There is, as I noted on my History of Timely Comics web page, a definite lack of information on Timely Comics - not just the company itself, but the characters themselves.


I started writing these essays as a way to change that. They were originally posted to first the Avengers mailing list, which you can find here, and then to the Usenet newsgroup Rec.Arts.Comics.Marvel.Universe.

They are listed here in the order in which they were written, which is neither alphabetical nor strictly chronological. And as soon as I can find a microfiche machine which produces print-outs of what I consider to be acceptable quality, I'll include images of the heroes I'm writing about.

Flexo the Rubber Man
The Blue Blaze
The American Avenger
The 3Xs
Dakor the Magician
The Dynamic Man
Master Mind Excello
Taxi Taylor and His Wonder Car
The Invisible Man
Zara of the Jungle
The Thin Man
The Black Widow
Merzah the Mystic
The Black Marvel
The Super Slave
Sub-Earth Man
The Terror
The Moon Man
The Blazing Skull (coming eventually, I swear)


A Guide To Timely/Marvel's Golden Age Heroes. A thorough list of the heroes that appeared in Marvel's books during the 1940s, along with their origins, their powers, where they appeared, and--where applicable--what their current status and history is in Marvel's sometimes-tangled continuity.

A Guide To Timely/Marvel's Golden Age Retcon Heroes. A thorough list of the heroes created in the Silver Age and afterwards that have been inserted into Marvel's Golden Age continuity, along with their origins, their powers, and where they appeared, and their current status in Marvel's continuity.

The Golden Age Villains List. I contributed a great many of these to this list, I admit. But so what? It's still a valuable resource, and one that exists nowhere else on the Web.

Mikel's Golden Age Comics Page. Simply the best resource on the Web for this information. Tell Mikel I said "hi!"

Invaders. I generally don't have a very high opinion of Roy Thomas' Invaders or All-Star Squadron (so much wasted potential there - so many things that could have been done, but weren't) but it was an attempt, I guess. And it's probably a good thing that someone has a web page devoted to them; I trust that when this page is finally complete it will fulfill its potential.

Timely Comics. A great many of the essays on this page are mine, but some are not, and they contain information I don't know, about characters I don't know. Worth checking out, as every web page devoted to Timely deserves as much exposure as it can get.

Vintage Age Heroes. More information on Timely characters, with, again, information from Yr. Humble Correspondent. (I don't mean to sound immodest, but I like to get credit for what I've done, which, believe me, can be difficult sometimes on the Web)

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