Circa 14 years before FF #1
Robert Bruce Banner graduated from Science High School and enrolled in Desert State University in Navapo, New Mexico, pursuing a medical degree.
[Incredible Hulk #393]

Upon graduating from Oxford University Charles Xavier joined the United States Marine Corp and was sent to Asia. Serving in the same military unit was Xavier's step-brother, Cain Marko. During an enemy attack Marko deserted his unit and Xavier pursued him, intending on bringing him back. Stumbling into a cave, Marko and Xavier discovered a ruined temple dedicated to the mystical entity Cyttorak. Seizing a large gem resting in the lap of one of the idols in the cave, Marko read the inscription upon the stone and was transformed into a much larger and tremendously physically powerful being. While Marko underwent the transformation into his more powerful form, high explosive bombardment above ground started a cave-in. Xavier, unable to aid his step-brother, was forced to flee the cave before it collapsed. Rubble caused by the cave-in buried Marko, but his enormous power kept him alive, and he began using his superhuman strength to tunnel his way to the surface. It would take him more than a decade to make it above ground, and his isolation further fueled his thoughts of revenge against his brother for abandoning him.

Matt Murdock was an excellent student whose father, a small-time prizefighter, had discouraged him from pursuing any athletic accomplishments. One day Murdock was taunted and labeled a "daredevil" because of his frail nature. Distraught over the way he had been treated, Murdock decided to secretly train to improve himself physically.

Thanos of Titan was on a surveillance mission of Earth when his spaceship passed over the car of Arthur Douglas, who was returning with his family to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. Wishing there to be no witnesses to his activities Thanos ordered that the car be destroyed. Arthur and Yvette Douglas were killed and their three year old daughter Heather was thrown from the car.

Thanos' father Mentor was monitoring his son's activities. Discovering what Thanos had done, Mentor hid Heather Douglas from Thanos' probes. Deciding that Thanos was becoming to much of a threat to both Titan and Earth Mentor enlisted the aid of his father Chronos, who had become a near-cosmic level being millennia before. Together they managed to prevent Arthur Douglas' soul from leaving the mortal plane. Chronos and Mentor created a new body from the Earth's soil for Arthur's soul, investing it with tremendous power. Chronos placed Arthur's soul into the new body, gave it amnesia, and a tremendous hatred towards Thanos. This new being, named Drax the Destroyer, flew off after the mad Titan.

Mentor decided to take Heather Douglas with him back to Titan. Once there Mentor placed Heather in the Shao-Lom monastery, to be raised by their pacifistic monks. The monks began training Heather in martial arts and taught her how to develop her latent psionic powers.

For years Drax the Destroyer became a foil in many of Thanos' plans, although Drax never managed to stop Thanos completely.

Birth of Robert Drake in Fort Washington, New York to William and Beatrice Drake.

Interpol agent Sean Cassidy and his superior Daniel Peyer infiltrated the offices of Almandovar, a mobster who had been targeted for death by a number of warring crime syndicates. While in the process of looking for the mobster Cassidy was discovered. Almandover was about to kill Cassidy when he was interrupted by Deadpool, a mercenary who had been hired to capture the mobster. When Almandover turned his weapon on Deadpool, the mercenary shot him dead. Deadpool quickly left the scene, but not before telling Cassidy that he would find out who he was and that Cassidy was now in his debt.
[Deadpool v2 #2]

Ororo Monroe completed her apprenticeship in thievery and became one of the best thieves in Cairo.

Birth of a mutant boy in the Bavarian Alps. The child's mother was the shape-changing mutant Raven Darkholme. Sometime after the birth of her son Graydon Creed Darkholme had taken the form of a beautiful woman and married a German count. Darkholme eventually became pregnant, and during her pregnancy the count died under mysterious circumstances. When she gave birth everyone in the room was horrified to discover that her baby was born with blue fur, a pointed tail, and three fingers. News of the birth spread quickly among the superstitious villagers, who attacked Darkholme. Wounded, Darkholme reverted back to her original form, that of an indigo colored woman. Her appearance momentarily startled the villagers and the shape-shifter fled with her newborn baby. Reaching a waterfall, and realizing that the villagers were about to discover her, Darkholme assumed the form of one of the townspeople. When the villagers discovered her, she lied to them and told them that she had thrown the shape-shifter over the falls. The villagers wanted the baby destroyed as well, and Darkholme, not wishing to sacrifice her own life, threw the newborn baby over the falls. Somehow the newborn baby survived. A few hours later the mutant child was discovered by Margali Szardos, a sorceress and Gypsy queen. Szardos discovered the baby in a shelter on a road through the Bavarian Alps. Nearby was a dying woman and a man named Eric Wagner, who had died of a heart attack. Szardos assumed that Wagner was the baby's father. She decided to take the baby with her back to her circus where she worked as a fortune teller. The baby, which Szardos named Kurt Wagner, was not adopted by the Gypsy but instead raised by the members of the circus, with Szardos acting as Kurt's unofficial foster mother. The circus members accepted the baby despite its deformities.
[X-Men Unlimited #4]

Birth of Victoria Montesi to Father Vittorio Montesi and his wife in America. Father Vittorio, a Catholic priest and curator of the Vatican's Occult Library, became resentful that his only child was a girl but eventually decided to tutor Victoria to be his successor as curator. However as Victoria grew up she rejected her father's teachings as superstitious nonsense.
[Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #1]

Circa 13 years before FF #1
During his second year of medical school at Desert State University, Robert Bruce Banner dropped out to pursue a degree in nuclear physics. Banner enrolled at Pennsylvania State University.

Walter Langkowski enrolled at Pennsylvania State University on a football scholarship. While there he met Robert Bruce Banner. The two only knew each other for one semester, but Banner inspired Langkowski to enter the field of gamma radiation research. After one semester Banner returned to Desert State University to pursue his degree there.

Charles Xavier met and befriended William Lonestar, an American Indian of the Cheyenne nation, who was serving in the army the same time as Xavier. The two became good friends, even eventually becoming blood brothers.

Charles Xavier, recovering from injuries sustained in battle, met Daniel Shomron, the army psychiatrist. While recuperating Xavier received a letter from his lover Moira MacTaggart informing him that she was breaking off their engagement. After being dismissed from the army Xavier was too depressed to resume his academic interests and began roaming the world instead, searching for a meaning in life. Presumably, Moira was forced to break off the engagement because of the actions of her husband Joseph, who refused to grant her an annulment.

Professor Phineas T. Horton, under his alias of Thomas Raye, married a woman with a baby girl. His wife died soon after the marriage and Horton was left to raise his step-daughter, Frankie.

Interpol agent Sean Cassidy was assigned to escort weapons specialist Patrick Lipton and his secret new weapons, Morrison/Einstein grenades, to Rome by train. While on route the train was stopped by agents of HYDRA, who had learned of Lipton's discoveries and wished to acquire it for themselves. Cassidy and Lipton managed to leave the train undetected, but fearing for the safety of the other passengers Cassidy began removing the blockade from the railroad tracks. Just as Cassidy completed they were discovered by HYDRA agents, who shot Cassidy in the back. In pain and gravely wounded, Cassidy unintentionally used his mutant sonic powers before fainting. Lipton, realizing that Cassidy was probably even more powerful than his own invention, and not wishing for him to fall into HYDRA's hands, agreed to surrender to them in return for Cassidy's freedom. The HYDRA agents agreed, and did not kill the unconscious mutant. Cassidy eventually recovered from his wound and returned to Interpol, and although he was told of Lipton's sacrifice he was not told that the scientist was still alive.
[X-Men Annual v2 #3]
[Date is speculative]

HYDRA developed a deep interest in the study of mutantkind. After intensive studies HYDRA scientists initiated Project: New Genesis. It was their intent to create a race of mutant super-beings who could serve as HYDRA agents. The project heads chose five pregnant women and secretly administered to them a mutagenic compound, hoping that their children would grow to be mutants. Over the years as the children grew they failed to exhibit any super-human mutant powers, and HYDRA eventually stopped their secret surveillance of them and terminated the project. For some reason, all five children eventually developed an intense talent and passion for driving motorcycles.

Paul Ebersol, at the age of ten, designed and built a small sophisticated electric car.

Victoria Hellstrom discovered the true identity of her husband. The fact that her husband was a demon named "Satan" drove her mad, and she died shortly afterwards. "Satan" placed his son Daimon in an orphanage, but took his daughter Satana with him to his dimension, where he schooled her on using her demonic powers.

Circa 12 years before FF #1
Benjamin Grimm graduated from Empire State University and entered the United States Air Force. There he became a successful test pilot and astronaut.

Charles Xavier wandered around the Mediterranean before finally settling on the island of Kirinos. There Xavier got over the heartache he felt over the breakup of his engagement to Moira MacTaggart.

Arkandy Rossovich, a Russian homicidal mutant, was planned by his government to become a super-soldier assassin. However Rossovich was insane, and not wishing to become anyone's puppet fled his country for Europe. There he started a killing spree, using his mutant death spore virus to kill his victims. Rossovich had to release the spoors within his body in order to survive, or else they would build up within his body, causing him pain and eventually killing him. The Russians, wishing to keep his existence a secret, formed an alliance with Interpol to keep the knowledge of a superpowered serial killer from the public.

Interpol agent Sean Cassidy, suspecting that a mutant serial killer was stalking people throughout Europe, disobeyed his superiors' orders and began tracking the mutant down. Erik Magnus Lehnsherr also became aware of Rossovich and of agent Cassidy's involvement. Lehnsherr, aware that a dangerous serial killer mutant would only harm other mutants in the future, began aiding Cassidy by providing clues to the serial killer's whereabouts. Rossovich also became aware of Cassidy's investigation, and began deliberately leaving clues so that the Interpol agent could hunt him down and end his existence for good. Cassidy tracked the killer to his own home in Cassidy Keep, Ireland. Aided by Inspector Magrite Deveraux, an Interpol agent who had learned of the cover-up, Cassidy confronted Rossovich. Cassidy refused to become a vigilante and decided to take Rossovich into custody. Rossovich then used his powers to cause Inspector Deveraux's death. In anger Cassidy turned his gun on the serial killer, gravely wounding him. Cassidy then turned Rossovich over to the authorities.
[Generation X #10-11]

Arkandy Rossovich was placed in the custody of Russian agents, who arranged for him to be transferred to East Berlin. There he was to undergo the process of being bonded with carbonadium, a new form of metal which Russian scientists had invented that was weaker than adamantium but much more malleable. The carbonadium was used to stabilize Rossovich's control over his mutant death spore virus.

The Central Intelligence Agency team of operatives Logan, Victor Creed and Maverick were assigned to rescue double agent Janice Hollenbeck from East Berlin and to retrieve the only known carbonadium synthesizer. As they conducted surveillance on the building where both were located they discovered Arkandy Rossovich undergoing the process of being bonded with carbonadium. Creed ordered Logan to retrieve the C-synthesizer and for Maverick to locate Hollenbeck, while he destroyed the super-soldier experiment. All three completed their assignments, and even though Creed interrupted Rossovich's bonding to carbonadium he didn't succeed in killing the Russian. The three agents and Hollenbeck were discovered by the Russians and forced to retreat to the tenth floor of the building. The four were about to jump from a window when Rossovich attacked them. Creed began to panic, and considering Hollenbeck a liability to their escape, used his gun to kill her in cold blood. Creed then threw thermite grenades at Rossovich. The three agents, with Logan carrying Hollenbeck's body, then jumped from the tenth story window. The grenades exploded behind them, killing Rossovich. Logan and Creed's mutant healing factor, and Maverick's body armor and his mutant ability to re-channel kinetic energy, allowed them to survive the fall. The three agents then fled for the river. Logan told Creed and Maverick that he must have lost the C-synthesizer in the fall. However he still possessed it, and hid it within Hollenbeck's body. The trio were retrieved shortly afterwards from the river by fellow operatives.

Twenty-four hours later the team were being debriefed when Logan attacked Creed for killing Hollenbeck. Security guards separated the two, but Creed threatened Logan that one day he would have revenge. The trio never worked together as a team again.
[X-Men v2 #6, 7]

Moira MacTaggart was beaten and sexually assaulted by her husband Joseph, leaving her hospitalized for a week. Joseph refused to grant her a divorce, but the two lived apart from then on. However Moira soon learned that the attack had left her pregnant, and nine months after the attack she gave birth to a son, Kevin.

Harold and Edith Barton were killed in an automobile accident, and their children Barney and Clint were placed in a state orphanage.

Birth of Melissa Gold.

Circa 11 years before FF #1
Bruce Banner began dating fellow student Susan Jacobson. Frustrated with Banner's reluctance to show emotion, Jacobson revealed her feelings to Bruce. When Bruce did respond emotionally to her, he became too passionate and physical. Bruce's reaction scared Susan, and their relationship ended soon afterwards.
[Incredible Hulk #377, 410]

Charles Xavier, vacationing in Cairo, Egypt, had his wallet pick-pocketed from him by the young thief Ororo Monroe. Using his mutant psychic powers to stop the child in her tracks, Xavier retrieved his wallet. However the use of his psychic powers was detected by a fellow mutant, Amahl Farouk, who had used his psychic abilities to control the Thieves' Quarter, a criminal empire in Cairo. Farouk used his psychic abilities to attack Xavier. Xavier was stunned but quickly recovered. Challenging Farouk, the two engaged in battle on the astral plane and Xavier defeated the evil mutant. The stress of his psychic defeat caused Farouk's body to die of shock, although his astral form continued to survive on the astral plane.

This encounter, Xavier's first with an evil mutant, helped him to decide to devote his life to protecting humanity from mutants who used their powers for evil.

The Central Intelligence Agency initiated the Weapon X Program, the purpose of which was to create sleeper super-soldiers, whose memories of their training and new powers or weapons would be wiped or altered. The super-soldiers, unaware of their new abilities, would then be placed back in the general population, to be activated by accessing neuro-synthetic implants in their cerebral cortex, and were to be used only when needed. The C.I.A. sheltered Project: Weapon X in Canada, whose permission was gained through a covert deal. The C.I.A. also set up the Pest Control Section in the American Department of Agriculture to be used as a front for their operations.

The Pest Control Section leased a warehouse in Windsor, Ontario to be the site where candidates for the Weapon X Project would have their memories altered or erased. The Section then recruited their choice of candidates, sometimes through forcible means. The candidates for the project included the Canadian mutant Logan and his former C.I.A. teammates Victor Creed and Maverick. To keep costs down, the project was forced to re-use some of the same sets for different subjects, resulting in some of the subjects having overlapping false memories.

The C.I.A. Security Committee, believing that sleeper super-soldiers in the general population may potentially pose a threat, initiated the Shiva program, a computer program designed to learn from its mistakes. The program would use robots as tools, send them against opponents, and analyze their weaknesses. Through this the program would be able to create androids that would be immune to their predecessor's cause of defeat. Shiva was also armed with the means to activate the sleeper super-soldiers' brain implants. When the memory alterations had been performed, the candidates were turned over to different research and development teams, which then experimented on and gave to the candidates new abilities or hidden weapons. After receiving her cybernetic implants one of the candidates, Silver Fox, was placed back in the general population. However Silver Fox quickly disappeared, and the C.I.A. lost track of her. Silver Fox joined HYDRA, and over the next few years slowly rose up through the subversive organization's ranks.
[Wolverine #50]

A mutant by the name of Callisto, who believed herself to be an outcast from society, discovered the Alley, the subterranean tunnels constructed by the American military under New York city in the 1950's. Shortly afterwards Callisto met and befriended Caliban, a mutant who was hideously deformed and had the ability to locate other mutants. Together they managed to gather together a number of other mutants, which Callisto invited to live with her as her followers in the Alley. Callisto named her mutants the Morlocks, after the subterranean dwellers in the H.G. Wells novel "The Time Machine." Together the Morlocks developed into a thriving community under New York city.
[Date is speculative]

Interpol agent Sean Cassidy married his girlfriend Maeve Rourke.

Birth of Piotr Rasputin at the Ust-Ordynski Collective, Siberia, Soviet Union to Nikolai and Alexandria Rasputin.

Namora, cousin of Prince Namor of Atlantis, discovered she was sterile, the result of being a hybrid of a Homo sapiens and a Homo mermanus. Realizing that she could not conceive a child through natural means with her husband Talen, Namora sought the aid of Vyrra, an Atlantean scientist who had been banished decades ago for his forbidden research into cloning and genetic experiments. Vyrra did as Namora asked and cloned her. However realizing that the clone might undergo the same pigment transformation that Namora herself had gone through when she reached puberty, Vyrra decided to manipulate the clone's genetic material. Vyrra also realized that an over-saturation of oxygen in the blood might cause the clone to experience emotional instability. To attempt to prevent this Vyrra decided to splice the clone's DNA with that of long dead Atlantean warriors. Vyrrah did as Namora asked and implanted the clone into her womb, not telling her that her clone's DNA was unstable.

Months later Namora gave birth to a pink-skinned baby girl which she named Namorita.
[New Warriors #44]

Birth of James Arthur Madrox in Los Alamos, New Mexico, to Daniel and Joan Madrox. James' mutant abilities were evident from birth. When the doctor spanked him, he was amazed to discover that the newborn baby multiplied into two identical beings, which after a few minutes merged back together. The baby was a mutant who had the uncontrollable ability to re-channel and alter kinetic energy into identical duplicates of himself. Daniel Madrox contacted Charles Xavier, an old acquaintance of his, who was quickly gaining a reputation as the foremost expert on mutancy. On his advice, the Madroxs decided to move to a remote farm in Kansas where they could raise their son in private. While there Daniel Madrox began designing and experimenting to perfect a suit for his child to wear which would re-channel kinetic energy.

Birth of James Proudstar on the Apache reservation at Camp Verde, Arizona to Neal and Maria Proudstar.

Circa 10 years before FF #1
Asgardian All-father Odin, disturbed by his son Thor's pride and headstrong nature, banished him to Earth in the mortal guise of lame medical student Donald Blake in order that he might learn humility. Odin chose a young medical student, Keith Kinclaid, as the template for Blake. Odin constructed almost a perfect replica of Kinclaid, changing the physical features slightly and making Blake lame. Thor was stripped of his true identity and memories, and believed himself to be a mortal. Thor, in the form of Blake, appeared on the campus of New York State College of Medicine, where he enrolled in medical school.
[Thor #415]

The alien race known as the Quist, extra-terrestrial conquerors, set in motion plans to conquer Earth. Agent One, a Quist who had completed successful takeovers of a number of planets, was ordered to Earth to establish a base there. Agent One took the name Lucifer to install fear in the Earthlings, then landed in Tibet and used his advanced technology to take over a walled village. Lucifer then used Quist technology to take over the minds of several villagers.

While a graduate student at Columbia University Reed Richards boarded at the rooming home of the aunt of Susan Storm. Although Storm was eleven years younger than Richards she fell in love with him and promised to keep in touch after he graduated. Richards was extremely embarrassed at the situation, much to the amusement of his friend Benjamin Grimm.

Anthony Stark, who had developed a great talent for inventiveness and mechanical ability, enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of fifteen.
[Date is speculative.]

Richard and Mary Parker, a husband and wife spy team working for the Central Intelligence Agency, were assigned to infiltrate the Communist led spy-ring in Algiers, Algeria run by the Red Skull II. The Red Skull learned of the Parker's true identities and had them killed. Custody of Richard and Mary's son Peter was granted to Richard's brother Ben and his wife May, who had been raising Peter when his parents were on assignment. Because of the top-secret nature of the mission, the Parker's relatives were told that they had been killed in a airplane crash.

Charles Xavier, vacationing in Israel, was reunited with his friend Daniel Shomron. Shomron, a psychiatrist, was working at a hospital near Haifa which treated survivors of the Nazi death camps. Erik Lehnsherr, using his middle name Magnus as an alias, was working at the hospital as a volunteer. Lehnsherr was introduced to Xavier, and the two became fast friends. Shomron introduced Xavier to Gabrielle Haller, a survivor of the Nazi death camp at Dachau. Her experiences there had caused her to withdraw into catatonic schizophrenia. Xavier, using his mutant psychic abilities, cured Haller of her condition, and the two eventually became lovers. Upon Haller's cure the HYDRA agent assigned by Baron Von Strucker to secretly monitor her condition informed the HYDRA leader. Von Strucker began making plans to kidnap Haller so that she might reveal to him the location of lost Nazi gold.

An amnesiac patient was admitted to the Haifan hospital under the name of "John Doe." In actuality "John" was David Charles Haller, son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. David had used his tremendously powerful mutant abilities to journey into the past to ensure that Xavier's dreams of homo sapiens and homo superior existing peacefully together were ensured. However the time travel process had rendered him amnesiac and with little knowledge of his true purpose in this time. David was placed in the Haifan hospital and diagnosed with amnesia, from which he suffered for several weeks.  Eventually David's mutant powers began to re-emerge. After accidentally probing Magnus' mind and seeing the horrors that Magnus had witnessed in the past, Haller's memories slowly started to return. After Xavier and Magnus saw to it that he was calmed down they resumed their normal activities. Days later David left his hospital room in search of his mother, Gabrielle Haller. Xavier, sensing something was wrong with Gabrielle, rushed back to the hospital with Magnus.

Shortly before Xavier and Magnus made it to the hospital David Haller faded from existence. Xavier and Magnus discovered the unconscious Gabrielle. She had little recollection of what had happened to her, only that she had been attacked by someone claiming to be her son.
[Uncanny X-Men #320, 321, X-Men v2 #40, X-Men: Prime]

At the same moment that David Charles Haller disappeared, two beings from an alternate future reality emerged into this timeline. One was the being known as SugarMan, a horribly deformed mutant who had been a slave master in his reality. The other being was Henry McCoy, a mutant geneticist who had genetically altered himself into a beastly form. At first the process of travelling through realities left the two mindless and incoherent, but gradually their sanities returned. Realizing that they were in a different reality from that which they had come from the two decided not to make their presence known to the public. The two split up, although they remained in contact with each other. SugarMan journeyed to the island nation of Genosha, while McCoy headed for New York city.
[X-Men #48, X-Men: Prime]

Weeks after Gabrielle Haller's cure a HYDRA unit attacked the Haifan hospital. Although they were driven off by Magnus Gabrielle Haller was still captured by a HYDRA agent. Xavier, discovering that Magnus was a mutant, revealed to him that he was one as well. Xavier and Magnus journeyed to Africa, posed as HYDRA agents and rescued Haller from Baron Von Strucker. Although Lehnsherr and Xavier had become good friends, they disagreed on mutants coexisting with humans. Xavier believed in peaceful coexistence, whereas Magnus, who had witnessed firsthand Nazi cruelty to a race it felt inferior, believed that mutants should organize to eventually become rulers of humanity.  Magnus, realizing that he and Xavier would never agree on the destiny of mutant kind, used his magnetic powers to take the hidden Nazi gold, then said farewell to Xavier.
[Uncanny X-Men #161]

Baron Von Strucker, who was almost killed in his encounter with Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, reevaluated his position as head of HYDRA and decided to take a less active role as leader, deciding to remain more behind the scenes.

Charles Xavier left Israel to journey to India. However Xavier left unaware that Gabrielle Haller was pregnant. Months later Haller gave birth to a son, David Charles Haller.

Erik Lehnsherr, using the Nazi gold, devoted himself to intensive studies and self education. Sometime after this Lehnsherr discovered a treasure trove of what he thought to be alien records and scientific equipment. In actuality the records and equipment had been deliberately placed there by the exiled Inhuman Phaedar and his son Maelstrom so that Lehnsherr would find them.

SugarMan encountered Doctor David Moreau, a scientist from the island nation of Genosha. Moreau was a scientist of little significance who seemed destined not to have any achievement. Together SugarMan and Moreau reached a bargain. SugarMan offered Moreau his technology and knowledge of genetics in return for a power base from which to operate.

Using Moreau's discoveries, over the next few years the Genoshan government began to become more and more focused towards genetics and genetic engineering. Realizing the potential that their small mutant population could bring to the nation the government eventually set up a system of slave labor of superhuman mutants. As children entered adolescence they were genetically tested. If the tests revealed that they were mutants they were taken from their families and placed into government service. They were then genetically engineered so that their powers would be better suited to Genosha's needs. The genetic engineering also rendered the mutants docile and sterile. Doctor Moreau became known as the Genegineer, a title bestowed on him by the government. Slowly Genosha's economy grew until it became one of the world's leading exporters of steel. Genosha also eventually greatly improved its agriculture and technology. While the country eventually became recognized around the world as a model of success, the rest of the world were unaware that the Genoshans had developed so fast because of their use of slave labor.
[Cable #28]
[Date is speculative]

The Henry McCoy from an alternate timeline journeyed to New York city. There he either discovered or was discovered by the Morlocks, the band of subterranean mutants that lived underneath New York city. McCoy decided to join the Morlocks, although he decided not to reveal his true intentions or identity to them. Because he kept to himself and because there was such a sense of mystery to him many Morlocks mistakenly believed him to actually be the first Morlock. A quasi-religion formed around him, with a "Ceremony of Light" required to call him forth. In actuality McCoy was using the Morlocks as the source of his research on genetics and genetic manipulation, and secretly experimented on them for years. McCoy stayed with the Morlocks, continuing to play a role in their development although he normally remained behind the scenes.
[X-Men: Prime]
[Date is speculative.]

Major Christopher Summers was flying home from Alaska with his family when his plane was attacked by an alien spaceship from the Shi'ar empire. The plane was hit by the Shi'ar's weapons, causing it to burst into flame. Summers' sons, Scott and Alex, escaped the burning plane by the only parachute onboard. While they were falling the parachute caught on fire, and the two Summers boys started falling towards the ground. Scott's mutant powers emerged at this time, and acting instinctively he used the optic blasts emanating from his eyes to slow their fall. However they still struck the ground with tremendous impact. Although Alex suffered a mild concussion, Scott suffered severe brain damage. Christopher Summers and his wife Katherine were transported aboard the Shi'ar starship and taken to the Shi'ar home world. The Summers boys were discovered by an Anchorage emergency crew, and after being rushed to the hospital Scott underwent immediate brain surgery.
[Uncanny Origins #1]

The activation of Scott Summers' mutant powers was detected by the scanning equipment of the mutant geneticist Nathan Essex, who went by the code-name Mister Sinister. He quickly determined the whereabouts of the mutant and arranged for the two Summers boys to be brought to the Sunset Home for Foundlings, an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska, which he controlled.
[Uncanny Origins #1]

On the Shi'ar Homeworld Christopher Summers and Katherine were separated, and Christopher was imprisoned. Escaping captivity Summers discovered the Shi'ar emperor D'Ken sexually assaulting his wife. D'Ken responded to the interruption by murdering Katherine. Christopher was then captured again, and D'Ken ordered him sent to the slave pits.

Mister Sinister performed tests on Scott Summers in a secret laboratory in the basement of his orphanage where he also contained other mutant children. Realizing that Summers would not be able to control his optic blasts, Sinister placed mental blocks on Scott's powers so that they would not re-emerge until after puberty, and brainwashed him to think that he had spent the last few months in a coma. Sinister also arranged for Scott to wear ruby quartz glasses which would block his powers when they re-emerged.

Discovering that Alex Summers was a mutant as well, Mister Sinister eventually arranged for his adoption but kept tabs on him over the years.

Interpol agent Sean Cassidy rose to the rank of inspector. Shortly afterwards Cassidy was assigned to a mission that would keep him from communicating with his wife Maeve for months. Unknown to both of them, Maeve was pregnant at the time of Sean's departure. Months later she gave birth to a daughter she named Theresa. At the time Sean Cassidy was still on an extended mission, and was unable to be informed of the birth of his daughter.

Doctor Moira MacTaggart earned the Nobel Prize for her work in genetics. MacTaggart eventually founded a Mutant Research Center on Muir Island off the coast of Scotland.
[Date is speculative.]

Canadian Police officer Louis Martin and his wife were killed in an accident. Their adopted son, Jean-Paul Beaubier, was placed in a foster home.

Paul Norbert Ebersol designed and constructed a sophisticated robotic arm from spare parts.

Birth of Xi'an Coy Manh and her twin brother Tran Coy in the Central Highlands, Viet-nam.

Circa 9 years before FF #1
The goddesses of the extra-dimensional realm of Asgard began their turn in the Underground Temple, caring for the nine men and women chosen by the god-mothers to be presented to the Fourth Host of the Celestials when they arrived in the later 20th century.
[Thor #301]

Reed Richards enrolled in Harvard University.

Journeying through Tibet, Charles Xavier discovered the walled city controlled by the alien Lucifer. Xavier led a successful rebellion against the conqueror. Lucifer was contacted by his leader who instructed him to go to a nearby Quist sanctuary. Before leaving, Lucifer attempted to kill Xavier by dropping a heavy stone block upon him. Xavier survived but his injuries permanently crippled his legs. Lucifer escaped the city using a teleportation device.

Airlifted to India, Xavier recovered from his injuries in a hospital. Extremely depressed over the paralysis of his legs, Xavier met American nurse Amelia Voight, who herself was secretly a mutant. Voight had left America after her parents discovered she was a mutant and rejected her as a freak. Voight helped Xavier in his recuperation and the two fell in love. When Xavier was released from the hospital he and Voight rented an apartment in Bombay, India. There Xavier began work on a device capable of detecting other mutants. Eventually Voight discovered Xavier's blueprints. Furious, she confronted Xavier, believing he wished to hunt down mutants. The two revealed to each other that they were mutants. Xavier and Voight eventually returned to his home in Westchester County, New York. Although he enrolled in Columbia University, New York to finish his graduate work, Xavier spent most of his time in his mansion, as he and Voight considered the best possible methods to handle the growing mutant population.
[Uncanny X-Men #309]

Jennifer Walters completed high school and entered college.

Ororo Monroe, one of the most successful thieves in Cairo, felt a compulsion when she was twelve years old to leave the city and journey south. For a whole year Ororo travelled, wandering across the Sahara desert, eventually making her way to the Serengeti Plain. While journeying across Africa, Ororo discovered that she had strange mutant powers which gave her control over the weather.
[X-Men Vol.1 #102]

Andreas de Ruyter, head of the South African Bureau of State Security, attempted to kidnap Prince T'Challa of Wakanda while the young Prince was in Kenya. With the help of Ororo Monroe, T'Challa escaped. Around this time Monroe discovered her control over the weather allowed her to fly.
[Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #100]

Ulysses Klaw, a renegade American physicist, theorized a method to convert sound waves into solid forms. However the necessary ingredient to make his experiment a success was Wakandan Vibranium. Klaw organized a small mercenary band and invaded Wakanda hoping to seize a sample of the ore. King T'Chaka, chieftain of the Wakandans and head of the Black Panther Cult, refused to aid Klaw by giving him any of the Vibranium, which his people believed to be sacred. Klaw ordered his men to kill the king. Witnessing the death of his father, Prince T'Challa seized Klaw's sonic weapon and aimed it at the mercenaries. Klaw's right hand was shattered, and he and his mercenaries were driven out of the country.

T'Challa, now ruler of Wakanda but still a young boy, was sent from Wakanda to the finest schools in Europe and America for his education.

Wandering the Kenyan plains, Ororo Monroe was overwhelmed by a compulsion. Calling out to the Great Mother in prayer, Ororo was greeted by a vision of her dead mother. Believing this to be a message from heaven, Ororo came to the conclusion that her mutant powers must be a symbol of her own divinity. After she used her powers to aid local tribes against famine and drought, they began worshipping her as a goddess, a role which she decided to accept. For the next few years Ororo benignly ruled and aided the East Africans.
[Uncanny X-Men #226]

For a whole year, Mister Sinister performed testing on Scott Summers in his secret laboratory in the basement of the orphanage where he also contained other mutant children. Realizing that Summers would not be able to control his optic blasts, Sinister placed mental blocks on Scott's powers so that they would not re-emerge until after puberty, and brainwashed him to think that he had spent the last year in a coma. Sinister also arranged for Scott to wear ruby quartz glasses, which would block his powers when they re-emerged.

Wendell Rand-K'ai travelled with his family and his business partner, Harold Meachum, to Tibet to visit Rand-K'ai's home of K'un-L'un. However while travelling through the snow-capped Himalaya Mountains, Rand-K'ai's son Daniel fell from a treacherous mountain passage, dragging his mother and father with him. Although Daniel and his mother fell safely to a ledge below, Wendell Rand-K'ai hung precariously from the edge of the mountain. Harold Meachum, wishing to obtain complete control  over their business, ignored Rand-K'ai's pleas for help and instead helped cause his fall to his death. Seeing what Meachum had done, Daniel and Heather Rand spurned his offer of aid and attempted to make their way back to their camp on their own.

Fleeing from a pack of wolves, Heather and Daniel stumbled across the entrance to the city of K'un-L'un. As Daniel raced across the suspension bridge that connected K'un-L'un to the Earth dimension, Heather sacrificed herself to the wolves to give Daniel time to flee. Eventually Daniel was discovered by inhabitants of the city, and brought before his uncle, who had become ruler of K'un-L'un in his brother's absence. Yu-Ti, as Daniel's uncle was now known, had him apprenticed to Lei Kung the Thunderer, a martial arts master. Over the next few years Daniel underwent rigorous training in the martial arts.

Shortly before his tenth birthday Wong was betrothed to an unborn daughter of a couple his father Hamir the Hermit introduced to him.

Circa 8 years before FF #1
Doctor Stephen Strange, a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon, suffered minor nerve damage to his hands after he survived an auto accident. Unable to steadily hold a scalpel, Doctor Strange sank into a deep depression, losing his fortune in pursuit of false hopes and cures. Strange quickly degenerated into a drunken derelict, until one day he heard rumors of the Ancient One, a miracle worker in Tibet. In pursuit of the Ancient One, Strange used the last of his money to make his way to Asia. Finally discovering the home of the sorcerer, the Ancient One took him in and told Strange he would only help him if Strange proved himself worthy. Strange discovered that Baron Mordo, the Ancient One's apprentice, was plotting to kill the Ancient One. However before Strange could inform the sorcerer he was discovered by Mordo, who used his magic to mystically silence Strange. Strange's firsthand glimpse of the supernatural made him a believer and realization of the true nature of evil made him realize that it had to be fought against. Strange managed to warn the Ancient One by offering to become his new apprentice. The Ancient One dispelled Mordo's spell, informing Strange that he had known of Mordo's treachery for some time. Strange then devoted himself to the Ancient One, becoming his apprentice and disciple, and remained by his side for many years.

Earning his masters degree in anthropology, Charles Xavier enrolled in a London university to earn his Ph.D in psychiatry. While in London he and Moira MacTaggart reestablished a relationship of friendship.

Saving a blind man from being hit by a truck, Matt Murdock was struck by a radioactive cannister that had fallen from the back of the truck. Murdock was bombarded by radiation which caused him to go blind, but his other senses were mutagenically heightened. Shortly after being released from the hospital Murdock met Stick, a martial arts sensei who was also blind. Stick taught Murdock to refine his senses and also trained him in the martial arts.

Upon graduating high school Matt Murdock enrolled in Columbia University to pursue a law degree. At Columbia Murdock met Franklin Nelson, and the two developed a strong friendship. Murdock also met Elektra Natchios, the daughter of the Greek ambassador to the United States. Natchios was also a student at Columbia, studying political science. Murdock and Natchios fell in love, and Murdock revealed to her that he had artificially heightened senses.

The Enclave made a number of scientific breakthroughs. However their major goal was to create artificial life by which they would create a slave race which would fight their wars for them. The Enclave labored on this problem for the next ten years.

The Plodex egg, which had drifted across the Atlantic Ocean for centuries, was discovered underwater by Newfoundland fisherman Thomas Smallwood. His wife Gladys forced the egg open, and upon contact with human DNA the Plodex within assumed a humanoid shape. Thomas and Gladys adopted the half alien infant and named it Marrina. Because of the damage done to the egg when the Plodex ship crashed on Earth, Marrina grew up with none of her race's hostility or aggressive behavior and was raised as a normal human girl. Although slightly physically different from normal humans, the residents of the small town in which she lived grew to accept her, believing her unusual traits the product of genetic damage.

Birth of Samuel Guthrie in Cumberland, Kentucky.

Birth of Danielle Moonstar in Boulder, Colorado to William and Peg Lonestar.

The Atlantean city of Maritanis was destroyed when surface-dwellers conducted an undersea test explosion of a nuclear weapon. Among the few survivors of the explosion was Namora and her young daughter Namorita. The remaining homo mermanii decided to make the long migration under the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Ocean.

Circa 7 years before FF #1
Mary Storm, mother of Jonathan and Susan Storm, died in a car accident. Franklin Storm, a prominent surgeon, became extremely depressed over the death of his wife. He became an excessive gambler and wasted away his savings, eventually having to borrow money from a loan shark to repay his debts. Grappling with one of the loan shark's leg breakers, the gun the mobster was holding went off and he shot himself. Storm was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Sentenced to twenty years in prison, Storm told his daughter Susan not to visit him and for her to tell her younger brother Johnny that he was dead.

Terrorists seized Greek ambassador Natchios and his daughter Elektra while he was visiting Columbia University and held them hostage in a campus building. Elektra's boyfriend Matt Murdock rescued her and her father, using a scarf as a disguise. With the aid of Elektra Murdock defeated the terrorists. However a policeman outside mistook Ambassador Natchios for one of the terrorists and shot and killed him. Grief stricken over the death of her father, Elektra lost all faith in the law and decided to leave America, leaving her boyfriend Murdock behind. Matt Murdock eventually got over the heartbreak he felt after the end of his relationship with Elektra Natchios and resumed his law studies.

Sean Cassidy married his girlfriend Maeve Rourke.

Paul Norbert Ebersol dropped out of high school, finding it uninteresting and dull. Ebersol was able to find employment easily, but because of his air of superiority and his desire to make simple tasks complex Ebersol was fired from a number of jobs.

Birth of Jonathan Evan Starsmore in Britain.

Circa 6 years before FF #1
Clint and Barney Barton ran away from the state orphanage and joined a travelling carnival. There Clint Barton apprenticed himself to the carnival's star attraction, the Swordsman. For eight hours every day for four years, the Swordsman trained Barton in the use of bladed weapons while another of the other carnival's performers, Trick Shot, trained Barton in archery.

Jennifer Walters successfully completed college and enrolled in the University of California, pursuing a law degree.

Sean Cassidy, a detective with Interpol, rose to the rank of inspector. Shortly afterwards Cassidy was assigned to a mission that would keep him from communicating with his wife Maeve for months. Unknown to both of them, Maeve was pregnant at the time of Sean's departure.

Birth of Katherine Pryde in Deerfield, Illinois to Carmen and Theresa Ryde.

Birth of Douglas Ramsey.

Birth of Paige Guthrie in Cumberland, Kentucky.

Circa 5 years before FF #1
Jean Grey was playing with her friend Anne when Anne was hit and killed by a car. The pain Anne experienced was so traumatic that it awakened Jean's latent mutant psychic powers. Jean became mind linked to Anne as she died. The experience was so traumatic for Jean that it left her traumatized and extremely depressed.

Dorothy Walker, a writer and agent, created a comic-book based on fictional adventures of her daughter Patsy and her friends. The comic-book "Patsy Walker" was popular for over a decade, much to the embarrassment of the real Patsy Walker.

Birth of Theresa Cassidy to Sean and Maeve Cassidy. At the time Sean Cassidy was still on an extended mission with Interpol, and was unable to be informed of the birth of his daughter. A few months later Maeve took her young daughter on a trip to Northern Ireland to visit her relatives. While there she met up with her husband's cousin Tom, who had become a soldier for hire and was also secretly a criminal. During their vacation Maeve was killed accidently by a terrorist bomb. Theresa survived the explosion, and was carried off by Tom Cassidy. The authorities found no trace of Theresa, and presumed that she had been killed as well. Tom, believing that Theresa might grow up to be a mutant like himself and believing her to be the daughter he and Maeve should have had, decided not to reveal that she had survived and decided to raise her himself.

Birth of Roberto daCosta in Rio De Janiero to Nina and Emmanuel daCosta.

Birth of Rahne Sinclair to Scottish parents. Sinclair was delivered by Doctor Moira MacTaggart. Shortly after her birth, Rahne was orphaned and her care was taken over by Reverend Craig, a harsh and strict minister.

Monet St. Croix born in Algeria.

Birth of Everett Thomas in St. Louis, Missouri.

Circa 4 years before FF #1
Robert Bruce Banner graduated from university with a Ph.D in nuclear physics.

At the age of 21 Anthony Stark inherited his father's business, Stark Industries. Within a few years Stark had developed his company into a multimillion dollar business which had contracts to supply weapons and munitions to the American government.
[Date is speculative.]

Jack Murdock, in order to help finance his son Matt's university education, signed as his promoter Roscoe "The Fixer" Sweeney. Sweeney fixed all of Murdock's fights without his knowledge, resulting in Murdock winning all of his bouts. However one day Sweeney ordered Murdock to throw his next fight, but Murdock refused, winning the fight instead. For disobeying his orders, Sweeney ordered Murdock's execution. Murdock was shot and killed by one of Sweeney's henchmen. Grief stricken, Matt Murdock devoted himself to completing his law education so that one day he might bring his father's killers to justice.
[Date is speculative.]

John and Elaine Grey took their daughter Jean to Professor Charles Xavier. Xavier, learning that Jean was a mutant like himself, explained to her but not to her parents that she was actually a mutant. Xavier treated Jean for several years, establishing mental blocks on her telepathy and trained her in usage of her emerging telekinetic powers.

Charles Xavier's lover, Amelia Voight, was upset that Xavier was tutoring Jean Grey in the use of her powers, wishing that he would just confine himself to being the child's therapist. However she generally kept her feelings to herself.
[Uncanny X-Men #309]

Warren Worthington III, attending a private boarding school, was constantly teased by jealous classmates of his for his enormously large shoulder blades. One day Warren discovered feathers beginning to grow from his back. Over the next few days Warren was surprised to discover wings sprouting from his back which slowly continued to grow. Believing himself to be a freak, Worthington concealed the wings by strapping them tightly to his back and under heavy clothes. Within a few months the wings had reached their full size, and Warren eventually learned that by using them he could fly.

Sean Cassidy returned from his Interpol mission and was informed of the death of his wife. Because he had not known that Maeve was pregnant, those who knew decided not to inform him in order to spare him further pain. When Tom Cassidy met his cousin at Maeve's grave to try and console him over the death of a woman they both loved, the grief-stricken Sean turned upon him. Blaming Tom for not taking care of Maeve, Sean used his mutant sonic powers to knock his cousin from his feet. Tom Cassidy fell from the cliff on which the cemetery was located and shattered the bones in his left leg. Distraught over the death of his wife, Sean Cassidy decided to throw himself into his work to escape his grief. Tom Cassidy, once recovered from his broken leg, was from then on forced to walk with a cane. Tom concluded that he had suffered unjustly, and decided to punish Sean by not revealing to him that he had a daughter or that she was still alive.
[X-Force #31]

Birth of Angelo Espinoza in Los Angeles, California.

Circa 3 years before FF #1
Susan Storm moved from New York to California to pursue her acting career.

Robert Bruce Banner accepted a job with the United States Defense Department, working at the research station at Desert Base, New Mexico. There he began work on the top secret development of an experimental nuclear weapon called the G-bomb, or gamma bomb.

Nathaniel Richards finished work on a time machine. Planning a trip into the future, Richards' machine malfunctioned and transported him instead to an alternate Earth. Before setting off Richards had left the bulk of his estate, worth almost two billion dollars, to his son Reed. Reed Richards spent the bulk of the money to further his plans to build and launch a starship capable of interstellar travel.

Nathaniel Richards, wandering the ruins of the alternate Earth, attempted to ease the suffering of that world's population. Richards eventually discovering ancient technology and began rebuilding that Earth's civilization.

Heather McNeil, wishing to support her large family, got a job at the Am-Can Petro-Chemical Company in Edmonton, Alberta. McNeil became attracted to James MacDonald Hudson, an employee of Am-Can, but a much older man than her.

James Hudson resigned from Am-Can Petro-Chemical when he learned a high tech geological exploration suit of his design was to be sold to the United States military. Hudson stole the exploration suit and abandoned it, taking the psycho-cybernetic helmet that controlled the suit, leaving the suit useless. Heather McNeil, who had resigned from Am-Can after learning that Hudson's suit was to be turned over to the American military, checked up on Hudson after his resignation and discovered that he was the one that stole the helmet. Fearing criminal proceedings against him, Hudson went to the Canadian government for aid. The Canadian government declared that Hudson had been a "retroactive" employee of theirs for years and granted him immunity from prosecution.

Richard Easton, an archaeologist's assistant working in Resolute Bay, Northwest Territories, discovered a long buried metal headband. Later that night Easton felt a compulsion to put on the headband, and when he did so a vision of Nelvanna, Hodiak, and the Seeker, three of the Eskimo gods, appeared before him. Nelvanna informed Easton that she planned to mate with him. She told Easton that she needed to give birth to a child that was half human that was not affected by the barrier which prevented the Eskimo gods from physically appearing on Earth. Overpowered by Nelvanna's beauty, Easton was mystically transported to the realm of the Eskimo gods.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, extremely depressed over the harsh conditions she endured at the DuPont's School for Girls, attempted suicide by jumping off a roof of one of the school's buildings. Instead of plunging to her death, Beaubier's mutant abilities emerged and she discovered that she had the ability to fly. Believing this to be a sign of divine intervention, the next day she told what had happened to her to the school's headmistress, Souer Anne. Believing Jeanne-Marie to be speaking blasphemy, Souer Anne had Beaubier strictly punished. The pain and anguish Beaubier experienced because of the method of punishment caused her to have a mental breakdown, triggering schizophrenia within her. The result was that Beaubier became a multiple personality, with her new aspect being much more extroverted and uninhibited than she had been before. Under the influence of this new personality, Beaubier left the school for three days, and upon her return she had no memory of what had happened to her. The further punishment she received for leaving the school caused Beaubier to repress the new personality, and it would not re-emerge for some years.

Jean-Paul Beaubier's mutant abilities began to emerge. Beaubier discovered that with his enhanced speed he turned from a mediocre skier into a highly successful one. Concentrating upon his skiing, Beaubier set his sights on becoming a world champion.

Zebediah Killgrave, a spy working for the Soviet Bloc, was ordered to steal a sample of experimental nerve gas from an American army ordnance depot. Killgrave was discovered in his theft attempt by an army guard and shot at. However the bullets missed Killgrave and struck the cannister in which the nerve gas was contained. The contents of the cannister spilled out and doused Killgrave, causing his skin to turn purple in color. Caught by the army guards, Killgrave offered a weak excuse and alibi as to why he was there. To his own surprise, he was believed and released. Killgrave discovered that he had the ability to command anyone to do whatever he wanted.

In a bar in Buffalo, New York, Killgrave spotted a beautiful woman named Melanie. On a whim, Killgrave decided to use his powers to make Melanie fall in love with and marry him. Eventually Killgrave did come to truly love Melanie and decided to free her from his control. Horrified at what she had undergone against her will, Melanie fled from Killgrave and moved to Toronto, Ontario. However Melanie was pregnant with Killgrave's child, and months later gave birth to a normal looking baby girl, Kara.

Killgrave spent the next few years learning about and mastering his mind control powers before engaging in a full time criminal career.

Circa 2 years before FF #1
Reed Richards received additional funding to finance the construction and launching of a starship capable of interstellar travel from the United States government. Richards set up his base of operations in Central City, California.

Benjamin Grimm retired from the United States Air Force. The same day he left the military his old friend Reed Richards contacted him and reminded him of his offer to pilot Richards' experimental rocket. Grimm agreed to pilot the spacecraft.

Susan Storm, learning that Reed Richards was living in California, contacted him and visited him at Central City. There the two began a romantic relationship.

James Hudson was invited by the Canadian Prime Minister to help create Department H, a top secret research and development agency within the Canadian Ministry of Defense. He and Heather McNeil became engaged. McNeil also became a member of Department H, serving as Hudson's secretary.

Heather McNeil glimpsed reports on James Hudson's desk of a process to bond adamantium to bone, translated from the Japanese. However she dismissed the reports from her mind, and did not recall them again for years.
[Alpha Flight #34]

Jennifer Walters successfully completed law school with high honors. Setting up in Los Angeles, Walters eventually established a successful criminal law practice.

Clint Barton began to perform professionally as a trick marksman in a travelling carnival under the name Hawkeye the Marksman. He discovered his mentor the Swordsman was stealing from the carnival's management to repay off a large gambling debt. Barton fled in panic from his mentor. Chasing Barton onto the high-wire, the Swordsman cut the rope out from under Hawkeye, who fell to the ground and was severely injured. The Swordsman was about to kill Barton when Trick Shot intervened. Discovered by his brother Barney, Hawkeye was rushed to the hospital. The Swordsman fled the scene, and made his way to Europe.

Daniel Rand-K'ai, training in the martial arts in the extra-dimensional city of K'un-L'un, at the age of sixteen entered the ritualistic Challenge of the Many. Rand-K'ai successfully triumphed over four foes and the mechanical Shu-Hu, and successfully earned the Crown of Fu-Hsi, king of the vipers.

Birth of Jubilation Lee in Beverly Hills, California.

Circa 1 years before FF #1
Gormuu, an alien conqueror from the planet Kraalo, arrived on Earth and attempted to conquer it. Reed Richards used his scientific knowledge to defeat the alien. The experience further inspired Richards to attain his goal of interstellar space travel at any cost.
[Fantastic Four #271]

Reed Richards and Sue Storm became engaged to be married.

Doctor Stephen Strange returned from Asia after being tutored in the mystical arts by the Ancient One. Strange purchased a house in Greenwich Village, New York and set up residence there.

Shortly after Doctor Stephen Strange's return to America, Wong reached adulthood and was ready to serve a powerful sorcerer. The Ancient One arranged for Wong to go to America to serve his disciple Doctor Strange.

Doctor Henry Pym, a noted biochemist, married Maria Trovaya, a Hungarian political dissident who defected to America. For their honeymoon they travelled back to Hungary, believing that Maria's marriage to an American would keep her safe from any government sanction. However Hungarian secret police agents arrested Maria, and when Pym protested he was struck from behind and knocked out. When he went to the American embassy for aid in freing Maria, he was told that she had been killed as a warning to other potential defectors. Furious, Pym vowed to hunt down his wife's killers and make them pay. Becoming obsessed with vengeance, Pym went berserk and was arrested and placed in jail. On the verge of a mental breakdown, the American embassy intervened and had Pym freed and sent back to America. Back home Pym decided to devote himself to science, looking for a way to successfully combat injustice and tyranny.
[Marvel Saga #1]

Scott Summers, experiencing extreme headaches and eyestrain, was taken to an eye expert in Washington D.C. The optometrist, suspecting something extraordinary about Summers, contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Walking through the city, Summer's mutant powers re-emerged for the first time since he was a child. Unintentionally destroying a large crane with his optic force blasts, Summers put the crowd in danger when the remains of the crane began falling towards them. Saving the crowd by destroying the wreckage with his optic blasts, Summers frightened and enraged the onlookers. Summers hopped aboard a freight train and escaped. This incident spurred the F.B.I. to launch an investigation into mutant activity. The public emergence of a mutant brought Charles Xavier out of his self-imposed seclusion, and he journeyed to Washington D.C. to meet with agent Fred Duncan, head of the investigation. Xavier proposed that he himself track down and train young mutants in the safe use of their abilities, so that they would not be a danger to others. Duncan agreed to Xavier's proposal, and the two developed a plan whereby Xavier would report on known mutant activity and the progress of his students if Duncan kept Xavier's role secret. Summers, afraid to return to his orphanage, was taken under the wing of a mutant criminal called Jack O'Diamonds. Xavier, using Cyberno, an invention of his which scanned for mutant brain activity, began searching for Summers. Xavier wanted Summers to be the first recruit to his school and rescued the boy from the evil mutant. Summers became the first student enrolled at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster's in Westchester County.

Amelia Voight became extremely upset that Xavier was now actively seeking out mutants to be trained in the use of their powers. Voight didn't believe that mutants should actively come together, instead believing that they should remain in hiding, and not publicly reveal their powers. Upset with Xavier's decision, Voight left him. Panicking, Xavier used his mental powers to freeze Voight in her tracks. Realizing the mistake he had made, Xavier released her from his control. Feeling incredibly betrayed and hurt, Voight struck Xavier, then left him. The two would not see each other again for years.
[Uncanny X-Men #309]

Over the next few years Xavier continued his search for young mutants, persuading their parents to enroll their children in his school. Xavier nicknamed his students X-Men, due to their extra powers. Xavier planned to use the young mutants to defend humanity against evil mutants and other threats such as the alien Lucifer.

Matthew Murdock completed his university education and opened a law office with his partner Franklin Nelson.

Erik Lehnsherr used his mutant powers to aid Nazi hunters. However Lehnsherr was betrayed when he captured a Nazi who was aiding his superiors against communist aggression. In anger, Lehnsherr lashed out, killing his superior and the assassins sent to kill him. Coming to the conclusion that mutants and humans could never get along because of humanity's intolerance and petty bickering, Lehnsherr began making plans to become ruler of humanity to prevent further persecution of mutant kind.
[Classic X-Men #12]

James Hudson married Heather McNeil. On their honeymoon in Wood Buffalo National Park they were attacked by Logan, a mutant with animal-like senses and an increased healing factor. Logan was insane and savage, and had apparently been living in the park for some time as a naked wild man. They managed to overcome Logan by shooting him and captured and confined him in their cabin. Hudson decided to hike back to town looking for medical help, leaving Heather alone with the savage. Confined to the bed, Logan instinctively unsheathed adamantium claws contained in his forearms, slashing his bonds. However this was apparently the first time the wild man had seen these claws and he was driven almost into a state of shock. Heather Hudson managed to calm Logan down. After returning to civilization, James and Heather took care of the wild man, nursing him back to health and aiding in his rehabilitation. They eventually learned his name from him and spent day and night rehabilitating him to a state of relative sanity. They also discovered Logan was a mutant. Eventually Logan became an agent of Department H, code-named Wolverine.

Hawkeye was released from the hospital and resumed performing with the traveling carnival.

Still distraught over the death of his wife, Sean Cassidy decided to quit his job as inspector with Interpol and became a free-lance operative. Cassidy eventually moved to America and began working for the New York city police department.







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