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Multimedia Page

This is my page that links you to multimedia files such as sound files and movie clips. The sound files are of my automatic 96 Maxima SE with a Place Racing cold air intake with K&N conical airfilter, Cattman Performance Y-pipe, Random Technology 3" catalytic converter, and a Greddy cat-back exhaust system. I have taken recordings from different vantage points around the car which are listed below.

The commercials were taken courtesy of and These commercials have become my favorites because they have touched a nerve inside of me and become one among many of my favorites. Some of the commercials have information about who wrote the music that plays in the background for those interested (also courtesy of Movie clips of other enthusiasts Maximas will also be included as they are submitted.

To listen to the sound files you will need a MP3 player like MusicMatch ( or Real Player ( For Quicktime movies files you will need to download a Quicktime player ( For MPG files you will need to download a Windows Media Player (

Since I have reached the limits of the bandwidth that I can use to broadcast movies from this page, if you would like to see one of these movies just send me an email. Tell me which one you want to see and I'll email it to you

Movie clips

My 1996 Maxima with AT valve body modification (manual shifting)- ("run1.mpg" MPG format KB)
My 1996 Maxima with AT valve body modification (normally shifting)- ("run2.mpg" MPG format K)


Recordings from the interior of the car
Run through 2nd gear- ("int.mp3" MP3 format 126KB)
Another run through 2nd gear- ("int1.mp3" MP3 format 117KB)

Recordings from the exterior of the car
Revving engine from front of car- ("front.mp3" MP3 format 182KB)
Revving engine from side of car- ("side.mp3" MP3 format 184KB)
Revving engine from rear of car- ("rear.mp3" MP3 format 175KB)
1st gear run- ("start.mp3" MP3 format 118KB)


Brand Commercial File Type/File Size Music By Song Title
Dodge Viper "Magic Carpet Ride" (""
Quicktime format 4.26M)
Steppenwolf "Magic Carpet Ride"
Infiniti QX4 "Solid" (""
Quicktime format 2.14M)
Annie Lennox "Why"
. QX4 "Water" (""
Quicktime format 2.11M)
Euphoria "Delirium"
Lincoln LS "Perceptions"
(30 seconds long)
Quicktime format 4.21M)
Rob D “Clubbed to Death II”
. LS "Perceptions"
(60 seconds long)
Quicktime format 4.21M)
Rob D “Clubbed to Death II”
Nissan 2000 Maxima (""
Quicktime format 2.12M)
The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
. 2000 Maxima "Stitches" (""
Quicktime format 1.69M)
Rob D “Clubbed to Death”
. "300Z "Barbie Dolls" (""
Quicktime format 1.53M)
Van Halen “You Really Got Me”
. Sentra "Independents" (""
Quicktime format 1.55M)
Smashmouth “Then the Morning Comes”
Volkswagon Cabrio "Pink Moon" (""
Quicktime format 2.69M)
Nick Drake “Pink Moon”
. Jetta "Sync-City" (""
Quicktime format 1.34M)
. .
. New Beetle
"What Color Do You Dream In?"
Quicktime format 840KB)
The Orb Little Fluffly Clouds
. New Beetle "Reverse Engineered" (""
Quicktime format 1.23M)
Fluke "Absurd"
Other Nordstrom "Reinventing the Compliment" (""
Quicktime format 2.22M)
. .

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