Daniel Connor Wood

Maggie Learns to Make Prozac in her EZ-Bake Oven
    (or A Dialogue Between Order and Chaos)

I. 	Order

In our world we swarm
to traffic lights to stave off
baldness.  Graveyards are aggressively
expansionistic, their stone
crosses like swords
buried near the hilt
and without an Arthur to pull them free.
Centuries the MacAdam
family existed to culminate in one
man who mixed broken gravel with tar
to save on blacksmith expenses.
This will continue for an eternity.

II.	Chaos

You havenít figured out what I want to be a vampire if only I 
could stand the sight of blood was spilled for our salvation 
after all Jesus was the physical embottlement of God created the 
universe is a big place your hands like this is just wasted time 
is a useless concept you fuck is a non-sexual word meant to be 
said all the things you wanted her once upon a time returns to 
the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and 

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