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Henry Awbery son of Sir William Awbrey and Elizabeth Jones of Wales My dad’s side of Awbery family

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"BRISTOL AND AMERICA" by William Dodgson Bowman; 1654-1685

This publication contains a list of those people who embarked from Port of Bristol, England. Many of the passengers were transported to Virginia. On. pg. 45 Is listed the William Awbry (of Brecknock, Destination: Virginia and listed on pge 123 is the Henry Abery, destiantion Virginia. Unfortunately the date of their departure from Bristol, the name of vessel they boared and the date of their arrival at Virginia is not shown.

Research by Glanton Awbrey Briggs conclude that John, Thomas and Henry Awbrey of Brecknockshire, sons of Sir William Awbrey (d 1631) sailed for America and in all probability, from the Port of Bristol.

Sources: Will of Henry Awbrey,1694, Virginia\\\'s Who\\\'s Who, Boddie\\\'s Historical Southern Families John Awbrey, son of Sir William Awbrey of Tredomen and Abercynrig, Wales, arrived in Virginia with two of his brothers--Henry, later a member of the House of Burgesses and Sheriff of Essex County, and Thomas, John married Jane Johnstone in Westmoreland County, Virginia. They had two sons: John Awbrey, Jr. and Francis Awbrey. Francis was later Sheriff of Prince William County, and a large planter in Northern Virginia. Awbrey, Henry Burgess, 1682-92 Rappahannock

Thomas Awbrey had dau name Dorothy who at father death be ward of Henry and later John Awbrey. Dorothy lived with Her Uncle John Awbrey and later married John Wright abt 1705 Westmoreland County, Virginia.

" CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS" Vol 1 -Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants (1623-1666) by Nell Marion Nugent Thomas Awbery is listed on page 298 as being transported with two other persons by Charles Edwards who was granted 150 acres Lower Norfolk Co. VA Apr 27,1686 No one knows what happen to him

John Awbrey is my mother’s side of the Awbrey family can found list under my mother side of the family

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The National Society of Washington Family Descendants Charles Hoppin's "Washington Ancestry" Vol 1(pub 1932)

On page 367 of the same book, "Mr. Henry Awbrey married in England a wife whose name has not been found.

Their children, however, are clearly recorded--Richard, John, Francis, a daughter who married Philip Maguire, and, perhaps another daughter who married Mr. Thomas Gouldman.

John and Francis who came found this book are father and son. Note from Janet: Henry brother John has a son name Francis. This might cause confession

The daughter who married was named Alice who married Thomas Gouldman. Thomas and Alice were the parents of Francis Gouldman.”

a daughter who married Philip Maguire,

As for Philip Maguire married Henry’s (Frances?), daughter could this family came to America and had son Philip McGuire who married Susan Meador daughter of Sarah and Orphan Thomas Meador. Making Susan Meador is Step-daughter and his granddaughter too.

Mary daughter of Sarah and Orphan Thomas Meador married Francis Gouldman son of Thomas Gouldman and Alice Awbery. Making Francis Gouldman his grandson when he married Mary Meador, then making Mary Meador Gouldman is granddaughter in law and when Henry married her widow mother Sarah, Mary became his Step- daughter

"CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS" Vol 1 -Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants (1623-1666) by Nell Marion Nugent

Page 477

Henry Awbery who was granted 1050 acres in Rappahannock Co., VA. on April 9,1664 at the head of Hoskins Creek Bordering owned by Thomas Browning. He gained entitlement of this land in return for payment of passage of 21 person tranports into the Colony of Virginia.

Vol 2

Page 62

Henry Awberry was grant 480 acres of land Rappahannock Co. VA. Sept 3,1669 joining his own land near the road path Puscaticon Creek, due him for having paid the fare for 10 person one of which included his brother John Awberry.

Page 317

Henry Abery sold 480 acres granted to Mr Robert Bishopp.

Thomas Awbery is listed on page 298 as being transported with two other persons by Charles Edwards who was granted 150 acres Lower Norfolk Co. VA Apr 27,1686

It appears that Henry and John were among the first Aubreys to arrive at the Colony of Virginia.

Henry Awbrey was wealthy planters along both side of these four large rivers owned small sail boats, ferry boats and row boats large enough to be rowed by several slaves.

Henry Awbrey was one of these boats, as noted in his last Will and Testament in which he requested that it be sold. If he had been a Captain of on of the larger type sea-going vessels he would have borne the title Captain or Mariner with his name in Virginia Records.

Henry Awbrey was member of the House of Burgesses, representing Rappahannock Co and Essex Co. When it was formed from Rappahannock in 1692

History of Rappahannock County is complimentary to Henry Awbrey which states that “he was, for years, the most influential citizen the county”

Henry Awbrey arrived at the Colony, Rappahannock Co., VA during the 1663. He was a resident of and received a patent for land in Rappahannock Co. April 9, 1664.

Henry AWBREY b: 1638 in England, married unknown in England and 2nd married Sarah “HOSKINS”(Maiden name not proven) b: 1637 m: Abt 27 Feb 1664 (Old) Rappahannock/Essex, Virginia d: 1678. She was the widow of Thomas "Orphan" MEADOWS/MEADOR . After Sarah death Henry married Mary___

The Last Will and Testament of Henry Awbrey was written August 1, 1694, Essex County, Virginia and probated the same year.

Legatee mentioned in will included his wife Mary, his son Richard’s daughter name Mary and Richard’s wife whose name is not shown.

I have Transcribe a copy of Henry Awbrey's will.

Old) Rappahannock/Essex Co., VA


"In the name of God, Amen. I, Henry Awbrey of ye County of Essex in Virginia. Gentlemen, being sick and weake in body but sound and perfect memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this Transitory life, and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, doe make, Constitute, and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner for me following. "First, I give and bequeath my Soule to God that gave it, in sure and Certaine hope of a joyful resurrection at the last dy, and my body to the Earth from whence it came, to be decently interred after my decease and for what Tangible Estate it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, I give and bequeath as followeth:

"..give and bequeath unto my loveing Wife Mary Awbrey the Plantation whereon I now live with all the Orchards, buildings, improvements, and all the land belonging to it. She not clearing nor tending any ground beyond the Church Road which now is during her natuall life, and after her decease I give and bequeath the said lands with all improvements whatsoever unto my loveing Son Richard Awbrey and his heirs foe Ever.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Richard Awbrey seven hundred Acres of land more,Scituate on Hodgkin's Creeke, being part of that dividend of Land whereon he now liveth and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten for Ever, my wife not to Claime any thirds of the Same.

Item, I give unto Francis Awbrey, the youngest Son of my Brother Jon. Awbrey, dec'd, two hundred acres of Land being a part of a tract of four hundred Acres of Land Scituate as aforesaid purchased by me of Coll. Hill and to his heirs for Ever.

Item, ye other two hundred acres of Land Scituate as aforesaid I give and bequeath unto Katherine Long, Daughter of Alice Long (att Sheppey?) dec'd, to her and her heirs for Ever.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Richard Awbrey on negro man called Sam, one negro woman called Kate, one negro boy called Robin, one negro boy called Nero, one Negro boy called Zobey, to him and the heirs lawfully begotten of his body for Ever.

Item, I will and bequeath unto my Loveing Wife Mary Awbrey five Negros called by the names of Price, Nanny, Will, Joons (?), and Jamy, likewise I give and bequeath to my wife one Silver Tankard and three horses Calld by the names of Thourogood, Smoakes, and Mush, with ye Cart and wheeles, and harness belonging to the Same, likewise I will and bequeath to my wife one halfe of all my Cattle in quantity and quality.

Item, I give to my wife one Servt. Woman called Martha.

Item, I give unto my Son Richard one Servt. called Miles Dixon.

Item, I will and bequeath unto my wife all my Stock of hoggs, She paying after my decease unto my Sonn Richard Awbrey three barrows or Splayed Sows yearly for four years, together to be all of ye age of three years old or more.

Item, I will unto my wife one half of my sheep in quality to quality.

Item, I will and bequeath the other halfe in quantity and quality to my Son Richard Awbrey and to have privilege to let them remaine here for three years.

Item, ye one half of my Cattle not yet bequeathed I give to him and his heirs for (Ever), likewise I will and bequeath unto my Son my black Gelding cald Nego, with two Saddles, two bridles, pistolle, holsters, and all other furniture thereunto belonging. Item, I will likewise unto my Son my pendulum watch, all my wearing Clothes both linen and wooling, all my french gold wearing Shooes, Stockings of all Sorts, and hatts. Item, two feather beds with the furniture belonging to them and Six pair of Sheets, one pair of ?nd Irons, all the parcells of broadCloth for my owne wearing with Buttons, Silk and other furniture belong to it.

Likewise I will and bequeath unto my wife, all my Serges and Stuffs, Except one parcell of Sad Collored Serge which I give and bequeath unto my Son Richard's wife to make her a gowne and petty coat, be it more of less. Item, I will and bequeath unto my Son all my books, my wife having choice of the three of four for her owne particular use.

Item, my will and desire is that all my Kerseyes, Cottons, Canvass, fine linen, and (Cowepe?) that is not made up in garments, plain Shoes, Irish Stockings, and all ye yarn Stockings which are kniting to be equally divided in quantity and quality between my wife and my Son.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my wife three feather beds and furniture, one new feather bed Ticking with bolster and pillow Ticking, all ye table linen with all the rest of ye sheets not before bequeathed.

Item, I give unto my wife all the Lumber belonging to the house as bedsteads, Chairs, Chests, all the pewter Brass, Iron potts and irons, except one desk and one Chest in the old dwelling house loft, which I give unto my Son Richard.

Item, I give unto my Son Richard's daughter Mary after my wife's decease Six large pewter dishes.

Item, it is my will and desire that my Executors hereafter named be diligent and careful in the prosecution of ye dwelling house (unreadable) which is to be built by Jon. Milbourne according to agreement.

Item, my desire is that the Brass yall [bell?] be set up on this plantation and not hereafter to be removed. Item, my will is that all ye woole in the house be equally divided between my wife and my Son.

Item, my will is that my boat be sold and produce be equally divided between my wife and my Son. Likewise, two mares, one branded HA, and the Ha, I give equally to my wife and my Son.

Item, my will and desire is that before any division be made of ye Sheep after my decease, yt Robert Brooke, Son of Robert Brooke, have four ewes out of ye sheep.

Item, it is my will and desire that immediately after my decease my Executors draw bills on Mr. Robert Bristow Jun. for 40 od. pounds to be paid Mr. Will Howell, Merchant, and take in my bond. Lastly, I make constitute and ordain my Loveing Son Richard Awbrey and my Loveying Wife Mary Awbrey joynt

Executors of this my last will & Testament, in Testimony whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and Seale this first day of August 1694. Henry Awbrey (Seale)

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in ye presence

Willm. Mosely 1694 Rob. Brooke

"I, the Subscriber, do depose that the within mentioned Henry Awbrey Seale and declare this within written Will to be his last Will and Testament and that he was in perfect sense and memory at ye sealeing and publishing thereof to the best of ye deponents knowledge & farther saith not

Will. Mosely

Sworne to in Essex County Court 7 ber 10th. 1694

"As found in the records of Isle of Wight, Lancaster, (Old) Rappahannock, Richmond, Essex and Caroline Counties, Virginia."

On page 39-40, "The number of children of Henry Awbrey is not completely clear. Some researchers have maintained that there were sons named John and Francis; instead, these appear to have been sons of his brother, John Awbrey. It should be noted that in two deeds in 1690 (Rappahannock Co Deed Book 8, p. 254-6), Henry named Richard Awbrey as his "only son and heir apparent." In one of those deeds he gave Richard 500 acres from the 1050 acre grant on the south side of Hoskins Creek, which portion adjoined the lands of John Meador. When Henry Awbrey made his will in 1694 (Essex Co Court Order Book 1692-1695, p. 311), he named as heirs only his wife Mary [not SARAH] and son Richard.

" It appears quite certain that Richard Awbrey NOT was the son of Sarah, because in a deed in 1675 (Rappahannock Co Deed Book 5, p. 287) Henry gave his son Richard a year-old mare called 'Bonny until said Richard be 14 years of age.' Thus, Richard would have been born 1675-14=1651, Henry and Sarah apparently married abt 1664 Feb 27

Thomas the Orphan Meador did not die until Bef 13 Apr 1662 (Old) Rappahannock/Essex, Virginia.

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" SOURCE: Eva Eubank Wilkerson, Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties Virginia (originally published in Richmond in 1953; reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Co.: Baltimore 1976) at pages 165 & 247 p.188: I, Sarah Meador late wife of Thomas Meador decd in County of Rapp: oblige myself to give and allowe unto my children a sufficient and compleat maintenance in every respect as all other ought to do and further more to give them four (4) years a peice Education in learning according as the county doth aford. Signed, sealed this 12 July Ao.Dom.1662 - /s/ Sarah (T) Meader Wit: WA. Granger Cl.Cur.Com.Rapp.

p.193: Swallow Forked on both ears overkeeled on the right ear pr pr marke of the catle belonging to Susanna Meador daughter of Thomas Meador decd cropt on the right ear and a slitt in the crop and underkeeled in same ear and a hole in the left ear is the ppr mark of the catle belonging to Mary Meador daughter of Thomas Meador decd. A flower de Luce on the right ear and cropt on the left ear is the proper mark of catle belonging to John Meador Son of Thomas Meador decd

The above records were in contemplation of widow, Mrs. Sarah Meadors upcoming marriage to her second husband, Henry Awbrey/Aubry. Second marriage often required a "Marriage Contract," to insure the heirs of a first marriage, their inheritance. 1664 Feb 27 - Old Rappahannock Co, Va - (1656-1664), pt.2 p.353-354:

I, Henry Awberry of Hoskins Creek in County of Rapp. which is in Virginia have made and in my stead my well beloved wife Sarah Awbry my lawful attorney irrevocably for me and in my name and for my use to ask and to receave all debts sums of money or tobo: as shall be due unto me Henry Awbrey by any person whatsoever /s/ Hen. Awbrey. Wit: /s/ John Gregory; /s/ John Awbrey {brother of Henry);and /s/ Ralph Fletcher

1665 Feb 22 - Old Rappahannock Co, Va - (1665-1667), p.110 The Mke [mark] of John Meaders Son of Thomas Meaders upon Hodgkins Creek one black heifer - one cow black coloured - one sow pigg this mark is the flower de luce on the left ear and on the right ear a half moon and a slitt this to be recorded for John Meaders with both male and female increase - Recorded: 22 Feb 1665

[Sarah Meador gave her son John Meador a yoke of oxen and a gun. Marks for these oxen were registered and marks for a black heifer were registered later for "John Meadors, son of Thomas Meadors of Hoskins Creek." The two registrations are almost the same, except interchanged from each ear. John did not occupy the grant lands of his father while a child, but he did so upon attaining adult status. This coincided with his marriage between July 1677 and February 1678 to Elizabeth White].

1670 Apr 15 - Old Rappahannock Co, Va - (1670-1672), p.9 - Recorded: 12 May 1670

Know Ye that I, Henry Awbrey and Sarah my wife for valuable consideration to us paid do graint and make over for us or heires all right tytle and interest of 300 acres lying in County of Rapp. on North side of said River of Rappahannock unto Francis Gowre for ever which land was formerly the land of THOMAS MEDOR. . . to have and to hold 300 acres unto him Francis Goure which the said Gowre is now SEATED on and possessed with all. . . forever - Signed this 15 April 1670 /s/ Henry Aubrey, /s/ Sarah (T or F) Aubry Wit: Thomas (x) Jenkins and/s/ John (I) Evans (his mark, large I with bar across middle)

Witnesseth that I, "SARAH AWBREY the NOW WIFE of Henry Awbrey" of Rapp. do make and appoynt Mr. Thomas Gouldman my true attorney and in my name to acknowledge in County Court of Rapp. all my right and title claim and interest of 300 acres of land unto Francis Gowre /s/ Sarah (F) Aubrey (large F or T)

1690 Apr 21 - Old Rappahannock Co, Va - Patents No. 8:40 John Meador, 50a. on the South side of Rappahannock River adjoining his own and Henry Awbrey's land.

Richard Awbrey born 1651 Virginia, dead 11 Oct 1697, St. Mary's Parish Of Essex, Virginia married Dorothy North daughter of Augustine North and Dorothy. Dorothy wife of Augustine after his death remarried Daniel Henry

Augustine North and Dorothy Children

Dorothy North wife of Richard Awbrey, Thomas Gouldman and Peter Ransome

Rose North wife of Lee Ley,Thomas Brant and Mr. Curtis

Mary North wife Thomas Leftwich

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Richard Awbrey and Dorothy North children


Mary married John Meador as 2nd wife

Elizabeth married Mr Evans

Dorothy married John Billups


"In the name of God, Amen, this Eighteenth day of April 1697, I Richard Awbrey, being Sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect memory, blessed and praised be Almighty God for the Same and Considering the mortality of the body do make and ordaine this as my last will & testament. First and principally I commend my Soule into the hands of Allmighty God that Gave itt and my body to be decently and Christianly buried hopeing by the meritorious death and Passion of m my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to receive full Pardon and forgiveness of all my Sins and a joyful Resurrection att the Last day and as for the worldly goods that God hath lent me I will and bequeath them in manner and forme following, Vist.

"First, I give and bequeath unto my son Henry Awbrey all my land and to the Heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for want of Such Heirs to the next Surviveing Heirs of my Children one Negro called Tom my Sword and belt my Silver tobbo box Eighteene pounds Sterlg. now in the hands of Robert Bristow in England two Scales of Silver one that was his grandfathers and one that is mine and is my will that my Horse Portly and my Pendilum watch be sold for money and given to my Said Sonne allso that these bequests be delivered att the age Eighteene years and that he be putt to schoole att fourteen yeares old and there continued four yeares and my Great Seale Ring.

"Item I give to my daughter Mary one Negro called Maria fifty pounds Ster. and four cowes and Calves to be paid her att the age of Eighteene yeares or the day of Marriage a feather bed and Furniture and my Silver Cup the money to be paid out of the Estate I give my wife.

"Item I give unto my Daughter Dorothy a Negro Called Robin fifty pounds Sterlg. four cowes and calves and a feather bed and furniture to be paid her the age of Eighteene yeares or the day of Marriage to be paid out of the Estate I give my wife.

"Item I give to the child my wife goes with if it live fiftie pounds Sterlg. to be paid out of the Estate I give my wife.

"Item I give to Elizabeth Evans my God Daughter a Heiffer Called her Heiffer and all her increase and a young mare in the woods and all her Increase branded HA on the shoulder and RA on the buttock.

"Item I give to my Brother John Meador all my wearing Cloaths that's made up as Shirts Drawers Coates breeches and one felt Hatt.

"Item I give to Tho: Hucklescott two yards and halfe of mint broad cloath now in the house and black buttons.

"Item I give to Mr. Tho. Grigson a ring of twelve shills price.

"Item I give to Mr. Francis Gouldman a ring of twelve shills price.

"Item I give to my Sister Maquire a ring of twelve shills price

"Item I give to Phillip Maquire as much mixt Kersey now in the house as will make him a Coate and a new Carter Hatt in the Chest never worn.

"Item I give unto my beloved wife Dorothy Awbrey that Plantation that I now live on and hundred acres of Land belonging to itt dureing her natural life She claimes no other part or parcel of my Land Six Negroes Sam, Betty, Jupiter, Jack, Kate, and (illegible) and all other my Esatate as goods Chattles Sheep Cattell horses &.........Bequeathed ad I do Hereby make my Said wife and my Sonn Henry Joynt Exrs. of this my last will and testament and do also make....desire Mr. Thomas Grigson and Mr. Francis Gouldman to be overseers of this my last will and testament and .......executed and I allso do hereby disannull and make void all former wills legacies and testaments by me att any time heretofore made and do Signe Seale and Publish this as my last will and testament and have hereunto left my hand Seale and the date first above written.

Richd Awbrey (Seale)

Signed Sealed and Published the Last Will and Testament in the Presence of

Phillip (x) Maquires; Susanna (x) Maquires; Tho: Hucklescott ;

Proved in Essex County Court Oct. 11,1697.]

This statement found on the net folks are trying found why Richard cause John Meador is brother. Richard was abt 11/12 when Henry married Sarah_ Meador mother of John Meador born 1658/60. They raise like brothers and Richard thought of him as his brother not just his step-brother

"When Richard Awbrey made his will, which was probated Octobet 11, 1697 ( Essex Co Deeds, etc.No. 9, p.127), he named John Meador as 'brother'. Considerable speculation has arisen about the exact nature of this relationship. Some have said that the term 'brother' could have meant 'brother-in-law', on the assumption that John Meador (for his second wife) could have married a daughter of Henry Awbrey and thus a sister to Richard. No such daughter of Henry Awbrey has been documented. Another speculation has been that Richard's wife, Dorothy, was a sister of John Meador. John Meador did not have sister Dorothy. In actuality, Richard's wife was Dorothy North, daughter of Augustine North ("Winstons of Virginia" by Clayton Torrence, p. 174).

Richard Awbrey and John Meador were step-brother but Richard thought of John as brother for they were not far from the same age

“In that grant, it is stated that it was being made to Thomas Meador, Orphan, son of Thomas Meador, deceased. As no such father and son pair (both named Thomas) existed in the family of Ambrose Meador, it must certainly have been that Thomas Meads who died in 1655 and his son Thomas. The further descent of this 450 acre tract (Rappahannock Co Deed Book 5, p. 261 and Deed Book 6, p. 98) through John Meador is very clear. This grant adjoined the grant of Henry Awbrey on Hoskins Creek, and particularly the portion given by Henry to his son Richard Awbrey. It is most logical that Thomas Meador, Orphan, and Thomas Meador the Younger were the same, and that Sarah Meador, the widow of Thomas Meador the Younger, who made provision for her son 'John Meador of Hoskins Creek,' was the wife of Henry Awbrey and the mother of Richard Awbrey. Thus the conclusion is virtually inescapable that Sarah was the mother of both John Meador and Richard Awbrey, making them half-brothers. This would explain why Richard called John Meador his 'brother' in his will.”

Another story:

“" Regrettably, efforts to trace the descendants of the two other children of Sarah Meador/Awbrey have proven nearly fruitless. No further mention in Essex records has been found of Phillip and Susannah McGuire. Col Francis Gouldman became a prosperous and prominent landowner in St. Mary's Parish of Essex County, but when he drew his will in 1717 (Essex Co. Deeds & Wills No. 14, p.680. dated January 9, 1715/16. pro. November 21, 1716), he mentioned no (living) children. Bequests were made to his nephews, the sons of Edward Gouldman, and to his niece, the daughter of his brother Thomas Gouldman, deceased. Mary, the wife of Francis, followed in death a few months later (Essex Co.Deeds & Wills No. 15, p. 43, dated January 30, 1716/7, pro. May 21, 1717). In her will no children were mentioned, but there was a bequest to Dorothy Billups, who was the daughter of Richard Awbrey and thus her niece."


Phillip and Susannah McGuire. Susannah is Meador and step sister to Richard Awbrey but could Phillip McGuire be grandson of a Henry Awbrey’s daughter who married Philip Maguire. This would make Phillip McGuire Richard’s nephew

Then there is Col Francis Gouldman mention in Richard Awbrey’s will. Mary Meador married Col Francis Gouldman. Mary Meador is step sister to Richard Awbrey. But Col Francis Gouldman parents were Thomas Gouldman and Alice Awbrey, this makes Col Francis Gouldman a nephew of Richard Awbrey.

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At the time of Richard death Dorothy not Mary were married


1728 Awbrey, Dorothy, daughter Richard married John Billings

1697 Awbrey, Dorothy, Relict of Richard (daughter), Thomas Gouldman (her cousin)

1699 Awbrey, Dorothy, widow of Richard, married Peter Ransome

Now Victor Paul Meador in his book states that John Meador married as his 2nd wife Awbrey

The only Awbrey left was Mary daughter of Richard and Dorothy North Awbrey

Henry brother John was in Westmoreland County, Virginia while Henry was in Old Rappahannock/Essex Counties, Virginia. John Awbrey are counted for with spouses.

I think John Meador married Mary Awbrey daughter of Richard and Dorothy North Awbrey

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