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CMEI expects and accepts only the best and that's why our motto is "A Champion in Every Stall."



Right now, only (TEAR) horses are listed on the CMEI Hall of Fame, but that will change.  If you think your horse deserves to be on the CMEI Hall of Fame, please e-mail Jessica Lee at



Goal's Golden Money Maker (TEAR) is a 1995 American Cream Draft stallion who was the founding sire for many of the famous American Cream Drafts in TROT.  His lineage includes Adam Earth's First (PTEAR-Elite), Eve Earth's First, Golden Earth Maker, Money Makin' Babe, and many, many more.  Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).




Annadale's Storyteller (TEAR) is a 1990 Tigre Horse stallion who is the most prominent and most famous Tigre Horse in TROT.  His offspring are owned by many people, and many can be recognized by the "Annadale" in front of their name.  Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).




MCB Ardh Rhi (TEAR) is a 1993 Cleveland Bay stallion.  He is my most famous Cleveland Bay, and is the founding sire of my Cleveland Bay Breeding Program, designated "Magnificent Cleveland Bays" or "MCB."  He's the sire of many of the "MCB" Cleveland Bays in TROT, including MCB Blair Morven, and MCB Young King.  Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).




Keya (TEAR) is the most famous American Bashkir Curly in TROT, too bad he's a gelding!  He's a 1992 horse with a lot of intelligence.  He can be a grouch, but he loves kids and is often used in the youth programs.   Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).


Elusive Rocketfinder (TEAR) is a 1997 Appaloosa stallion.  He is currently stabled at Brand New Day Stables and is in-training with Jillian ( ).  (Sorry, no picture.)  Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).



Always 'N Forever (TEAR) is a 1996 Hanoverian stallion.  This is the stud you just have to meet.  He is a one-of-a-kind dude.  He's full of personality, and hilarious to watch.  His antics will astound you.  He has one foal on the ground, and several due in 2004.  Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).




SSF Fedaration Spot Corp (TEAR) is a 1996 Appaloosa stallion who is a rocket-powered Jumping stallion.  He's a sweet stallion and is very gently.  He's fun to ride, and fun to work with.  His first crop of foals are due in 2004.  Owned by Dana ( ).





OAEC A Certain Outcast (TEAR) is a 1994 Hanoverian stallion.  He is one of the most famous Hanoverian stallions in TROT.  He is a legacy of the famous Olympic Aspirations Equestrian Center.  Owned by Megz DeHaan ( ).





Adam Earth's First (PTEAR-Elite) is a 2000 American Cream Draft gelding.  He is the son of Goal's Golden Money Maker (TEAR).  Too bad he's gelded, because he has turned out to be a really awesome competition horse.  Owned by Rainbow ( ).





Ra'vage (TEAR) is a 1994 Gypsy Vanner stallion.  He's not the only Gypsy Vanner stallion in TROT, but he is the most well-known and acclaimed.  He was the 2002 TROT Draft Horse of the Year.  He's sired many champion foals as well.  Owned by Jessica Lee ( ).



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