickinson








Awfully slender dealings to facilitate en route for state Direct survive obliged to stoop

Inauguration all Insect Pluck

By means of that you can imagine use of clutch wearing certain Rent

Abandon ship pallid denizen –


To boot restricted be that will never die Exact flanked by –

Else at hand the apple of your eye accidental –

All Acuity be required leave your country

Plus mislay it follows that fellow citizen when –




- - -





the red line


A slow gathering proximus across lost:  the red line/ exudes no  (question)

                                                      the read line/ does (not)  seduce


 bowsprit borders ropes the wordbook cross       in which



person with welled contain swinging gives rise to question


(if smashes hark, paste real, hasten reason sent, complaining)


derive derivative ordinance:  a self pent all asway sires


given ripped to keep (could crack glass, make mov(I)es, post message, harangue about)  the thought of lip press!  (puritanical (k)not)


rent guage (rough heat troubles) gripped augury  censure the sound of


ridge pose so to undo


a book words possible                      misread


a ledge now                                              (horticulture, then)             privyredlunacy topicalointment


rote text ain’t city



same time, there is this kickboxing class.  I’m not one of Any business, any individual,  any government.  About his life. He is OK, but questions.  There was a long line ANTI-AMERICAN FEELINGS ON RISE.  When my mother called the first thing I said was, “The World grew older.” I realized that hope and published an editorial urging the United States to rethink its foreign policy after the recent rehearsal.  Working on the final scene of the opera; it’s this terrifying part of the field trips because in the moments I dipped U.S. ADVISED TO FOSTER TRUST.  What brave fear question can alternating stripes, points of light absorb (into its fabric)? This really is chickens coming home to roost.  I grew up with the fear of the atom bomb as any other country in our globalized world. Vulnerable days before attacks. Flag bearing carried to talismanic.  Flower bunches plunk into vases. They pull him to his feet, but he resists, begging them no mercy killing while they tried to surrender stuffing money into their wounds a neighbor with sky pole grounded in concrete and anthem wind sock.  Us to see if their kids were all right.  In a strange way I suddenly felt, what without flags must we say?  God be with us all.




Rye soma any lumen round  Qué tan profunda esta el agua?  Dried sear levels spit 

electric sup this ring under order to a comprehensible company pen less name a few




- - -




for Emily Dickinson” : pertaining to the production of offspring and courteous to people of lower, the thorny bush that it grows on a rough condition of blood that is shed greedily until full, a strong and brutal man, the season for goose and cobwebs. 


or one might also say that this piece, “911”, is a most liberal translation of Emily Dickinson’s “911”, and deliberately translated, certainly, with all in the mind that this combination of numbers shall summon.  i hazard to guess that she would not disagree.



jasmine deloria kelly is an mfa student at sfsu.  her poetry has recently appeared in Scribbler, Transfer (Fall/2000), Fourteen Hills (Spring/2002 and forthcoming Spring/2003).  when jasmine is not enjoying her erudite pursuits, she functions as Patroness of the Creative Endeavors of two very small, energetic female artists who often live with her.