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I am a Registered Nurse, working in Occupational Health. I work in a large Air Craft Manufacturing Facility near where I live. I also worked in female youth detention facilities and in Drug/Alcohol Detox Facilities in the past. I did my stint in Long Term Care, Med/Surg, and Operating Rooms for a long time too. I must say that Prison Psyc Nursing was "different". I have done lots of other interesting things in my life such as becoming an Avionics Electronics Technician, an apprenticed Funeral Director and Embalmer, a former student teacher (many years ago for a couple of quarters, they drove me crazy), a musician ( I can play any stringed instrument and love to "jam"), a jack of all trades including the ability to do plumbing, home electrical wiring, roofing, construction work (rough and finish), and that good ole fashioned shade tree mechanic. I am an auto tune-up specialist, brake specialist, air conditioning specialist, front end mechanic, and auto electrical specialist (all of this from training years ago, but I don't maintain that certification anymore as I really didn't like greasy fingernails all the time). I like to think of myself as a pretty good computer specialist, webpage creater, and desktop publisher as well. I guess you could call these things just old hobbies now. Ah, those were the good 'ole days for sure!! Web page writing is now a major hobby, so I feel pretty good that you are reading and maybe listening to this page!! I really enjoy Desktop Publishing. Can I "create" something for you? Click here and let me know.

I served in the Navy as a Personnelman for a short time, and then later changed rating to a Hospital Corpsman for a total of 8 years of Navy Service. I served on Active Duty with the Marines and later on with the Seabees while in the Reserves. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran (we do not wanna go down that road). That part of my life is an entire epistle for sure!

Of all those things that people call me, I make my living as a Registered Nurse. I have an LPN Diploma, a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, A Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a major in Human Anatomy and Physiology and minor in Psychology (all teacher certified). I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau, and Gamma Beta Phi. I have some classes completed working towards my Master's in Nursing. I am working on becoming a Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist.

I have a 24 year old daughter, DANIELLE, who is really working very hard at making something of herself in this ole world. She lives with her significant other who is a really great guy!! Danielle made me a GRANDFATHER in October 2003. Dani is working full time as a Pre-school teacher and is also a college student studying Early Childhood Education. She plans on becoming degreed teacher in the near future. She has already earned her certification in a two year teaching program. All of this and she is a full time mom to her daughter Jaden as well.

Enough bells and whistles and horn tootin too, huh!! Lets move on to even better things.

I have a summer (and winter) hideaway right here at home. Yep, I have the pool, the hot tub, a private patio to catch all those rays of sun, and I have the bow wow (Tobie) to stand guard dog to warn me of unexpected visitors while I am sunning my buns. I guess you can tell that I like my privacy and solitude. It is important.

My world is complete since Janet came into my life. I have been looking for her since our prom date back in 1968. It took me 38 years, but I finally found her. After more than 1500 emails and countless hours of cell phone time (thank goodness for free cell minutes), we have decided that we love each other. We are committed to being together. Once she finds meaningful work in the area, she is moving to join me for what will be the most intense and romantic journey that either of us have ever experienced. Live is perfect once you meet your soul mate. We are each other's soul mates. I will be writing another webpage soon and link it here. It will explain how we met, how I searched so long for her and where our relationship is going. It is a fantastic story. Our friends say that we need to be on Oprah for sure. We shall see . . .

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