Circa 9 years before FF #1
The goddesses of the extra-dimensional realm of Asgard began their turn in the Underground Temple, caring for the nine men and women chosen by the god-mothers to be presented to the Fourth Host of the Celestials when they arrived in the later 20th century.
[Thor #301]

Reed Richards enrolled in Harvard University.

Journeying through Tibet, Charles Xavier discovered the walled city controlled by the alien Lucifer. Xavier led a successful rebellion against the conqueror. Lucifer was contacted by his leader who instructed him to go to a nearby Quist sanctuary. Before leaving, Lucifer attempted to kill Xavier by dropping a heavy stone block upon him. Xavier survived but his injuries permanently crippled his legs. Lucifer escaped the city using a teleportation device.

Airlifted to India Xavier recovered from his injuries in a hospital. Extremely depressed over the paralysis of his legs, Xavier met American nurse Amelia Voight, who herself was secretly a mutant. Voight had left America after her parents had rejected her as a freak. Voight helped Xavier in his recuperation and the two fell in love. When Xavier was released from the hospital he and Voight rented an apartment in Bombay, India. There Xavier began work on a device capable of detecting mutants. Eventually Voight discovered Xavier's blueprints and believing he wished to hunt mutants down, confronted him. The two then revealed to each other that they were both mutants.

Xavier and Voight eventually returned to his home in Westchester County, New York. Although he enrolled in Columbia University, New York to finish his graduate work, Xavier spent most of his time in his mansion, as he and Voight considered the best possible methods to handle the growing mutant population.
[Uncanny X-Men #309]

Jennifer Walters completed high school and entered college, pursuing a law degree.

A few months after Theresa Cassidy's birth her mother Maeve took her on a trip to Northern Ireland to visit her relatives. While there she met up with her husband's cousin Tom, who had become a soldier for hire and was also secretly a criminal. During their vacation Maeve was killed accidentally by a terrorist bomb. Theresa survived the explosion, and was carried off by Tom Cassidy. The authorities found no trace of Theresa, and presumed that she had been killed as well. Tom, believing that Theresa might grow up to be a mutant like himself and believing her to be the daughter he and Maeve should have had, decided not to reveal that she had survived and decided to raise her himself.

After being away from home for a year and a half, Sean Cassidy returned from his Interpol mission and was informed of the death of his wife. Because he had not known that Maeve was pregnant, those who knew decided not to inform him in order to spare him further pain. When Tom Cassidy met his cousin at Maeve's grave to console him over the death of a woman they both loved, the grief-stricken Sean turned upon him. Blaming Tom for not taking care of Maeve, Sean used his mutant sonic powers to knock his cousin from his feet. Tom Cassidy fell from the cliff on which the cemetery was located and the bones in his left leg were shattered. Distraught over the death of his wife, Sean Cassidy decided to throw himself into his work to escape his grief. Tom Cassidy, once recovered from his broken leg, was from then on forced to walk with a cane. Tom concluded that he had suffered unjustly, and decided to punish Sean by not revealing to him that he had a daughter or that she was still alive.
[X-Force #31]

Ororo Monroe, one of the most successful thieves in Cairo, felt a compulsion when she was twelve years old to leave the city and journey south. For a whole year Ororo traveled, making her way south along the Nile highway into Sudan. During her travels a man with a truck offered her a ride, which she accepted. The man tried to sexually assault her, and in defense Ororo stabbed and killed him.

Ororo wandering across the Sahara desert, eventually making her way to the Serengeti Plain. While journeying across Africa, Ororo discovered that she had strange mutant powers which gave her control over the weather.
[Uncanny X-Men  #267, X-Men v1 #102]

Andreas de Ruyter, head of the South African Bureau of State Security, attempted to kidnap Prince T'Challa of Wakanda while the young Prince was in Kenya. With the help of Ororo Monroe, T'Challa escaped. Around this time Monroe discovered her control over the weather allowed her to fly.
[Marvel Team-Up v1 #100]

Ulysses Klaw, a renegade American physicist, theorized a method to convert sound waves into solid forms. However the necessary ingredient to make his experiment a success was Wakandan Vibranium. Klaw organized a small mercenary band and invaded Wakanda hoping to seize a sample of the ore. King T'Chaka, chieftain of the Wakandans and head of the Black Panther Cult, refused to aid Klaw by giving him any of the Vibranium, which his people believed to be sacred. Klaw ordered his men to kill the king. Witnessing the death of his father, Prince T'Challa seized Klaw's sonic weapon and aimed it at the mercenaries. Klaw's right hand was shattered, and he and his mercenaries were driven out of the country.

T'Challa, now ruler of Wakanda but still a young man, was sent from Wakanda to the finest schools in Europe and America for his education.

Wendell Rand-K'ai traveled with his family and his business partner, Harold Meachum, to Tibet to visit Rand-K'ai's home of K'un-L'un. However while travelling through the snow-capped Himalaya Mountains, Rand-K'ai's son Daniel fell from a treacherous mountain passage, dragging his mother and father with him. Although Daniel and his mother fell safely to a ledge below, Wendell Rand-K'ai hung precariously from the edge of the mountain. Harold Meachum, wishing to obtain complete control  over their business, ignored Rand-K'ai's pleas for help and instead helped cause his fall to his death. Seeing what Meachum had done, Daniel and Heather Rand spurned his offer of aid and attempted to make their way back to their camp on their own. Fleeing from a pack of wolves, Heather and Daniel stumbled across the entrance to the city of K'un-L'un. As Daniel raced across the suspension bridge that connected K'un-L'un to the Earth dimension, Heather sacrificed herself to the wolves to give Daniel time to flee. Eventually Daniel was discovered by inhabitants of the city, and brought before his uncle, who had become ruler of K'un-L'un in his brother's absence. Yu-Ti, as Daniel's uncle was now known, had him apprenticed to Lei Kung the Thunderer, a martial arts master. Over the next few years Daniel underwent rigorous training in the martial arts.

Shortly before his tenth birthday Wong was betrothed to an unborn daughter of a couple his father Hamir the Hermit introduced to him.

Birth of Richard Rider in Queens, New York to Charles and Gloria Rider.

Circa 8 years before FF #1
Doctor Stephen Strange, a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon, suffered minor nerve damage to his hands after he survived an auto accident. Unable to steadily hold a scalpel, Strange sank into a deep depression, losing his fortune in pursuit of false hopes and cures. Strange quickly degenerated into a drunken derelict, until one day he heard rumors of the Ancient One, a miracle worker in Tibet. In pursuit of the Ancient One, Strange used the last of his money to make his way to Asia. Finally discovering the home of the sorcerer, the Ancient One took him in and told Strange he would only help him if Strange proved himself worthy. Strange discovered that Baron Mordo, the Ancient One's apprentice, was plotting to kill the Ancient One. However before Strange could inform the sorcerer he was discovered by Mordo, who used his magic to mystically silence Strange. Strange's firsthand glimpse of the supernatural made him a believer and realization of the true nature of evil made him realize that it had to be fought against. Strange managed to warn the Ancient One by offering to become his new apprentice. The Ancient One dispelled Mordo's spell, informing Strange that he had known of Mordo's treachery for some time. Strange then devoted himself to the Ancient One, becoming his apprentice and disciple, and remained by his side for many years.

After earning his masters degree in anthropology, Charles Xavier enrolled in a London university to earn his Ph.D. in psychiatry. While in London he and Moira MacTaggart reestablished a relationship of friendship.

Saving a blind man from being hit by a truck, Matt Murdock was struck by a radioactive canister that had fallen from the back of the vehicle. Murdock was bombarded by radiation which caused him to go blind, but his other senses were mutagenically heightened. Shortly after being released from the hospital Murdock met Stick, a martial arts sensei who was also blind. Stick taught Murdock to refine his senses and also trained him in the martial arts.

Upon graduating high school Matt Murdock enrolled in Columbia University to pursue a law degree. At Columbia Murdock met Franklin Nelson, and the two developed a strong friendship. Murdock also met Elektra Natchios, the daughter of the Greek ambassador to the United States. Natchios was also a student at Columbia, studying political science. Murdock and Natchios fell in love, and Murdock revealed to her that he had artificially heightened senses.

Wandering the Kenyan plains, Ororo Monroe was overwhelmed by a compulsion. Calling out to the Great Mother in prayer, Ororo was greeted by a vision of her dead mother. Believing this to be a message from heaven, Ororo came to the conclusion that her mutant powers must be a symbol of her own divinity. After she used her powers to aid local tribes against famine and drought, they began worshipping her as a goddess, a role which she decided to accept. For the next few years Ororo benignly ruled and aided the East Africans.
[Uncanny X-Men #226]

The Enclave made a number of scientific breakthroughs. However their major goal was to create artificial life by which they would create a slave race which would fight their wars for them. The Enclave labored on this problem for the next ten years.

The Atlantean city of Maritanis was destroyed when surface-dwellers conducted an undersea test explosion of a nuclear weapon. Among the few survivors of the explosion was Namora and her young daughter Namorita. The remaining homo mermani decided to make the long migration under the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Ocean.

Thena the Eternal journeyed to Southeast Asia to witness firsthand conditions in Vietnam. The Deviant Kro was in the area, and sensing the presence of his former lover he tracked her down and proclaimed his love for her. Although the two had not seen each other for more than two millennia, Thena admitted her love for the Deviant, and the two mated. Later that night Thena realized the mistake she had made in consummating their forbidden love, and abandoned the sleeping Kro. Thena returned to her home in Olympia, Greece.

Soon after her return Thena discovered she was pregnant. Realizing that half-Deviant children would not be accepted by her Eternal peers, Thena journeyed to California, America. Discovering Mrs. Ritter, a woman who was distraught over her inability to conceive children, Thena kidnapped the mortal. Taking the unconscious woman secretly back to Olympia, Thena used Eternal technology to transfer the twin embryos within her to the human female. Thena then returned the unconscious woman to the place where she had taken her from. Mrs. Ritter awoke with no knowledge of what happened to her. Much to her joy, she eventually discovered that she was pregnant. Months after her abduction she gave birth to twins which she named Donald and Deborah. Although Thena had accepted the loss of her children, she occasionally secretly observed them to monitor their progress and development.
[Eternals: The Herod Factor]

The Plodex egg, which had drifted across the Atlantic Ocean for centuries, was discovered underwater by Newfoundland fisherman Thomas Smallwood. His wife Gladys forced the egg open, and upon contact with human DNA the Plodex within assumed a humanoid shape. Thomas and Gladys adopted the half-alien infant and named it Marrina. Because of the damage done to the egg when the Plodex ship crashed on Earth, Marrina grew up with none of her race's hostility or aggressive behavior and was raised as a normal human girl. Although she had yellow skin and green hair and other physical traits which marked her as different, the residents of the small town in which she lived grew to accept her, believing her unusual traits the product of genetic damage.

Abner Jenkins, a brilliant mechanic and engineer, got a job at Precision Aircraft Parts in Queens County, New York. His brilliance enabled him to quickly climb the ranks, until he was finally promoted to master mechanic. However his supervisors, believing him to be arrogant and for ideas to be too far-fetched, dismissed many of his ideas for patents.
[Thunderbolts #-1]

Birth of Samuel Guthrie in Cumberland, Kentucky.

Birth of Danielle Moonstar in Boulder, Colorado to William and Peg Lonestar.

Birth of Vance Astrovik in Saugerties, New York to Arnold and Norma Astrovik.

Circa 7 years before FF #1
Mary Storm, mother of Jonathan and Susan Storm, died in a car accident. Franklin Storm, a prominent surgeon, became extremely depressed over the death of his wife. He became an excessive gambler and wasted away his savings, eventually having to borrow money from a loan shark to repay his debts. Grappling with one of the loan shark's leg breakers, the gun the mobster was holding went off and he shot himself. Storm was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Sentenced to twenty years in prison, Storm told his daughter Susan not to visit him and for her to tell her younger brother Johnny that he was dead.

Terrorists seized Greek ambassador Natchios and his daughter Elektra while he was visiting Columbia University and held them hostage in a campus building. Elektra's boyfriend Matt Murdock rescued her and her father, using a scarf as a disguise. With the aid of Elektra Murdock defeated the terrorists. However a policeman outside mistook Ambassador Natchios for one of the terrorists and shot and killed him. Grief stricken over the death of her father, Elektra lost all faith in the law and decided to leave America, leaving her boyfriend Murdock behind.

Matt Murdock eventually got over the heartbreak he felt after the end of his relationship with Elektra Natchios and resumed his law studies.

Birth of James Marks to Jacob and Marjorie Marks on the Marks Farm, Clairton, West Virginia. Jacob Marks was a Dire Wraith who had crash-landed on Earth decades ago and who had assumed a human identity in order to peacefully live among humankind. Eventually he had fallen in love and married, and although worried that having offspring might reveal his alien nature, he eventually conceded to his wife's desire for children and allowed himself to become a father. James was born, and Jacob was relieved to discover that his child appeared perfectly human.
[Rom #17]

Dorothy Walker, a writer and agent, created a comic-book based on fictional adventures of her daughter Patsy and her friends. The comic-book "Patsy Walker" was popular for over a decade, much to the embarrassment of the real Patsy Walker.

Paul Norbert Ebersol dropped out of high school, finding it uninteresting and dull. Ebersol was able to find employment easily, but because of his air of superiority and his desire to make simple tasks complex Ebersol was fired from a number of jobs.

Birth of Dwayne Taylor to Daryl and Melody Taylor.

Birth of Angelica Jones to Bartholomew Jones and his wife.

Birth of Tabitha Smith to Lou and Mandy Smith in Roanoke, Virginia.

Birth of Jonathan Evan Starsmore in Britain.

Circa 6 years before FF #1
Clint and Barney Barton ran away from the state orphanage and joined a travelling carnival. There Clint Barton apprenticed himself to the carnival's star attraction, the Swordsman. For eight hours every day the Swordsman trained Barton in the use of bladed weapons. Eventually the carnival got a new star, a master of archery known as Trick Shot. Wishing to exploit Barton's potential to the fullest, the Swordsman turned Barton's training over to the archer. Barton's apprenticeship in bladed weapons and archery would continue for the next four years.
[Solo Avengers #2]

Jennifer Walters successfully completed college and enrolled in the University of California, pursuing a law degree.

The Soviet government discovered that one of their greatest cosmonauts, Mikhail Rasputin, was a mutant with energy warping abilities. The government decided to use Rasputin to head a research team to explore a dimensional portal that existed on Sakhalin Island, north of Japan. It was believed that Rasputin's powers would protect the team and allow them to safely return to Earth. Rasputin accepted the assignment, and also agreed to stage his own death in order that the project would continue uninterrupted and in top secret. To the rest of the world, including his family, it was believed that Rasputin had died on a failed space launch. In truth Rasputin and the research team were launched into the dimensional void. However Rasputin and the others failed to return from the other side of the portal. Eventually the Soviet government abandoned the project, and further exploration attempts were rejected.
[Uncanny X-Men #286]
[Date is speculative]

Birth of Katherine Pryde in Deerfield, Illinois to Carmen and Theresa Pryde.

Birth of Douglas Ramsey.

Birth of Paige Guthrie in Cumberland, Kentucky.

Circa 5 years before FF #1
Jean Grey was playing with her friend Anne when Anne was hit and killed by a car. The pain Anne experienced was so traumatic that it awakened Jean's latent mutant psychic powers. Jean became mind linked to Anne as she died. The experience was so traumatic for Jean that it left her traumatized and extremely depressed.

Carol Danvers enlisted in the American Air Force. Danvers eventually joined military intelligence and became partners with agent Michael Rossi. Together the two were highly successful spies, and Danvers rapidly rose to become one of the agency's top operatives. Danvers and Rossi also eventually became lovers.

Birth of Roberto daCosta in Rio De Janiero to Nina and Emmanuel daCosta.

Birth of Rahne Sinclair to Scottish parents. Sinclair was delivered by Doctor Moira MacTaggart. Shortly after her birth, Rahne was orphaned and her care was taken over by Reverend Craig, a harsh and strict minister.

Birth of Everett Thomas in St. Louis, Missouri.

Circa 4 years before FF #1
Robert Bruce Banner graduated from university with a Ph.D in nuclear physics.

At the age of 21 Anthony Stark inherited his father's multimillion dollar business, Stark Industries. Within a few years Stark developed his company, which had contracts to supply weapons and munitions to the American government, into a multi-billion dollar operation.

Jack Murdock, in order to help finance his son Matt's university education, signed as his promoter Roscoe "The Fixer" Sweeney. Sweeney fixed all of Murdock's fights without his knowledge, resulting in Murdock winning all of his bouts. However one day Sweeney ordered Murdock to throw his next fight, but Murdock refused, winning the fight instead. For disobeying his orders, Sweeney ordered Murdock's execution. Murdock was shot and killed by one of Sweeney's henchmen.

Grief stricken, Matt Murdock devoted himself to completing his law education so that one day he might bring his father's killers to justice.
[Date is speculative]

John and Elaine Grey took their daughter Jean to Professor Charles Xavier. Xavier, learning that Jean was a mutant like himself, explained to her but not to her parents that she was actually a mutant. Xavier treated Jean for several years, establishing mental blocks on her telepathy and trained her in the use of her emerging telekinetic powers.

Charles Xavier's lover, Amelia Voight, became upset that Xavier was tutoring Jean Grey in the use of her powers, wishing that he would just confine himself to being the child's therapist. However she generally kept her feelings to herself.
[Uncanny X-Men #309]

Erik Lehnsherr used his mutant powers to aid Nazi hunters. However Lehnsherr was betrayed when he captured a Nazi who was aiding his superiors against communist aggression. In anger, Lehnsherr lashed out, killing his superior and the assassins sent to kill him. Coming to the conclusion that mutants and humans could never get along because of humanity's intolerance and petty bickering, Lehnsherr began making plans to become ruler of humanity to prevent further persecution of mutant kind.
[Classic X-Men #12]
[Date is speculative]

Warren Worthington III, attending a private boarding school, was constantly teased by jealous classmates for his enormously large shoulder blades. One day Warren discovered feathers beginning to grow from his back. Over the next few days Warren was surprised to discover wings sprouting from his back which slowly continued to grow. Believing himself to be a freak, Worthington concealed the wings by strapping them tightly to his back and under heavy clothes. Within a few months the wings had reached their full size, and Warren eventually learned that by using them he could fly.

Still distraught over the death of his wife, Sean Cassidy decided to resign from his job as inspector with Interpol and became a free-lance operative. Cassidey eventually moved to America and began working for the New York city police department.

Walter Langkowski graduated from university with a Ph.D in nuclear physics. Although Langkowski kept up with his research and training, he accepted an offer to play professional football for the Green Bay Packers.

The Vietnamese village that was home of young Xi'an Shan Coy Manh was attacked. Xi'an and her twin brother Tran took their baby brother and sister into the jungle to hide. Their father, a colonel in the Vietnamese army, journeyed into the jungle to confront the enemy and never returned. The enemy, claiming that they were there to liberate the people, shot and killed Xi'an's mother. The four children eventually left the jungle and were united with their uncle Nguyen Ngoc Coy, a general in the Vietnamese army who had criminal connections. Their uncle assumed the role of guardian for the four children.
[Wolverine v1 #28]

Birth of Robert Baldwin in Springdale, Connecticut to Justin Baldwin and Madeline Naylor.

Birth of Angelo Espinoza in Los Angeles, California.







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