Descendants of John Shields and Isabella Slavine.
Information obtained from 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 census and IGI birth records.
Not all dates have been verified at this time.
Mary Ann SHIELDS Born 26 Jun 1861- Married James Sutherland, Patrick Skelton
Died 5 Nov 1938
Madge SHIELDS born 20 Jul 1863
Isabella SHIELDS born 6 Sep 1865
Margaret SHIELDS born 2 Mar 1868 - Died 13 Mar 1869 Measles
John SHIELDS born 28 Dec 1869 - Married Mary McLean - Died 13 Dec 1952
Margaret SHIELDS born 20 Jun 1872 - Died 17 May 1891 Phthisis Pulmonalis
Patrick SHIELDS born 5 Oct 1874 - Married Janet Cunningham -  Died 7 Mar 1963
James SHIELDS born 22 Mar 1876 - Died 7 Feb 1882 Acute inflamation of membrane of brain
In the 1871 Census three children are recorded. Margaret Ann (10), Marjory (7) and  John (1). 
I think Margaret Ann is meant to be Mary Ann as the ages match up. Marjory must be Madge's Sunday name..
In the 1881 Census four children are recorded.  John (11), Margaret (9), Patrick (6) and James (4)
Mary Ann (20) is recorded living in the Parish Manse and is now a Housemaid working for the Minister of Rothesay Parish Robert Thomson.
In the 1891 Census two children are recorded. John (20) and Peter (16).
I think Peter is meant to be Patrick as the ages match up.
In the 1901 Census Isabella (60) has died and John Shields (58) is a widower living with his son John (30), John's wife Mary MCLEAN (24), and daughter Maggie.
What has happened to the other children will take some working out.

It could be that Marjory 17 by the time of the 1881 census had got married and moved out.

Isabella was born in 1865 (There is a Bute birth entry for her in the IGI records) so should have shown as around 6 on 1871 census. Marjory is around the same age but according to the census was born in Glasgow. The rest of the children were born on Bute.
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