the flock

byron bought me kili to cheer me up when my first bird, cooper, flew away. she was a baby when i first got her and looked like a girl. which is why i call her a her when she's really a boy. kili = "bird" in nahautl. anyway, now she's spoiled and not so sociable, but she used to be really sweet. she can whistle billy joel's "the stranger" so she'll always have a home with me. ohyeah, and kili once broke her when when i was out of town and trusting my niece to watch her. it cost $500 to make it better. she can fly like a champ again, though, even though they weren't sure if she would be able to fly at all. yay kili!

my sister talked to a neighbor we had when she saw that the lady had a cockatiel. the lady apparently adopted this bird from a nursing home, named webster, but never intended to keep him. she asked if i would want it.. i went over with kili on my shoulder and both of the birds went nuts. so i took them both home. webster is goofy. he likes to slam his head into people's thumb nails. weird-o.

blue i bought at a terrible pet store. he was very sick.. pathetic, breathing badly. i tried to make him better at home but it didn't work so i brought him to the vet. she gave me medicine and within a couple of weeks, blue was all healthy and outgoing. he really liked the 'tiels, but they didn't like him.. so he made friends with a plastic parakeet that he brought to the water dish one day. it broke my heart.. so i went to the wildlife care center to adopt him a friend. that trip was my downfall. ohyeah, and i recently discovered that blue was actually a girl when i found an egg in the dresser drawer blue had taken over.

teal was the birdy i adopted from the wildlife place. not much of a story. he and blue are cute.

cricket is a birdy i saw when i went to get teal at the shelter. i named him cricket because he makes a cricket noise all the time. he and peggy were in a cage on the ground. while waiting for the shelter lady, i was down on the ground talking to this cockatiel. he would put his head against the bars so i could pet him. i was in looove. the shelter lady said that they had a waiting list for cockatiels, but if i wanted he and his cagemate, i could have them. so now my bird total was at six.

peggy was cricket's cagemate. she only has one foot, which is why i named her peggy. :D she's my only girl cockatiel.. thank god she's mean or i'd have a dozen more cockatiels. she sits in my closet all the time and hisses at me when i go in there for anything. but she's very nice if i can actually catch her! she's definitely one of my favorites.

lemon and lime
(yellow and green, really. that's teal in the picture with them.)
got these guys at the pet store just 'cause they were so darn cute. :)

fran RIP
fran, parakeet, was also a sick pet store purchase. she remains one of the only birds i can catch, but she's healthy and fine now, many thanks to blue's leftover medicine.
update 3/5/02: fran is dead! :(

olivia, a parakeet, is pathetic. overgrown beak and sicksick when i got her. her beak is still all grown in funny.. gotta get it trimmed by the bird lady again soon. but she's healthy and eating fine. i'll get pics sometime. she's the only other one i can catch.

reject (reege)
reject is the latest (and hopefully last to join the cockatiel/parakeet colony!) bird. apparently our neighbor is crazy and brought him over one day when byron was home because she saw that i had birds (through my window. okay). she said he made too much of a mess and she knew he wasn't happy, so left him here. byron named him reject both because he was rejected and he acts retarded. byron made a photo essay to show me the bird while i was at work. i guess the lady's boyfriend hated the bird and wanted her to "throw it in a canal." what on earth is wrong with people?!?!

paco is byron's bird, but he's, like, my step-bird. he's really retarded. he talks to himself in the bathroom. bites every now and then. really likes pizza. but he my baby, so it's all good.


this is my first turtle. i bought him when he was just a hatchling along with another little guy that died the first night. he has grown and grown, as you see in the picture. soon, he'll need his own room.

new turty
he had a name. neville? i only ever called him "little turty" though. many weeks after i got him as a tiny newborn (had the egg tooth even), i introduced him to big turty. i was very worried but they got along just great. i was happy they each had a friend.. at least something to make the environment more interesting. big turty would chase little turty around, using his long claws to tickle little turty's face, which is mating behavior. two months or so later, little turty was missing his tail. i was ill to think about how much it must've hurt. two weeks or so later, he died. in my hand. ay de mi. so turty gets no new friends. RIP little guy.