The Career


Kevin Nash

part 4

In the tag team tournament, Kevin and Scott Steiner took on PG-13 at Nitro, January 3. PG-13 were no obstacles as they had been attacked by Diamond Dallas Page before the match, so it was over quick. Later in the night the new WCW commissioner Terry Funk was presented, he didn't like the nWo one bit, he stated that at Souled Out, Bret would lose the title if the nWo interfered and put Nash and Steiner in another match. Kevin then yelled back at Funk and Arn Anderson, whom he accused of being dead. Kevin and Steiner then took on the Harris Boys, Nash had to do all the fighting due to Scott's injury. The Varsity Club helped the nWo team win the match as they smashed one of the Harris Boys with a chair. In the final Nash took on David Flair and Crowbar, Arn Anderson came to the ring to referee the match, he struck Kevin Nash with a crowbar, so David scored the pin. After the match the nWo attacked Terry Funk.

At Thunder, the nWo caught Arn Anderson, who was later used in an exchange for Jeff Jarrett, who was captured by Terry Funk and David Flair. Kevin Nash then challenged Funk to a match at Souled Out, where Nash would become the commissioner of WCW if he could win the match. If Terry Funk could win the nWo would have to disband. Later Nash would clash with Bam Bam Bigelow, but Chris Kanyon knocked him out before the match. So an unconscious Bigelow where taken to the ring, where Kevin nailed him with a bat - no official result was given so? Kevin later attacked Terry in his match against Bret Hart, the battle went behind the scenes, where Nash Jackknifed Funk through the set.

At Nitro, January 10, Terry Funk booked a match, where Bret Hart would face Kevin Nash, and if they took it easy on each other, they would be suspended for a year without pay and Bret would be stripped of his title. Before the match Nash told Bret that he would lay down for him, but Bret didn't want to win like that, so Kevin stated he would take the title from Bret. Jeff Jarrett tried to create tension between the two, when he told Nash to kick Bret out of the nWo, and later told Bret that Nash was jealous. The two nWo members tore into each other, but Funk seemed to have a plan, as Arn Anderson used a lead pipe on Kevin, when he went for a chair. Anderson took over the referee duties and Sid got in the ring, while a cage was lowering down. Sid delivered two powerbombs to Bret and Arn counted the pin. Meanwhile Terry Funk used a flaming branding iron to brand Nash on the stomach.

At Thunder, January 13, it seemed like the nWo had lost a member in Bret Hart, who came to the arena by himself he got on the microphone and stated that he was through with the nWo, who then entered. Nash then stated that Bret's career was over. The nWo later attacked Bret in his locker room and cut his hair. But it proved to be a scam as a "bruised and battered" Bret later "escaped" from the clutches of the nWo and went to the ring and called out the nWo, Terry Funk and Old Age Outlaws also entered, Arn Anderson threw a bucket of water in the face of Bret, which washed of the bruised (makeup). Bret then knocked out Arn, while Nash fought Funk for control of a branding iron, which Nash used on Funk's forehead. Earlier in the evening Nash had teamed up with Jeff Jarrett to defeat Sid and Chris Benoit.

Kevin Nash clashed with Terry Funk at Souled Out, to determine who would be commissioner of WCW. Big Sexy dominated the Hardcore Legend and within minutes Funk found himself Jackknifed through a table. Nash then climbed in the ring and told Funk that if he could get in the ring, he would still be commissioner. Funk did this, but Kevin told he lied. Terry fought back with a couple of chair shots, but Nash wouldn't stay down. Kevin Nash then Jackknifed Funk through three chairs and took the victory and became new WCW commissioner. After the match for the vacant WCW World Title, which Chris Benoit won. Benoit was interviewed, but he was interrupted by the new WCW commissioner Kevin Nash, who promised that the belt would become the property of the nWo come midnight.

The next night at Nitro, Nash as the new commissioner of WCW, awarded the US Title back to Jeff Jarrett. Kevin also got the Harris Boys to work as Creative Control again, but this time they will work for Nash. Kevin also called the wrestlers together and stated that they from would call him Lord Master.

At Thunder, WCW announced that at Nitro a match would pit a representative of WCW against a representative of the nWo. Sid would be the WCW’s pick, Nash then had a little surprise, because he booked Sid to take on Jarrett at Nitro, and the winner of the match would then tangle with Big Sexy himself for the WCW World Title.

At Nitro, Kevin decided to put a $15,000 bounty on Terry Funk's head and Bam Bam Bigelow was the man for the job. But Funk won the match and promised that he would get reinforcements at Thunder. Sid was able to overcome his match against Don Harris (replacement for Jarrett) so he went on to face Nash in the main event for the WCW World Title. The commissioner decided that the powerbomb was not allowed in the match, giving Sid a handicap. Jarrett tried to help Nash, but Sid took the guitar and nailed Nash with it. Sid then pinned Kevin and became WCW World Champion.

At Thunder, the WCW commissioner Kevin Nash stripped Sid of his newly won WCW World Title, because Sid pinned the wrong man in the match to determine, who Kevin would face. Nash then stated that a new champion would be crowned in a caged heat match pitting Sid against Kevin and Ron Harris, Sid would only get the title, if he could pin Nash. The match saw Nash and Ron dominate, but somehow Sid was able to fight back, and he applied the Crippler Crossface to win the match. Sid was given the WCW World Title, but I wonder what Nash will do about it on Nitro, because Sid didn’t pin him.

Kevin was injured at a house show in the weekend of January 29/30, so at Nitro, January 31, he gave the possession of acting commissioner to Jeff Jarrett. Nash injured his ankle, when he slipped on some ice. If the ankle is broken, he will be out for six weeks. As expected with Kevin Nash, who once claimed to have had a "heart attack" shortly after being asked to do a job to Paul Wight at Starrcade, his injury is being greeted with scepticism. Nash was assigned to upcoming house shows, including a Germany tour. Nash wasn't thrilled about doing those shows, and some thing his injury is a convenient way to get out of the shows.

At Thunder, February 9, Kevin Nash demoted Jeff Jarrett from the role of acting commissioner due to Jeff making too many mistakes - including bashing Scott Hall with a guitar. Nash then booked a match between Hall and Jarrett to determine, who would go on to SuperBrawl and face Sid for the WCW World Title. The match ended in a double disqualification.

At Nitro, February 14, Jeff Jarrett claimed to be the number one contender for the WCW World Title, Nash then appeared on the video wall, but Jarrett got the feed cut off, but then Kevin made his way out in a wheel chair. Kevin declared that Jarrett was the number one contender along with Scott Hall.

At Thunder, February 16, Kevin Nash felt the wrath of Jeff Jarrett, when Nash announced that the Harris Brothers wouldn't be present at SuperBrawl during the match between Jarrett vs. Scott Hall vs. Sid. Jarrett then used Nash's skull to destroy a guitar.

At Nitro, April 10, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, who are the men, who shall try to get WCW back in the ratings war, talked trash about the established stars, like Hogan, DDP, Sting, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair and others - the two more or less declared war on the established stars. Nash later made his way out on crutches for an interview - Nash stated that he and Scott Hall turned WCW around, when they entered. Mike Awesome then entered the ring and flattened Nash.

At Spring Stampede, April 16, Nash got some revenge on Mike Awesome, when Kevin nailed Awesome with a crutch. This resulted in Awesome losing the match.

The next night at Nitro, Kevin again got the better of Mike Awesome, when Nash Jackknifed Awesome through a table.

At Nitro, April 24, Kevin attacked both Mike Awesome and Kidman, but when Kevin had Awesome positioned for the Jackknife, Kidman's valet Torrie delivered a low blow.

At Nitro, May 1, Kidman called out the so-called heroes of WCW, Kevin Nash decided to answer the challenge and he dominated the youngster. Suddenly Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. attacked Kevin and Kidman joined in, but Nash was able to chase the young guys away to the back, where they tried to escape in a low ride truck, but Nash catched up to them and destroyed the low rider.

At Thunder, the Millionaireřs club attacked Bischoff, Russo, Shane Douglas, and Buff Bagwell in the parking lot. This incident got Bischoff and Russo to book matches fought under New York rules, which meant no rules, and the wrestlers had to count their own pin fall. Kevin came to help Ric Flair, when he was being attacked by Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan. Hogan and Mike Awesome also entered the fray and Nash Jackknifed powerbombed Awesome. The night ended with a battle royal for the right to face the WCW World Champion at the Great American Bash - Ric Flair ended up as the winner.

At Nitro, May 8, Nash dished out shots to Russo and called him out, instead the Filthy Animals (Kidman, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio Jr.) came out and challenged Nash to a match, they then started stomping on him, until Hulk Hogan came to the rescue. Nash and Hogan then challenged the Filthy Animals to a Street Fight. In the match against the Filthy Animals, Mike Awesome and Juventud Guerrera came to the heels aid. Hogan chased the Animals to the back, so Nash was left fighting Juvi, whom was easily finished off with the Jackknife. Meanwhile the Animals assaulted Hogan in the back and threw him in the trunk of a car, which then speeded off. The car however was stopped by a Goldberg monster truck. Later Hogan and Nash came to the rescue of Sting, when the New Blood members attacked him.

At Thunder, Nash came to the rescue of Horace Hogan, who was under attack by the Filthy Animals, so Kevin with a baseball bat in hand chased them off.

At Nitro, May 15, Nash and Mike Awesome ran into each other and started to fight, this got Kevin to challenge Awesome to an Ambulance Match. As the two were fighting, Awesome had the advantage so he went to set-up a table - DDP then came out from no where and hit the Diamond Cutter. Nash then power bombed Awesome through the table as the referee was calling for the bell. After Ric Flair had won the WCW World Title, Vince Russo took of with the belt, but Nash stopped him, he then proceeded to whack Jarrett with the belt - Nash then power bombed Jeff through the ring and handed over the belt to Flair.

At Thunder, May 17, Kevin Nash came to the aid of Ric Flair during a match against Jeff Jarrett, Crowbar, and David Flair. After Flair had won the match, Nash stalked Jarrett to the back.

At Nitro, May 22, Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett, and David Flair and friends were celebrating the death of Ric Flair's career, as he collapsed a Thunder. Kevin Nash had enough of this and beat up David and Jarrett, Nash then took the WCW World Title and walked to the back. A no holds barred match between Kevin and Jarrett was then booked. Later Kevin helped Scott Steiner, as he was being pummelled by Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott. During the match against Jarrett, Vince Russo was serving as the referee and every time Nash had Jeff pinned, Russo refused to make the count. As Kevin was ready finish off Jarrett with the Jackknife, Russo sprayed mace into his eyes, Jarrett then hit his finishing move, but Scott Steiner came to the ring and attacked Jarrett. Shortly after the New Blood attacked Nash and Jarrett whacked Kevin with the guitar, which busted Kevin wide open. Jarrett then easily pinned Nash to win the match.

At Thunder, May 24, Nash and Scott Steiner came to the ring, when Vince Russo was on the microphone - Kevin stated that he would kick Russo's ass. Kevin and Steiner took out the security, Nash proceeded to Jackknife David Flair, Nash then took a firm grip at Russo's throat - Kevin and Steiner then got at shot against Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Title. Before the match Russo made himself the special guest referee for the match, but Nash chased him out of the arena. Russo however made his way back, but Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner attacked Scott Steiner and the three brawled to the back. Nash had the match won, but Russo pulled out the referee. Shortly after Scott Steiner returned, he made sure that Russo didn't interfere, as Kevin Jackknifed Jeff Jarrett to win the WCW World Title.

At Nitro, May 29, Kevin thanked Scott Steiner for helping him, Big Sexy then handed over the WCW World Title to Ric Flair, because Kevin thought he deserved it. This didn't sit well with Jeff Jarrett, who then informed Nash that he would take on Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott in a handicap match. Steiner and Abbott dominated Kevin, but then Goldberg hit the ring and took care of Steiner, while Abbott retreated to the back. Goldberg and Nash then hugged.

At Thunder, May 31, Nash teamed up with Scott Steiner to take on Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner. Before the match it was announced that whoever made the pin would face Jeff Jarrett at the Great American Bash for the WCW World Title. The heels dominated, but when Jarrett used a guitar on Scott, Kevin Jackknifed Rick Steiner and thereby won the match.

At Nitro, Nash was put in a gauntlet match against the New Blood, if he lost or the Millionaires' club interfered, Nash wouldn't get at shot at the WCW World Title at Bash at the Beach. Kevin helped Goldberg defeat Tank Abbott, when Nash took care of Rick Steiner. Kevin then took on the New Blood, which he dominated, until he was attacked by several members by the faction. Goldberg then came out and together with Nash, he cleaned house.

At Thunder, Eric Bischoff announced that Nash's match against Jarrett at the Great American Bash was off, due to a beating Jarrett took at the hands of Sting. But Kevin proved that it was just a scam, when he made Jarrett run off. Later on Nash was called out by Tank Abbott, when Kevin answered the challenge Rick Steiner attacked, but Scott Steiner also came out, and together with Nash, he ran off the heels.

Kevin clashed against Jarrett, at the Great American Bash, for the WCW World Title. The New Blood each had special roles in the match. The Filthy Animals attacked Nash, when the referee was down, but he fended them off, Kevin then hit Jarrett with the title belt, the Cat, who served as the ring enforcer, then started to make the count, but stopped, so he received a Jackknife powerbomb. The New Blood then hit the ring, Goldberg then came to the ring and cleared the ring, but then he speared Nash, so Jarrett could win the match.

The next night at Nitro, Goldberg stated that he joined the New Blood since people (the Millioniare's club) stabbed him in the back, while he was out with his injuries. Nash then made his way out and stated that the Millioniare's club made Goldberg the star, he is today. Russo then booked a match pitting Goldberg against Nash. The match was a big brawl, when Nash was in control, some of the New Blood members attacked, Goldberg then took of his fighting gloves and beat Nash into a bloody pulp.

At Thunder, Nash stated that he wanted Russo's ass, and through the night he tried to get to Russo. Kevin however got to Jarrett, whom he put a collar around his neck and dragged him out of the ring. Later Nash used Jarrett as bait, Russo then made his way out with Scott Hall's contract and threatened to tear it apart. Goldberg then attacked Nash from behind and it turned into a three on one as Thunder went off the air.

At Nitro, Kevin Nash challenged the Cat to a match for the right of Scott Hall's contract. The Cat agreed after Kevin threatened to break his back. Nash was in complete control against the Cat and finished him off with the Jackknife powerbomb. When Nash got a hold of the contract it turned out to be pictures of the Cat. Goldberg was then shown in the back, where he told Nash to come get it at the Bash at the Beach. The two had a confrontation later, but no punches were thrown.

At Thunder, June 21, Nash and Scott Steiner teamed up to take on Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome. The match ended when everybody started brawling after the Cat ran in to stop Scott Steiner "illegal" hold the Steiner Recliner.

At Nitro, June 26, Nash squared off against Mike Awesome in a qualifying match for a four corners WCW World Title match to take place later in the night. The match was pretty even, but Nash got the win. The match pitted Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash, but before the match Goldberg attacked Nash in the back - Mike Awesome also came in and helped the heels to beat on Steiner, until Nash finally made it to the ring. Kevin almost destroyed the heels, but ended up getting pinned.

In an effort to keep Goldberg and Kevin Nash separated from each other until Bash at the Beach, a 20 man battle royal was booked, where the two competed. However it turned out to be the heels against Nash, until some faces came to the rescue. Goldberg then came out, but the M.I.A. helped Nash eliminate Goldberg, so Kevin won the battle royal.

At Bash at the Beach, July 9, Nash took on Goldberg for Scott Hall's contract. During the match Scott Steiner made his way out, after Goldberg hit the ring post with a spear, Nash went for the Jackknife, but Steiner attacked Kevin - Goldberg hit the spear and the Jackhammer to win the match. After the match Scott Steiner attacked Kevin again and put him in the Steiner Recliner.

At Nitro, July 17, Kevin came to the ring during a match pitting Goldberg against Scott Steiner. Nash had a beer in hand, he then Jackknifed Goldberg first and then did the same to Steiner - Kevin then left with his beer.

At Thunder, Nash cut an interview, where he stated indirectly that Scott Hall would be back. He also cut down Goldberg and stated that he hadn't paid his dues and never will.

At Nitro, July 31, Nash trash talked Goldberg and stated that he would get Scott Hall back in the WCW. Scott Steiner made his way out and the two started brawling, until they were broken up. Nash then went to the Cat and wanted a match against Steiner, the Cat granted his wish by booking a straight jacket match. Steiner's freak Midajah interfered in the match on several occasions, eventually Nash got tired of it and Jackknifed her. As Kevin was about to do the same to Scott, Rick Steiner ran to the ring - Nash took care of him, but Scott got up and whack Kevin with a chair. The Steiner brothers then put Nash in the jacket.

At Nitro, August 7, Nash came to the ring, when the Steiner Brothers were pounding on Sting. Nash and Scott tore into each other, until they were separated. The cat then booked a tag team match pitting Sting and Nash against the Steiner's. During the match, Scott caught Sting in the Steiner Recliner, while Nash and Rick were busy on the outside, then Goldberg hit the ring and saved Sting, who then proceeded to pin Scott. Goldberg then nailed Sting with a heel kick to the face. Nash then got in the ring and got face to face with Goldberg.

At New Blood Rising, August 13, it was announced that Goldberg was injured in a serious motorcycle accident the day before, so it was uncertain if he would participate in the match. Goldberg's music played twice, but he didn't show up, instead Nash and Steiner started the battle. Shortly after Goldberg made his way out all taped up. He got in the ring and took the battle to his enemies. It was very intense, when Nash was about to hit the Jackknife, Goldberg simply walked away, Vince Russo came out to confront him, but was told to F... off. Kevin and Scott Steiner continued their battle. Midajah tried to help her man, but Nash hit the Jackknife and won the match and thereby won the number one contendership.

The next night at Nitro, Vince Russo had ordered a rematch between Kevin and Scott Steiner, this didn't sit well with Nash. Later Nash made his way out with a cardboard of Scott Hall. Kevin then called out Booker T for his title shot, as Booker made his way out, Scott Steiner knocked him out with a lead pipe, Nash came to the rescue, but also tasted the pipe. Goldberg then called out Steiner so Nash didn't suffer more damage.

At Thunder, August 16, Kevin caught up with Rick Steiner and challenged him to a match, if Rick could beat Nash, he would get the number one contendership. It didn't come to a match, since Goldberg knocked out Steiner with a pipe. However Nash went to the ring and spoke about how he would become champion, Booker T took exception to it, after the two had raised each other's hands, Nash turned on Booker and Jackknifed him.

At Nitro, August 21, Nash made his way out during a Booker T match, Kevin levelled Booker with a chair and then left. Later Kevin took on Big Vito, who was finished off with the Jackknife. At Thunder, August 23, Kevin teamed up with Chuck Palumbo to take on Booker T and Big Vito. Before the match Nash shook hands with Jeff Jarrett. The match went back and forth, until Jarrett decided to beat on Booker T, the Natural Born Thrillers made their way out and beat on Vito, while Nash and Jeff teamed up to assault Booker T.

At Nitro, August 28, Nash made his way to the arena alongside Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Vince Russo. Nash then claimed that he didn't care for the fans and stated that he would become the next WCW World Champion, Russo then went on to book a title match later that night between Nash and Booker T. Jeff Jarrett was the special referee during the match, while Scott Steiner acted as the ringside enforcer. The two clashed into each other with a rage. As Booker T hit the Bookend, Russo handed Jarrett a guitar, which he used to smash over the skull of Booker. Jeff then made a ten count, but Nash got up and ripped off his referee shirt, Kevin then hit the Jackknife on Booker T and made the cover, while Steiner counted the pin, so Nash became WCW World Champion. Later in the night Booker attacked Kevin, while he was in the shower and went off with the belt.

At Nitro, September 4, Nash wasn't too thrilled with the fact that his World Title was on line in the War Games 2000 match later and started choking Russo, but it was interrupted by Sting. The objective of the War Games 2000 match was to get to the third floor of the cage and get the title, but you also had to get out of the cage to win it. The match pitted Sting, Booker T, Goldberg and Kronic against Vince Russo, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and the Harris Boys. Nash even chokeslammed Russo for putting the title on the line in the match. Goldberg was handcuffed to the ropes, but he broke lose and took the title from Nash, but as Goldberg was about to exit the cage, Bret Hart showed up and slammed the door in Goldberg's face, Nash then took the belt and walked out victorious with Russo proving that it was all a part of their plan.

The Cat booked Kevin Nash to take on Scott Steiner at Nitro, September 11, Kevin tried to convince Steiner to just lay down, but Steiner wouldn't do it. When it was time for the match Goldberg served as the special enforcer and Booker T as the referee. Neither Nash or Steiner would lay down, so the match was on. Booker decided to pull Steiner off, when he went for the pin, Nash and Steiner then attacked Booker. Goldberg then hit the ring to even up the odds and later the Cat joined the fray. Then the Natural Born Thrillers hit the ring, and the heels took over. Nash threw Booker through the windshield of a bus, while Goldberg was handcuffed to the bus' grill, but he broke free just as the show went off the air.

At Thunder, Nash and Scott Steiner took on Booker T and the Cat, but it didn't take long before Goldberg came to the ring on a motorcycle and attacked Steiner.

Kevin Nash squared off against Booker T in a cage match at Fall Brawl, September 17. The match was in my eyes surprisingly short, but Nash was busted open after being thrown against the cage. When Nash went for the Jackknife, Booker escaped and shortly after hit the Bookend to win the match and the WCW World Title.

The next night at Nitro, Kevin wanted a rematch with Booker T, but Russo then booked Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner against Kevin and Russo, where the winner would get the title shot next week. Nash wasn’t much of teaming up with Russo, since Russo made it clear that he wanted to score the pin, so Kevin decided to leave.

At Nitro, October 2, Nash helped Mike Sanders win the WCW Cruiserweight Title, when the two teamed up to take on Elix Skipper in a powerbomb match. Nash of course made short work of the cruiserweight and powerbombed him, so Sanders could get the pin.

At Nitro, October 9, Kevin Nash again teamed up with Mike Sanders, this time to take on the Cat and Booker T. The faces won, when they scored the pin on Sanders.

At Thunder, October 11, Kevin Nash took on the Cat in a good back and forth match. As Nash was ready to deliver the Jackknife - Mike Sanders hit the ring and delivered a chair shot to the Cat to get Nash disqualified. After the match a huge brawl featuring Goldberg, Nash, Kronik, Sting, Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett evolved - it ended with the faces getting the better off the heels.

At Nitro, October 16, Kevin Nash clashed against Sting in a Lumberjack match. Of course the heel lumberjacks helped Nash, and it was their help, who made Nash win the match, after Jeff Jarrett whacked Sting with a guitar.

At Thunder, October 18, Nash participated in the Countdown to Armageddon match, Nash dominated, but was eventually eliminated.

Due to a dodgy knee Kevin has in many weeks "coached" the Natural Born Thrillers, but nothing interesting has come out of it.

At Nitro, November 6, Kevin Nash challenged Booker T to a match for the WCW World Title. The match was pretty even, but as Nash went for the Jackknife, Shawn Stasiak, a former member of the Natural Born Thrillers, who had knocked out Booker T with brass knuckles, turned on Nash and also hit his "coach", who was then pinned.

At Thunder, coach Kevin Nash was scheduled to take on Shawn Stasiak. Kevin had the Thrillers with him, but they turned on him and beat him down.

At Nitro, November 13, Nash was challenged by the Natural Born Thrillers to a four corners match, which he accepted. Nash took on Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak, and Sean O'Haire, Nash had the advantage, until the three teamed up on him. Nash then dropped them like flies and set Stasiak up for the Jackknife, but then the rest of the Thrillers hit the ring to cause the disqualification. At Thunder Nash took on Mike Sanders, the former commissioner turned white, when he found out that Kevin was his opponent. Kevin beat Sanders from pillar to post, security held the Thrillers back, but eventually they broke free and beat Nash before he could deliver the Jackknife.

At Nitro, November 20, Kevin Nash came out and stated that he had 13 months left on his contract - he then said that he had some one to watch his back, a man who he trusts. The Thrillers then came out and jumped him, but then the man, whom Nash had spoken about Diamond Dallas Page came out to the rescue.

At Thunder, November 22, Diamond Dallas Page took on Shawn Stasiak in a lumberjack match. It didn’t take long before the lumberjacks fought to the back - this brought out the rest of the Thrillers and of course Kevin Nash - Stasiak however hit Page with a foreign object, Nash however pulled the referee to the outside, so Page hit the Diamond Cutter, but then Chuck Palumbo nailed him with a chair, so Stasiak rolled on top and won the match.

At Mayhem, November 26, Nash and Page took on Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak for the WCW Tag Team Title - the rest of the Thrillers made their way out as security, but it didn’t take long before they were escorted to the back. Page and Nash dominated for most parts of the match and when Nash hit the Jackknife on Stasiak and Page delivered the Diamond Cutter to Palumbo and Mike Sanders, the win was registered and new WCW Tag Team Champion were declared.

The next night at Nitro, Nash and Page gave a shout out to Scott Hall, who now is working in ECW. They called their team the Insiders. The Thrillers of course came out and stated that they should retire. The Insiders then took on Mark Jindrak and Sean O´Haire from the Thrillers. It was a good match, but when Page had hit the Diamond Cutter, Sanders pulled out the referee - Kevin then wanted to Jackknife Sanders, but then the Thrillers came out and beat the champions and then walked away with the titles.

At Nitro, December 4, Nash and DDP took on 3 Count, who were more or less humiliated by the Insiders. After the match Mike Sanders came out and stated that the Insiders were stripped of the titles since Nash pinned the wrong man. Ric Flair then came out and signed a rematch for Starrcade.

At Nitro, December 12, the Insiders clashed against the Perfect Event and Jindrak and O'Haire in a three way dance. The Insiders of course had their difficulties against the heels, but they were on route to victory, when Nash was knocked out cold, Page came to the rescue, but he was also knocked out and so Palumbo could score the win for the Perfect Event. At Thunder, DDP should take on Mike Sanders, before the match the rest of the Natural Born Thrillers attacked Nash in the locker room - knocking him out cold. Page then had to deal with all of the Thrillers, before they overcame him.

At Starrcade, December 11, the Insiders took on Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo for the WCW Tag Team Title. It was a tough fight and Nash and Page worked well together. During the match Jindrak and O'Haire came down, but Page and Kevin took care of them. Nash then Jackknifed Palumbo to get the win and the WCW Tag Team Title. The next night at Nitro, Page and Scott Steiner had a confrontation in the back, after Steiner had shot Page down in an interview - the two will never work against each other, since Steiner was the reason, that Kimberly left WCW. Because of the incident the Insiders left the arena.

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