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Here is an accumulation of other sites that I found to be interesting. I hope that you do too. If you find some sites along the way that you think I should include here, please let me know by clicking here and send me the info. You can return to my home page by clicking here. I hope you enjoy your visit to these links below.


Looking for e-mail addresses, phone numbers, web pages, companies? Try this.

Interested in Rumors? Sure you are! Try this site on for size.

Want to visit the Library of Congress? This is the place for a grand tour.

Here is the Official NASA Space site. Read all about our quest for space.

How does NASA afford space? The Official Internal Revenue Service answers it.

Interested in telescopes? See the pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Search 9 Dictionaries for your word, any word including medical and legal terms.

This is the Edmund's Used Vehicle Prices Home Page.

Go here to view The Kelley Blue Book on Car Prices.

You describe the stain, then get advice on how to remove it.

Interested in the British Monarchy? Go to Queen Elizabeth's web site.

How about the Kennedy Assassination Records including all the other National Archive Records. Try this link out.

Positive Parenting Online makes it rewarding, effective and fun.

Scared of tornadoes? Try the Tornado Project Online.

The National Geographic Society is a great place to spend quality time.

Set all the clocks in your home to the standard. View the Atomic Master Clock.

Like to shop at Wal-Mart? Go there without getting in your car.


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