things seen

canít stop pushing

up or down as if

changing stations or

flexing plexus to ward

them off;

††††††††††† †† follow

the line of the eveís

familiars: parking lot.

metal registry.suppli

cation. single serving

dentifrice. cashmere


††††††††††† ††† driven to

consider one create-

your-own gloaming.

bluish noir fauxgrain

on grosgrain pleats

the bodies.

††††††††††† †† this is a fully

illustrated excursion.


friend flicker.uncertain

curtain. visual purple.

visual aids.

††††††††††† †††† repeat: in

france there are three

channels and forty some

score sorts of cheese.

suffice the flipside. equip

only for a/c.

††††††††††† ††††† breaking gear.

breaking laves.adjunct

passion.abject adjective.

martinize. mobilize. stand

on matted shag to order

one flood gate.

copyright 1999, g.chao.all rights reserved.