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Miniature Dachshund (doxie) puppies in Virgina for Sale!
litter #1 02-28-03
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litter #3 06-10-05
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litter #5 02-24-07
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Dachshund Fashions
Dachshunds in Hot Weather
Dachshunds in Cold Weather
Dachshund Rescue
"Older dogs "
Dachshund Breeding
Care of Pregnant Dachshund
Everyday Tips
Washing your Dachshund
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under construction
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North Branch, Lapeer county (30 Mi. north of Rochester)HOUSE FOR SALE Libby & Muerte Puppies in Virginia Born Oct. 15 Molly & Et's born Oct. 24th AVAIL. XMAS 2007 click here to see puppies
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