MSR, Angst

Did she believe in grace anymore? Or was it just another version of the strange magic that had swept her along with him, battling monsters and demons, shouting to the heavens about an apocalypse she wasn't even certain would come to pass?

Fairytales for William

MSR, Angst

She never thought she would tell a child of her own fairytales...



He's noticing so much more these days, more than he has in years…


MSR, UST, Angst

These are the things he thinks of, alone in a battered trailer in New Mexico that bakes in the midday sun...



She's almost forgotten how the feel of liquid against her skin can bring her to life...

The Ghost of You

MSR, Angst

She knows she's going through the motions. She just wonders when it will stop...


MSR, Angst

They sent him back, but they took away his ability to feel...

Future Projects...



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