Intermarried with Clark Family #1-Elijah)

1. Samuel Banning is said to have come to America from England ca 1700, and located near Lyme, CT, and then moved to East Haddam, CT. "While standing in the doorway of his home one clear day in 1760, a single small cloud shot out a bolt of lightning that killed him" . He became the progenitor of the Hannah Banning & Elihag Clark Family.


2. Elizabeth Banning b. ca 1705; mr. John Brockway

**** 3. Samuel Banning b. ca 1710; mr. first, Hannah _______; mr. second. Abigail _________; mr. third, Betsey____________.

4. David Banning

The Banning's in England were prominent in military and social life in the 16th century. The Bannings came to America in the 17th century, from just where is not known, but the early names are: Edward; James; John; and Samuel. Tradition states that James, Samuel & John were brothers and probably sons of Edward Banning. It is thought that the Bannings who migrated to America during the 16th century came from England, Scotland, and Ireland. The name Banning is of ancient Danish origin.

Hartland, CT. is one of the towns sold by the State of Connecticut to the inhabitantsof Hartford and Windsor, CT. The first proprietors meeting was held in Hartford, in 1733. Hartland was incorporated as a town in 1761, at which time it belonged to Litchfield County. Thye first Meeting House was erected in 1770 in West Hartland. The Congregational Meeting House was built 30 June 1801 by the East Hartland Society. The country road from East Hartland Church, north one mile, was called Independence Road in the first years; and the country road was a few rods north of David Banning's, father of Schuyler Banning and of Talcott T. Banning and the old place at the left, down the mountain towards Hartland Hollow, was built in 1810 or 1811. In a deed that Charles Clark gave to David Banning for a parcel of land lying on the side of the mountain on 12 Feb 1811, the said Charles Clark says:" I Preserves the new county (country) roads laid out through said land which I do not sell". Said county roads extended from Hartford through swamps and over Hills and Valleys to West Granville, MA, some 25 or 27 miles, and a Stage ran twice a week.

2. Elizabeth Banning b. Lyme, CT. ca 1705; d. there, 26 April 1738; mr. 1 March 1727, John Brockway of Lyme, b. 10 May 1697, son William Brockway &________. He mr. second, Lyme, 22 March 1739, Sarah Scovil.

ISSUE: (b. Lyme, CT. by first wife Elizabeth Banning)

5. Elizabeth Brockway b. 2 April 1728

6. John Brockway b. 28 July 1729

7. Ebenezer Brockway b. 15 Oct 1731; d. 9 May 1812

8. Sarah Brockway b. 15 March 1734

9. Mary Brockway b. 26 April 1738

ISSUE: (by second wife, Sarah Scovil b. Lyme, CT)

10. Elihu Brockway b. 23 March 1740

11. Dorothy Brockway b. 3 June 1742

12. Ezekiel Brockway b. 8 May 1745

3. Samuel Banning b. Lyme. CT, ca 1710; d. East Hartland, CT, in 1800 or 120; bur. East Hartland Cemetery; mr. three or four times: first, Hannah ________, b. ca 1720; d. 1765, age 45 years ; and bur. in East Hartland Cemetery; mr. second, Abigail ________ who joined the church in East Hartland, CT, 4 June 1769, by letter from the Third Church of Lyme; mr. third, Betsey___________, b. ca 1789; d. 12 March 1862, age 73 years; (A widow Banning d. Lyme, CT, 17 Jan 1798, age 86 years) He is reported to have had five daughters and 3 sons by his first wife, and 2 daughters by his second wife. He was well-off but "became embarrassed with debts as a result of getting his daughters married". He sold out in Lyme, and moved to East Hartland, CT, ca 1765, where he died on his son David's farm in 1800 or 1820.


13. Samuel Banninng, Jr. b. Lyme, CT, 1738; mr. first, _______Stirling; mr. second, Lydia Scovill

14. Abner Banning b. ca 1755; mr. Annar (Annah) Sparrow

15. David Banning b. 12 July 1756; mr. first, Mary Rathbone; mr. second, Hannah Coe; mr. third, a widow of a sea captain from New York

16. Irene Banning, mr. Francis E. Beckwith of Saybrook, CT

**** 17. Hannah Banning b. ca 1752; mr. Elijah Clark of EAst Haddam, CT

18. Sarah Banning, mr. first, Mr. Mack; mr. second, Mr. Adams of Hartland. They moved to New York State

19. A daughter (name unknown) who mr. _______Chapman

20. Rhoda Banning b. ca 1760; mr. Phineas Coe

21. Rebecca Banning , mr. Daniel Bushnell

22. Seba Bannning, (dau. Samuel Banning, Jr. & wife, Abigail) bpt. East Hartland Church, 8 Aug 1769

Pell Hill, Hartland, CT, was a section of town mostly a "Banning" settlement. Besides the house on Pell Hill, two other houses in the immediate neighborhood are standing and there were others known to have been there previously. Samuel Banning sold a "lot" and acreage to his son-in-law, Elijah Clark, who built a house on Pell Hill in 1762-1764. The original house burned down ca 1850, but was rebuilt on the same stone foundation and the same style.

13. Samuel Banning, Jr. b. Lyme, CT, ca 1738; d. ca 1814; mr. first, _______Stirling; mr. second, East Haddam, CT. 13 Sept 1764, Lydia Scovill. His father bought him a new farm in West Hartland, CT, and a yoke of cattle. He probably was an Ensign in the 15th Connecticut Militia. Probate Record #164, Granby, CT, dated 21 March 1815: John Banning presented the last will of Samuel Banning of Hartland, CT, and John Banning and Stirling Banning were the executors.


23. John Banning b. 1772; mr. Deborah Reed

24. Stirling Banning b. ca 1783; mr. _______Ennies

25. A daughter

26. A daughter

27. A daughter

14. Abner Banning b. East Hartland, CT, ca 1755; d. there, 2 Aug 1829, age 75 years; mr. East Haddam, CT, 3 April 1777, Annar (Annah) Sparrow, b. East Haddam, 19 April 1751; bpt. Millington, CT; d. East Hartland, CT, 1 June 1820, age 69 years; dau. John Sparrow & Elizabeth ________. Both are bur. in East Hartland Cemetery.


28. Malinda Banning b. ca 1778; mr. first Richard Vining; mr. second, John Robins

29. Benjamin (Abner) Banning b. ca 1780; mr. first, Mary Coe; mr. second, Laura Tanner

30. Ashel Banning b. 23 June 1780; mr. first, in Ohio, Amelia Wilcox; mr. second, Dency Crosby

31. Morgan Banning b. ca 1775; d. Trumbull County, Ohio, 1819/1820

32. Calvin Banning b. 28 Dec 1786; mr. Lucy Case

33. Samuel Banning b. 17 Oct 1789; mr. Betsey Jones

Abner Banning 's father gave him 15 acres of land "about 3/4 miles Northwest of the center of East Hartland. He worked by day and by night to build the house they would live in the rest of their lives". At one point, he owned 600 acres of land; one-half of which he sold to purchase land in Ohio for his sons. He was a Private in Capt. Benjamin Huchen's Co., 18th Regiment of the Connecticut Militia, arriving in New York on 18 Aug and staying until 14 Sept 1776, during the Revolutionary War;

Probate Records, Granby, CT:

a. #182, dated 5 Sept 1815: Abner Banning and Benjamin Banning appointed administrators of the estate of Melinda Robbins.

b. #230. dated 20 Nov 1815: Abner Banning of Hartland, CT, appointed guardian to personal estate of Amelia Vining, a minor about 11 years old, and Abner B. Vining, 9 years old.

15. David Banning b. East Hartland, CT, 12 July 1756; d. there, 2 0 Jan 1820; mr. first, East Hartland, Mary Rathbone (NO ISSUE); mr. second, 10 Nov 1794, Hannah Coe, b. 7 May 1766; dau. Josiah Coe & Hannah ________; mr. third, a widow of a sea captain from New York.


34. Josiah C. Banning b. 9 Sept 1796; mr. first, Affiah Giddings; mr. second, Edith Cowdery

35. Polly Banning b. 11 March 1798; mr. Hartland, CT, 8 Jan 1816, George Miller, both of Hartland

36. Schuyler Banning b. 9 Feb 1800; mr. Rhoda Barber Miller

37. James Banning b. 4 May 1801; mr. Aurilla Miller

38. Nancy Banning b. 9 Sept 1802; d. 8 Oct 1803

39. Nancy Banning b. 17 Aug 1804; mr. 29 Aug 1821, John Church of Granby, CT

40. Almira (Elmina) Banning, b. Hartland, CT, 7 Nov 1806; d. Sept 1827; mr. 13 April 1825, Edward Miller of Farmington, CT

41. Benjamin Hector Banning b. 15 April 1808; mr. Martha B. Cowdry

When David Banning died, he left a large fortune for that time, amounting to $17,000.00

In a deed that Charles Clark gave to David Banning for a parcel of land lying on the side of the mountain, (Hartland CT. dated 12 Feb 1811) the said Charles Clark, states:" I Preserve the new county roads laid out and laid through said land which I do not sell".

16. Irene Banning who d. Utica, New York; mr. Francis E. Beckwith of Saybrook, CT. They lived in Utica, NY, where they were among the early settlers there.


42. Benjamin Beckwith

43. Reed Beckwith

44. Lucinda Beckwith

45. Debora Beckwith

46. Francis Beckwith

47. George Beckwith

48. Caroline Irene Beckwith

49. John E. Beckwith

17. Hannah Banning,b. ca 1752; d. East Haddam, CT, 1807; mr. 1772, Elijah Clark of East Haddam; b. Lyme, CT, 12 Sept 1741; d. East Haddam; son Samuel Clark & Hannah Champion.


50. Elijah Clark b. ca 1772; mr. Katherine Francis

51. Abner Clark b. 23 Aug 1775; mr. Polly Belden

52. Charles Clark bpt. 1786; mr. Miriam Giddings

**** 53. Hannah Clark bpt. 1786; mr. Ozni Miller (See Miller Family)

54. Walter Clark

55. Eber Banning Clark who d. Vernon, Ohio, in 1822; mr. Welthia Ann Holcomb, b. Granby, CT, in 1773 or 1776; d. Greenville, Mercer County, PA, 7 Feb 1761

56. Rhoda Clark bpt. East Haddam, 1786

57. Wilson Clark bpt. 1786; perhaps the child who d. 9 Aug 1786, age 15 months

58. Wilson Clark b. Hartland, CT, 31 May 1788

Elijah Clark moved to East Haddam, CT, with his parents ca 1747, and purchased land in Hartland, CT, in 1767, and moved there(see Clark Family #1-Elijah)

Pell Hill in Hartland, CT, was a section of town that was mostly a "Banning" settlement. Samuel Banning sold a "lot" and acreage to his son-in-law Elijah Clark who built a house on Pell Hill in 1762-1764. The original house burned down ca 1850, but was rebuilt on the same stone foundation and the same style. At one time, the central staircase went up from the front door, separating what is now one large living room into two smaller rooms. The kitchen is in the back ell. There is a well in a cupboard next to the sink with and old fashioned pump on the counter (There are also faucets for convenience) A long ell was added to the length of the house. This contains a large room with a stone fireplace and has another room beyond this one. The garage part of the ell, was once the carriage house. The farmhouse sets on approximately six (6) acres of land.

19. (Daughter) Banning mr. _______Chapman


59. William Chapman

60. Amasa Chapman

61. David Chapman

62. Ebenezer Chapman

63. daughter Chapman

64. daughter Chapman

20. Rhoda Banning b. Haddam, CT, ca 1760; d. East Hartland, CT, 3 Feb 1839, age 78 years; mr. either Windsor County, Vermont or Middlesex County, CT, 15 Oct 1780, Phineas Coe, b. Durham, CT, 5 June 1753; d. East Hartland, 30 Sept 1832, age 79 years; son Josiah Coe & Sarah Burr.


65. Rhoda Coe b. 12 March 1781; d. 28 Aug 1785

66. Miles Coe b. 5 Jan 1783; mr. 24 Feb 1802, Lucy Borden, b. North Coventry, CT, 1 March 1784

67. Anson Coe b. 10 Dec 1784; mr. 12 May 1807, Anna Haynes, b. Hartland, CT, 6 May 1789; dau. Asa Haynes & Mary Fuller

68. Elijah Coe b. 20 Sept 1787; drowned 1 Sept 1790

69. Rhoda Polly Coe b. 13 Oct 1789; d. East Hartland, CT, 29 Dec 1853; mr. 25 Jan 1809, DeWitt Clark b. East Hartland, 1775; d. there, 22 Nov 1830, son Nathaniel Clark & Dinah Phelps

70. Elijah Banning Coe b. 7 Oct 1793; killed 23 Dec 1803 in "jumping over a fence"

71. Sally Coe b. 14 Sept 1796; mr. Horace Emmons

Phineas Coe and his family lived on a farm adjoining that of Abner and David Banning. He was prominent in the civil affairs of Hartland, which he represented in the Connecticut Assembly in 1807; 1809; 1811 through 1814; and again in 1817. He marched on the Lexington Alarm 19 April 1775 and later he served in the Continental Army , as a quartermaster of a troop of horses. During the American Revolutionary War he became one of the pioneer settlers of Hartland, CT, locating first in the West Parish, from which he removed about 1797, to the East Parish.

21. Rebecca Banning who d. Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1809; mr. Hartland, CT, 1 March 1786, Daniel Bushnell, b. Lyme, CT, 18 Dec 1763; son Capt. Alexander Bushnell & Chloe Waite. He was a contractor and builder and built the church at Hartland, 1801. He served for a time in the Revolutionary War at the age of 16 years. The family moved to Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1803.


72. Lewis Bushnell

73. George W. Bushnell b. Hartland, CT, 11 Aug 1800

74. Alexander Bushnell; mr. his 2nd cousin (#81) dau. John Banning& Deborah Reed

23. John Banning b. 1772; d. a very old man; mr. East Haddam, CT, Deborah Reed of West Hartland, CT. They moved to Hartford, Trumbull County, Ohio, ca 1820 and he was living there with his son, Nelson, in 1850.


75. Gaylord Banning b. Ohio, ca 1829; mr. Trumbull Cty. OH, 29 March 1849, Maria Jones, b. Ohio, ca 1831. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters.

76. Nelson Banning b. CT. ca 1806; NO ISSUE

77. Abner Banning b. Ohio, ca 1819; mr. Marie_________, b. OH, 1824; NO ISSUE

78. John Banning b. 1810-1820; lived in Hartford, OH and lived to be ca 90 years of age

79. Charles Banning b. OH, ca 1821; mr. Catherine Kepner, b. OH, ca 1821. They had 1 son and 1 daughter.

80. A daughter who mr. Mr. Andrews and went West

81. A daughter who mr. her 2nd cousin, Alexander Bushnell, (#74) son Daniel Bushnell & Rebecca Banning (#21)

82. Abigail Banning b. Lyme, CT 182?

83. Margaret Banning b. Lyme, CT, 182?; d. Joshuatown, CT, 10 April 1838; mr. ZEbulon or Ezra Brockway, who d. 20 Oct 1844 (should Joshuatown, CT., be Johnstown, Ohio????)

24. Stirling Banning b. West Hartland, CT, ca 1783; d. there; mr. ______Ennies, b. ca 1778


84. George Banning b. CT, ca 1804

85. Samuel Banning b. CT, ca 1806; probably mr. 14 Sept 1828, Harriet French

28. Malinda Banning b. ca 1778; d. Johnstown, Ohio, ca 1815; mr. first, Richard Vining of Granby, CT, who d. ca 1810, after seven years of marriage. They lived in Johnstown, OH. She mr. second, four years later (ca 1814) John Robins (Robbins) . About a year later, she died (ca 1815), leaving Robins with a two-week-old girl. He left the children to be raised by their grandfather, Abner Banning (#14) of East Hartland, CT


86. Amelia Vining b. ca 1804; mr. Rev. Osiah Sheldon Bells of Johnstown, OH, b. ca 1795;

87. Abner B. Vining b. ca 1806; mr. Ellen Benton of Clinesburg, CY or OH. They moved to Quincy, IL and had 1 son

88. Malinda Robins, b. 1815; after the death of her mother (she was only two weeks old) she lived with her grandfather, Abner Banning,(#14) , who died when she was 14 years of age. She then lived with Amelia Vining Bells. She taught school from age 15 years to 22 years of age, then mr. Lorenzo Bushnell of Wawakeom, Iowa, when she was 22 years old. ISSUE: 2 sons and 3 daughters

Probate Court Records, Granby, CT, dated 5 Sept 1815:

a. #182: Abner Banning & Benjamin Banning appointed administators of the estate of Malinda Robbins

b. #230: dated 20 Nov 1815: Abner Banning of Hartland, CT, appointed guardian to personal estate of Amelia Vining , a minor about 11 years old; and Abner B. Vining, 9 years old.

29. Benjamin (Abner) Banning b. CT, 1780; d. Ohio, 1827; mr. first, Hartland, CT, ca 1802, Mary Coe, b. 1780; d. 22 Feb 1804, age 24 years; dau. Elijah Coe & ________; mr. second, Laura Tanner who d. Canfield, OH, ca 1810, dau. Trial Tanner; mr. third, 1813, Mary Manger of Litchfield, CT, b. 1791; d. 1868. After the death of his first wife (she is bur. in East Hartland, CT) Benjamin (Abner) Banning joined 29 other families that left East Hartland, for Ohio, in 1804. He enlisted as a Private in the Connecticut Militia on 14 June 1813 and remained until 25 Aug 1814 (War of 1812)

ISSUE: (by first wife, Mary Coe)

89. Mary Coe Banning b. ca 1803; mr. Mr. Granger. They lived in Ohio, then moved to CT, where she died. ISSUE: 1 son and 1 daughter

ISSUE: (by second wife, Laura Tanner)

90. Elisha Banning; d. an infant

91. Edmund Prior Banning b. Canfield, OH, 3 June 1810; d. Mount Vernon, NY, 8 Jan 1892; mr. 7 May 1834, Lydia Humiston Peck of Centerville, b. Harpersfield, Delaware Cty, NY, where her family had moved to from Wallingford, CT. The lived in Ohio, then moved to New York City. He was a surgeon of advanced ideas and founded the field of Orthopedics. ISSUE: 5 sons and 5 daughters

92. Elijah Banning b. ca 1807; d. in Ohio; mr. Patience ________, b. VT, ca 1809. He lived in CT and was in Lorain Cty. OH, by 1827. He was a farmer. ISSUE: 1 son and 2 daughters

ISSUE: (by third wife, Mary Munger)

93. Laura Banning mr. Mr. Robins. ISSUE: 1 child

94. Cornelia Ann Banning b. Litchfield, CT, 4 May 1815; d. Harrisburg, PA, 25 Nov 1897; mr. Richmond, OH, 30 June 1836, William Wasson. She probably mr. Ashland Cty, OH, 4 Sept 1860, Franklin Peck. ISSUE: 4 children

95. Sylvester V. Banning b. CT or NY, 1815; d. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1886; mr. Lorain Cty, OH, 22 Feb 1835, Laura Tinker of MA. They lived in Colorado where she died at Pikes Peak in 1860. He was a tailor by trade. ISSUE: 6 sons

96. Granville Banning; d. an infant

97. Maryette Banning; d. an infant

98. Amy Jane Banning b. Ohio, 1821; d. 1909; mr. Richland Cty, OH, 11 Oct 1840, William E. G. Caldwell, b. 1817; d. 1890. They lived in Iowa City, Iowa. ISSUE: 1 son and 2 daughters

30. Ashel Banning b. East Hartland,CT, 22 June 1780; d. Gustavus, Ohio, 7 May 1837, "the result of being struck in the head by falling timber"; mr. first (shortly after going to Ohio), Amelia Wilcox who d. after eleven (11) years of marriage; dau. Dr. Jeremiah Wilcox. They settled in Vernon, OH; mr. second, Dency Crosby, b. CT, 22 April 1791; d. Gustavus, OH, 25 Feb 1868.

ISSUE: (by first wife, Amelia Wilcox)

99. Abner Wilcox Banning b. Vern on, OH, 3 Dec 1804; d. Richfield, OH, 20 Nov 1844; mr. Hartford, OH, 22 Oct 1829, Juliette Melissa Brockway of Hartford, OH, b. 1809; d. 10 May 1880. They lived in Richfield, OH. She mr. second, Samuel Button and was living in Summit Cty, OH, in 1850. ISSUE: 2 sons and 4 daughters

100. Amelia Banning b. 1804-1810; mr. Stoddard C. STeven

101. Malinda Banning b. 1810-1820. After the death of her sister, Amelia Banning, she mr. her husbang, Stoddard C. Stevens

ISSUE: (by second wife, Dency Crosby)

102. David Banning b. 11 April 1819; mr. Asenath C. Bradley

103. Jeremiah Wilcox Banning b. Vernon , OH, 17 Aug 1820; mr. Trumbull Cty, OH, 11 Oct 1843, Ruth Adelia Gates, B. 5 March 1823; d. 27 Nov 1875. They moved to Cincinnati in 1847 and he went into the commission business with his brother, David Banning. ISSUE: 2 sons and 1 daughter

104. Timothy Banning b. Vernon, OH, 5 March 1822; d. Geneva, OH, 24 April 1882; mr. Gustavus, OH, 10 May 1845, Sarah Peabody, b. Gustavus, OH, 24 Jan 1824. He was a farmer. ISSUE: 3 daughters

105. Mary Ann Banning d. as an infant

106. Mary Ann Banning b. Vernon, OH, 30 Sept 1826; d. 20 Sept 1910; mr. Gustavus, OH, 25 May 1849, Benjamin H. Peabody, b. 1825. They lived in Pittsburg, PA. ISSUE: 1 son and 1 daughter

107. Converse Banning b. Vernon, OH, 10 April 1830; d. Covington, Kentucky, 12 April 1848. age 18 years; unmr.

108. Stoddard Banning b. Vernon, OH, 5 June 1832; d. 18 Dec 1917; mr. Gustavus, OH, 4 June 1856, Alma M. Clisby, b. 21 March 1833; d. there, 4 Jan 1867. He was a farmer. ISSUE: 1 son and 2 daughters

109. Malinda Banning b. Vernon, OH, 22 Oct 1834; d. 30 April 1899; (another source says she d. 30 May 1900; the same day as her husband); mr. Gustavus, OH, 18 April 1855, Newton Robins, b. 19 Nov 1832; d. Kinsman, OH, 30 May 1900. ISSUE: 2 sons and 1 daughter

32. Calvin Banning b. East Hartland, CT, 28 Dec 1786; d. there, 2 April 1864; mr. ca 1815, Lucy Case, b. West Granby, CT, 19 March 1785; d. East Hartland, CT, 24 Jan 1881. She lived with her son, Almon Banning, upon her husband's death. Calvin Banning was a professor of religion He enlisted in the Connecticut Militia at New London, CT, from 21 June through 25 June 1813, as a Sargeant in Capt Smith's Co. (War of 1812)

ISSUE: (b. East Hartland, CT)

110. Lucy Lovina Banning b. 11 April 1827; d. East Hartland, CT, 20 March 1914; mr. Avon, CT, 25 Nov 1847, Dwight Beman, b. East Hartland, 17 July 1826

111. Edwin Rutherford Banning b. 1815; d. East Hartland, CT, 23 Sept 1854; mr. Orphania Hall, b. Tolland, MA, 1813. He was a farmer. ISSUE: 3 sons and 1 daughter

112. Jerome Banning b. 16 Nov 1818; d. Robinson, IL, 30 May 1898; mr. first, 1840, Marcia Hall, b. Robinson, IL, 1821; d. 3 Sept 1851, dau. Nathan Hall & Elizabeth Wolcott; mr. second there, 1857, Jane Noris. He was a farmer. ISSUE: 4 children by first wife; 3 by second wife.

113. Almon C, Banning b. ca 1827; d. 1 Sept 1896, age 69 years; mr. his cousin, Jane Banning (#145), b. CT, ca 1836; d. 1865; dau. Benjamin Hector Banning (#41) and Martha Cowdry. He was a carpenter and lived on the old homestead of his grandfather, Abner Banning, in East Hartland, CT. He served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Civil War, Infantry , Co E, 25th Co. Connecticut Volunteers, and was wounded near New Orleans, Louisiana. (His tombstone in East Hartland Cemetery gives his wife as Lucy A. who d. 5 June 1865, age 37 years; and wife, Emily L. who d. 10 Feb 1905, age 62 years) ISSUE: 1 son and 3 daughters

114. Hudson G. Banning b. ca 1833; d. 25 Oct 1853, age 20 years; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

115. Larina Banning

116. Laring Banning

33. Samuel Banning b. 17 Oct 1789; d. near Vernon, Ohio, 1819; mr. Hartland, CT, 14 Sept 1809, Betsey Jones, b. CT, 22 April 1789; d. Hartland, CT, 12 March 1862, dau. Samuel Jones & _______ of East Hartland. The moved to Vernon, OH, in 1810 and lived on the East side of Vernon Creek where all his sons had farms. She was living with her son, James Banning, in Hartland, CT in 1850


117. Ruth A. Banning b. 21 Feb 1813; mr. Hartland, CT, 5 May 1835, Bryant Marks of West Hartland, CT, ISSUE: 2 sons and 1 daughter

118. James M. Banning b. 29 Nov 1815; d. 29 May 1851; unmr.

119. Nancy Banning b. 6 Nov 1847; d. Granville, MA, April 1904; mr. 25 Sept 1868 (as his third wife) Elijah Chapman Spelman b. Granville, MA, 6 Jan 1802; d. there, 8 Oct 1889; son Deacon Elijah Spelman & Mary Chapman. He was a shoemaker, then a farmer.

120. Samuel W. Banning b. Ct, 20 March 1820; d. 15 March 1850; mr. Hartland, CT. 13 July 1842, Albina Case, who d. and he remarried. He was a farmer. ISSUE: 1 son and 2 daughters

121. Abigail Banning b. 1825; mr. Edwin Ozias Goodwin. They lived in East Hartland, CT. ISSUE: 1 child

34. Josiah C. Banning b. Hartland, CT, 9 Sept 1796; d. New Hartford, CT, 8 Nov 1848, age 52 years; mr. first, Hartland, 30 May 1820, Affiah Giddings of Hartland, b. ca 1801; d. 28 Sept 1832, age 31 years; dau. Benjamin Gibbings & _______; mr. second, Hartland, 21 July 1833, Edith Cowdery, b. 1810; d. 25 Nov 1855, age 46 years; The moved to New Hartford, CT, where he was a physician. As a young man, his father, David Banning, bought him the "ride" of the physician of East Hartland along with a house and lot in the center of the "ride"

ISSUE: ( first wife, Affiah Giddings)

122. Roswell H. Banning b. Hartland, CT, 21 May 1821

123. Affiah Banning b. Hartland, CT, 7 April 1824

124. Zerulah Emily Banning b. Hartland, CT, 24 Feb 1827; d. 23 Nov 1839, age 12 years; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

125. Benjamin Oscar Banning b. 1 Aug 1829; d. 28 June 1833, age 4 years; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

126. Lydia Banning b. ca 1829; d. 16 Jan 1843, age 16 years; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

126a. Samuel Roswell Banning d. 23 Nov 1839

ISSUE: (by second wife, Edith Cowdery)

127. Luther E. Banning b. ca 1831; d. 4 Sept 1845, age 4 months; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

128. Josiah Banning b. CT, 1834; a clockmaker in 1850

129. Edith Banning b. CT, 1836

130. Martha Banning b. New York, 1838

131. Mary Banning b. New York, 1838; mr. George Miller of Hartland Hollow, CT. After her marriage, her father deeded her a piece of land and furnished a house for them.

132. William H. Banning b. May 1845; d. 15 Aug 1845, age 3 months; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

133. David Banning b. CT, 1847

36. Schuyler Banning b. 9 Feb 1800; d. 30 June 1844, age 44 years; mr. Hartland Hollow, CT, 28 Nov 1822, Rhoda Barber Miller, b. 26 Oct 1801; d. 5 Sept 1854, age 53 years; dau. Cyrus Miller & Roxana Barber. Both are bur. East Hartland Cemetery

ISSUE: (Perhaps more)

134. Talcott T. Banning b. CT, 24 Sept 1823; found dead in CT, 10 April 1898. He lived in the old homestead

135. Silas P. Banning b. Ct. 10 April 1825; d. CT, 17 Jan 1905; mr. first, Rhoda M. Stebbins; mr. second, Ellen G. Welden

37. James Banning b. CT, 4 May 1801; d. 2 June 1888, age 87 years; mr. Hartland, CT, 20 March 1822, Aurilla Miller, b. 5 Oct 1806; d. 9 Sept 1894, age 88 years. Both are bur. in East Hartland Cemetery

ISSUE: (Perhaps more)

136. Elvira Banning b. East Hartland, CT, 30 Jan 1824; mr. there, 18 Nov 1846, Phineas Coe, b. 7 Nov 1816; son Miles Coe & Lucy Borden

137. Elbert Banning b. ca 1827; d. 9 Sept 1831, age 4 years

138. Lester Miller Banning b. CT, 1833

139. Josephine Banning b. CT, ca 1835

140. Elbert J. Banning b. CT, 13 March 1840; d. 29 March 1908, age 68 years; mr. Ellen Manerva Miller, b. 6 Oct 1845; d. 12 Feb 1934. He was in the Infantry, Company E, 25th Co., Connecticut Volunteers, during the Civil War

41. Benjamin Hector Banning b. 15 April 1808; d. East Hartland, CT, 2 Feb 1845; mr. 22 Oct 1829, Martha B. Cowdry of Hartland, b. CT, 1811; d 9 Nov 1870. They lived in East Hartland, close to his brother, Schuyler Banning, on part of his father's farm.


141. Ambrose Banning

142. John Banning; d. as an infant

143. Lucy Banning, b. CT, ca 1832

144. Almira Banning b. CT, ca 1836

145. Jane Banning b. CT, ca 1836; mr. her cousin, Almon C. Banning (#113) son Calvin Banning (#32) and Lucy Case.

146. Emily Banning b. CT, ca 1843

147. Cowdry A. Banning b. 29 Oct 18--?; d. 23 Sept 1918; mr. 8 May 1862, Martha A. Bowers, b. 11 June 1841; dau. William Bowers & Lavina R. Northway

148. John (F. or H.) Banning d. in Andersonville, Georgia, a Prisoner of War, 3 Sept 1864, during the Civil War. He was in Company E, 16th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, and was captured at the surrender of Plymouth, North Carolina, 20 April 1864

102. David Banning b. Vernonr, Trumbull Cty, Ohio, 11 April 1819; d. Cincinnati, OH, 8 March 1901; mr. Erie, PA, 28 April 1847 (another source says 1848), Asenath Crosby Bradley, b. Waterford, PA, 16 June 1824; d. Cincinnati, OH, 13 Nov 1909; dau. Dr. Moore Bird Bradley & Reumah Crosby; of Waterford, PA


149. Charles Banning (deceased)

150. Blanche Banning (deceased)

151. Kate Banning, resides in Cincinnati, OH

152. Starr Banning (deceased)

153. Harry Banning (deceased) twin to William

154. William Banning (deceased) twin to Harry

David Banning 's first employment was a clerk in the general store of Stoddard Stevens in Vernon, OH. He arrived in Cincinnati in April 1847, just before the laying of the first railroad in that section of the State of Ohio. There, with his brother Jeremiah Banning, he organized a commission business which he conducted for twenty-five (25) years, and both became wealthy. He was connected in executive capacities with many of the large financial and commercial undertakings, and was one of the founders of the Fourth National Bank of Cincinnati, serving as a member of its Board of Directors for thirty years.

135. Silas P. Banning b. CT, 10 April 1825; d. CT, 17 Jan 1905, age 79 years; mr. first, 3 Nov 1859, Rhoda M. Stebbins, b. 20 May 1840; d. 10 March 1862, age 22 years; dau. Virgil Stebbins & __________ of Hartland Hollow, CT; mr. second, 2 May 1865, Ellen G. Welden, b. 11 Aug 1842; d. 1929; dau. Edwin Blannott of Pleasant Valley

ISSUE: (by first wife, Rhoda M. Stebbins)

155. Rhoda A. Banning b. 21 Feb 1862; mr. 2 or 6 Nov 1884, Arthur Ferry of Hartland Center, CT.

ISSUE: (by second wife, Ellen Welden)

156. Cora C. Banning b. 10 April 1855; d. 9 Sept 1891, age 25 years

157. Fanny B. Banning b. 15 April 1868; mr. Southwick, MA, 30 June 1904, Munroe Spring

158. Talcott T. Banning b. 24 May 1871; d. 5 April 1940; bur. East Hartland Cemetery

159. Eva A. Banning b. 3 Feb 1876; d. 26 May 1903, age 28 years

160. Frederick Welden b. 8 Dec 1861 (stepson of Silas P. Banning) .