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Marian High School Lansing Comm. Coll. Visual Basic Physics
Intro to the UNIX System CNE Course Intro to DOS & Op. Sys Java and Animated Gif’s (uc)
Intro to C++ Intro to COBOL VBASIC-WindowsVB Programming Intro to Qbasic(uc)
Word Syllabus Powerpoint Syllabus (uc) Excel Syllabus(uc) Access Syllabus(uc)
Authorware modules (uc) HP3000-image/query/vplus(uc)
Teacher Tech Trng. MSU Virtual U. Ferris St. Univ Net Courses Intro to Internet HTML (uc)
VU Physics VU Chemical Engineering VU Physical Sciences (uc) MSU Virtual Univ.
dairygoats(uc) greek (uc) Math (uc) Environmental Sciences (uc)

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