kathryn l. pringle

manifest destiny: etiology and incidence

part one


the body tends

to hasten - cerebral

metabolism. affect


                                    sudden changes

                                    in environment.

we hasn't the palsy

recognized w/ in-

creased progression

obstruction by limitless expansion


                                                            (Image = not Identity although held) as such)


in the body aggressive

forces expel


"because judicious care may result in substantial improvement."


it begins at any age, dementia

caused by structural neuropathologic



colonial sutures.history

may give a c(l)ue.



- - -


autobiography under the operations of box2



in the lines presiding over her, she swallows whole thoughts in shapes only. that is to say,

there are no words but structures, no ideas but constructions... she cannot attest to sincere.








there is a common system  exposing

nuances and incisive          visual critique

social exclusion








when perplexed the author scratches her left thumb.  with her right ring finger. 

this is not the time for explanations. no mistake, the others

are presenting digression: infidelity.









perhaps the sentence proportionate,

or else the writing of the sentence,

vainly do they resemble










































                                                                INTEGRAL DOMAIN: n. 1937

















                                                                                                                                    this term was born





















when you think of words

as such























do they manifest themselves




                                    (as if words had self. identity. if you wish to seek the identity

                                    of a word, please consult your dictionary. if you desire

                                    the presence of words, please consult meret oppenheim.

                                    if you want to locate self, please consult your atlas.)


in your body?                              will you say stable prison?







                                                                caught inside the most precise space

                                                                the upper and lower borders of the frame

                                                                rigorously outlined, manifest truth







here again, notice the words are running the lines. there is no need of author here.

this line belongs to words. it isn’t forced. no momentum.







perhaps the sentence refers precisely

to the disproportionate, floating, ideal.

to what does the sentence written dissipate?
























                                                                ‘the easiness of spring, relaxing muscle and tendon’




























 –the page says –


because she has resisted much the box has returned – resurfaced.

(there will be no ‘contradicting vernacular’

in this piece         to comprehend          simplified.

do not hesitate to inform the author of her failure to use the words

new, splay, mexico – old & new, and any city within  – and dream.











do not hesitate to inform the author

of her latent heterosexuality. her permanent

engagement with the unavailable. do not hesitate.)


she has contemplated. meditated. intervened. she has situated herself. aligned herself. adjusted. examined lines.

she has emptied herself of all intention. she has ceased to resist.


she is considering the expansiveness of infinity. her ex-wife’s first painting given, titled so, representative








































: n. 1937. a mathematical ring in which multiplication is commutative, which has a multiplicative identity element,and which contains no pair of nonzero elements whose product is zero.

























































the point applied















all answers are inside the dictionary. if you seek answers, do not go inside the dictionary. it will only confuse you. instead, read around the words. instead, use the surrounding matter to interpret. (this will not be a difficult piece. you can find meaning in every syllable. you do not need to contemplate mechanically. you do not need to engage with the text on any level. this shall go to print. it shall be printed in twelve pt. you do not need your dictionary.) translation has transpired. if you seek further translation, do not hesitate to erase the words of the author and insert the ones you prefer. for example, if you read box and trope as uncomfortably connected, manufactured even, please erase.































































































the author has concluded considering the expansiveness of infinity with a dousing ephemeral.




it has been rumored that kathryn l. pringle is laboring to support an incarcerated husband and several younguns.  but it might also be protestant work ethic.