A.D. 476
Romulus Augustulus, child emperor of Rome, was deposed. Augustulus would be the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire.
[Avengers Annual #20]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

A.D. 500s
During the first few years of King Arthur Pendragon's reign in Camelot, England, the mage and court advisor Merlin advised the family of the young Sir Percy of Scandia to educate the boy in all known forms of combat.

Merlin foresaw a mystical meteor striking near Camelot. Just as the meteor was about to crash to Earth the Anachronauts, warriors from various eras of Earth's history, appeared in this time. The Anachronauts witnessed the meteor's fall and then observed other time travelers, a group of robots known as the Incinerators, appear and seize the mystical rock. Realizing that this theft would disrupt the timestream, the Anachronauts fought the robots and freed their captive, Justin Alphonse Gamble. Gamble had been an employee of the Time Variance Authority who had resigned and stolen one of their time capsules for his own needs. After destroying the rest of the Incinerators the Anachronauts returned to Chronopolis, their time bridging city. Shortly afterwards Merlin arrived in pursuit of the meteor, which Gamble traded to him for Merlin's Book of Skelos. Gamble then left this era in his time capsule.
[Avengers Annual #22]

From the meteor, Merlin fashioned two weapons, an Ebony Sword and an Ebony Dagger. Merlin empowered both weapons with mystical enchantments.
[Avengers Annual #22]

Morgan Le Fey, evil half-sister of King Arthur and former apprentice to Merlin, found and took possession of the Darkhold and set the parchment into book form. Forming a new Cult of the Darkhold, Morgan and her followers journeyed to Wundagore Mountain in central Europe. Using the spells within the book she summoned Chthon to Earth but found him too powerful to contain and take command of. She and her followers managed to force Chthon back through the mystical portal, and the Elder God became imprisoned under Wundagore Mountain.

Morgan Le Fey and her followers journeyed back to England. One year later, Magnus, Morgan's apprentice and lover, became appalled at the extent of her evil desires. He stole the Darkhold and placed it within a tower on the Isle of Wight. Magnus then cast a spell so that no one of evil intent could enter the tower. Morgan tracked Magnus down and killed his physical body while he was engaged in astral projection. Magnus' astral form survived.

Morgan Le Fey used her spells to astrally travel into the future to search for a time when the Darkhold was no longer contained within the Dark Tower. However she continued to be thwarted in her attempts to obtain the book by the astral form of Magnus.

The wizard Merlin called upon the Christian Church to help put an end to the evil of the Darkhold forever.

Mordred, King Arthur's illegitimate son, came to live at Camelot. Merlin, realizing Morgan Le Fey's and Mordred's evil tendencies, summoned Sir Percy to court and helped him assume the secret identity of the Black Knight. Merlin gave Percy the Ebony Sword, and warned him to keep his true identity a secret so that his enemies could not have him killed. Over the next few years the Black Knight became one of Camelot's greatest champions, defending the realm several times from Viking and Tartar forces, and from Morgan Le Fey and Mordred. Although the Black Knight and Mordred fought a number of times there was no clear victor and the Black Knight was unable to uncover any clear evidence of Mordred's treachery.
[Black Knight #1]

The mystical properties of the Ebony Sword combined with the blood of the Black Knight's victims to create a powerful curse. The curse compelled Sir Percy to shed more and more blood, but Percy's will was strong enough to avoid the temptation and from becoming evil.
[Avengers Annual #22]

During one of Merlin's frequent absences from Camelot, the immortal mutant in possession of a fragment of the Bloodgem came to Camelot and used his psychic powers to impersonate the wizard. The imposter's erratic actions caused concern among Merlin's friends, and rumors began to spread that Merlin had succumbed to some evil force.

Hearing of the reputation of a young mage Modred, the imposter Merlin summoned him to Camelot. Suspicious of Merlin's intent from what he believed to be an evil mage, Modred desired to acquire powerful magic by which to combat Merlin. Modred, whose intentions were good, entered the Dark Tower on the Isle of Wight in which the Darkhold was kept. Upon uttering an incantation of power from the book Modred was greeted by a manifestation of Chthon. The two fought a mystical battle until Gervasse, Modred's fiance, entered the tower. The manifestation of Chthon threatening to steal her soul, and Modred offered his own in her place. The manifestation agreed and Modred became corrupted by its evil. Brenden, a Christian priest skilled in white magic, entered the tower. He battled Modred, cast a spell sealing the Darkhold in a mystical sphere, and cast a spell placing Modred in suspended animation. Brenden then tore the Darkhold apart, and had the indestructible pieces scattered throughout Europe and Asia.

Gervasse had Modred's body buried in a vault near the Dark Tower. Foreseeing a time when Modred would reawaken, Gervasse began studying white magic so that she could keep herself alive. It was her hope that one day Modred would be freed from Chthon's influence and the two could be reunited. Using her magic Gervasse greatly halted her aging process, and kept herself alive for centuries, waiting for Modred to return to her.
[Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins #12]

Time traveler Kang the Conqueror decided to invade England to change the timeline so that the age of heroes in the 20th century A.D. would never come about. Choosing a time when the Black Knight was away from court, Kang entered Camelot. Catching the Merlin imposter by surprise, Kang quickly imprisoned the mutant and rendered him powerless. Using his advanced technology, Kang easily defeated Arthur and his knights, winning control of the kingdom. The Thing and the Human Torch, two adventurers from the late 20th century, were enlisted by Immortus, an alternate future version of Kang who was posing as Uatu the Watcher, to travel back in time to the 6th century to stop Kang. The two heroes freed the imposter Merlin from imprisonment. An army raised by the Merlin imposter defeated Kang, and he was forced to abandon Camelot. Kang, the Thing, and the Human Torch left this time and returned to the late 20th century.
[Avengers Annual #22, Thor Annual #7]

Sersi the Eternal visited Camelot and exposed the imposter Merlin. Upon the true Merlin's return he placed a spell on the mutant which placed him in suspended animation.

Romulus Augustulus raised an army to found a new empire. Choosing England as his first conquest, Tyrannus, as Augustulus was known to his foes, was opposed and defeated by the Black Knight and King Arthur's troops. Percy brought Tyrannus to Camelot to be judged by Arthur and Merlin. Merlin cast a spell which transported Tyrannus to beneath the surface of the Earth. Appearing in the midst of a group of Subterraneans, Tyrannus easily became the ruler of the weak willed race. The Tyrannoids, as this branch of orange skinned Subterraneans came to be known, showed Tyrannus remnants of Deviant technology, and Tyrannus spent decades studying and mastering the ancient machinery.

The Black Knight revealed his identity to his beloved Lady Rosamund and asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted, and a year after the wedding gave birth to a son, Edmund. During their marriage Rosamund also had another son, Geoffrey.
[Black Knight #1]

Morgan Le Fey and Mordred secretly sent an army against Camelot. Sir Percy learned of the plot and in his role of the Black Knight convinced King Arthur to send forces against them. The two armies clashed and the King's army, led by the Black Knight, prevailed. However Mordred, fearing his father's wrath if he was to be discovered, fled the field. Merlin and the Black Knight, aware of Mordred's treachery but requiring proof to uncover him, led their army to Castle Le Fey in northern Ireland to make Morgan Le Fey reveal the truth about Mordred. However Le Fey wanted revenge on the army for the loss of her troops and arranged a trap for them. Merlin sensed the trap, and wishing for Morgan Le Fey to never threaten Camelot again, cast a spell which prevented her from physically existing in the Earth dimension except for within Castle Le Fey. Although confined to her castle, Morgan Le Fey continued to use her spells to cause trouble for King Arthur and his subjects.
[Black Knight #2]

Merlin became entrapped by spells cast by the Faerie witch Nimue which forced him to lie in his own grave. Although physically trapped he continued to use his astral form to aid King Arthur and Camelot.

Time travelers from the late 20th century, Iron Man and Doctor Doom, arrived in Camelot after being thrown there from their own time. Doctor Doom allied himself with Morgan Le Fey, hoping to increase his own mystical knowledge, while Iron Man allied himself with King Arthur. Morgan Le Fey cast a spell which caused all those killed by King Arthur's sword Excaliber to rise from the dead. Doctor Doom then led this undead army against the forces of Camelot. Iron Man, realizing that Morgan Le Fey was the power behind the undead forces, abandoned the battlefield to confront her directly. Not wishing to fight technology that she did not understand, Morgan used her spells to transport herself from the Earth dimension. With her gone, so was the power source which animated her dead forces. Doctor Doom, realizing what Iron Man had done, confronted him. Knowing that he would need Iron Man to return to his own time, Doctor Doom decided to hold off battle so that they could work together. Using components from their armors, the two created a time machine and left this era.
[Iron Man #150]

With Iron Man gone Morgan Le Fey returned to her castle.

In the 20th century A.D. the astral forms of Magnus and Jessica Drew, the costumed adventurer Spider-Woman, traveled back to the 6th century to combat Morgan Le Fey. During the battle Le Fey was knocked from a window and the execution of Merlin's spell caused her body to disintegrate. However her astral form survived. The astral forms of Spider-Woman and Magnus returned to the 20th century.

Morgan Le Fey used her spells to physically transport her castle to the astral realm in which her spirit now resided. The remains of her castle left on Earth were mystically transformed into basalt columns, and the site where the castle once stood came to be known in modern times as the Giant's Causeway.
[Black Knight #2]

The Dragon of the Moon, an evil demonic entity, allied itself with Mordred.

Camelot was thrown into civil war after the revelation that King Arthur's wife Queen Guenevere and his most trusted champion Sir Lancelot were having an affair. Mordred gathered armies to lead against the forces of Arthur. During the last battle between King Arthur and Mordred, the Eternal known as Interloper, who had fought the Dragon of the Moon before, the astral form of Merlin, and their allies fought and bested the Dragon. The Interloper and some of his fellow Eternals used their powers to imprison the Dragon within the Saturn moon of Titan.

Mordred and King Arthur mortally wounded each other in battle. Before Mordred died, he also mortally wounded the Black Knight from behind with the Ebony Dagger. Upon Mordred's death, Morgan Le Fey's spirit drew his essence to the astral realm in which she now resided. The astral form of Merlin appeared before the dying Sir Percy and cast a spell on him which enabled his spirit to return to Earth if the evil of Mordred ever rose again. The astral form of Morgan Le Fey helped convey Arthur's body to the extra-dimensional realm of Avalon, the realm of the Celtic gods. The body of Percy and the Ebony Sword were buried beneath Percy's castle.
[Black Knight #2]

Mystical talismans were eventually created which prevented the Dragon of the Moon from escaping its imprisonment within Titan. These talismans eventually came into the possession of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, and were handed down to the Sorcerer's successors.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #4]

As old age caused Tyrannus to weaken, the Tyrannoids immersed him in a mystical pool which caused him to revert back into a young man. Tyrannus kept himself alive for centuries using this Fountain of Youth.
[Avengers Annual #20]

Over the centuries, the Elder God Chthon's mystic energies seeped into and was absorbed by the clay around Wundagore Mountain.

Early A.D. 600s
Sir Percy's spirit appeared before his nephew Sir Raston, and led him to his tomb. There Sir Raston retrieved the Ebony Blade and became the second Black Knight. As the Black Knight Raston developed a reputation as an accomplished warrior.

Kang the Conqueror journeyed to this time and defeated Sir Raston in battle. Because of Raston's moral code he considered himself servanted to Kang and agreed to join the time traveler as a member of his Anachronauts.
[Avengers Annual #21, 22]

circa A.D. 700s
The Shi'ar, an alien race which was founding an empire within the Andromeda Galaxy by colonization and by inviting other alien races to join them, encountered the alien race known as the Mephitisoids. The Mephitisoids were a warrior race that were trying to establish an empire through conquest, and attacked and decimated the Shi'ar scout ships. The Mephitisoids then began a full-scale war against the Shi'ar Empire, and the Shi'ar suffered heavy losses. Many members of the Shi'ar nobility fell to Mephitisoid attacks. The tide of the war was turned when T'kyll Alabar, a Shi'ar warrior of common birth, inspired and led the Shi'ar to push back Mephitisoid aggressions. Alabar was so successful he rose to become Admiral of the First Imperial Fleet. In the final battle between the two empires Alabar confronted and defeated the Mephitisoid leader.

The Shi'ar decided to quarantine all Mephitisoids to their home planet Tryl'sart, where they then lived under martial law. However the Mephitisoid leader was brought back to Chandilar, the Shi'ar throne world, for judgement. The Shi'ar leaders feared that if the leader was executed this would incite the Mephitisoids to rebellion, so it was decided to place him in suspended animation in a spaceship that would drift through space. Alabar, being of lesser birth that the Shi'ar ruling class, was seen as an embarrassment by them and it was decided to place him in stasis with the Mephitisoid, to guard over and hunt down the leader if he one day awoke. Alabar dutifully accepted his fate. The craft bearing Alabar and the Mephitisoid was launched into space.
[Avengers v1 #378]

Circa A.D. 800s
Thor, prince of the extra-dimensional land of Asgard and son of the Elder God Gaea and the Asgardian All-Father Odin, journeyed to Earth for the first time to reward and give favors to his worshippers among the Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. Thor visited his worshippers many times, stirring them to countless battles and glory.

Birth of Esteban Diablo in Spain. Growing up Diablo became fascinated with alchemy and roamed Europe in pursuit of forbidden lore and knowledge. Eventually settling in the country of Transylvania he experimented and created an elixir which granted him immortality. Setting up a dictatorship in a section of Transylvania, Diablo used his alchemy to keep himself alive for centuries, ruling his small corner of the country with an iron fist.

Circa A.D. 900
The dragon Chiantang invaded and destroyed the other-dimensional city of K'un-L'un. Much of the population survived, and the city was eventually rebuilt.

A.D. 911
Prester John, former knight of King Richard the Lion-Hearted and wielder of the mystical Eye of Avalon, appeared in this time after being thrown there from the early 13th century. There Prester John allied himself with King Charles of the Franks. Prester John, wishing to establish himself as ruler, urged King Charles to attack Rollo, leader of the Norsemen who had settled in Neustria.

Eric Masterson, a mortal with the power of Thor, appeared in this era after being thrown there from the 20th century A.D. Realizing that Prester John was altering the timeline, Masterson intervened and managed to accidentally send Prester John back to the 13th century. Masterson then restored the timeline by making Charles and Rollo allies. Masterson then journeyed on to Chronopolis, Kang the Conqueror's time displaced city.
[Thor Annual #17]

late A.D. 900s
Vali Halfling born to an immortal god and a mortal woman. When Vali reached late puberty the genes inherited from his immortal father kicked in, causing Vali's aging process to come to a halt. Vali eventually discovered that he was immortal, and also eventually discovered that his offspring and descendants were gifted with long life and were much more resilient than other humans. Vali also eventually discovered that every so often one of his descendants was genetically gifted, having certain benefits or powers not possessed by the others. Vali eventually began recruiting and organizing his offspring and descendants into a fighting team which Vali used for his own purposes. Vali eventually started going by the name of Agamemnon, and renaming his offspring that he recruited into his "family" as the Pantheon and renaming them after characters from Greek myth and legend. Vali also eventually found a means to disguise his true form, that of a teenaged boy, from the rest of his family.
[Incredible Hulk #401]

Circa A.D. 1000
Asgardian prince Thor accepted a wager with his half-brother Loki to journey to Earth and live as a mortal. Thor agreed to the bet to prove that even without his god-like abilities he was still more worthy than any mortal. Loki hoped to use the wager as a means to rid himself of his half-brother, leaving the succession of the throne of Asgard to him.

Thor, in his mortal guise of Sigurd, signed aboard a Norse expedition to explore the New World. After surviving a mystical storm summoned by Loki, Thor and the Vikings reached Greenland, where they discovered an ancient Atlantean outpost. Exploring the ruins, Thor and the Vikings were attacked by mystical creatures placed there by Loki. Sensing his half-brother's hand in their predicament, Thor realized the terms of the wager were void and used his mystical hammer Mjolnir to kill the monsters. Upon discovering that their god was one of their comrades, the Vikings kneeled before him. But Thor did not accept their praise, realizing that they were courageous and valiant enough to stand beside him as his equal. Thor then returned to Asgard.
[Thor #401]

The Great Beasts, seven mystical beings of great power, attempted an invasion of Earth. They were opposed by the Eskimo gods. The Eskimo god Nelvanna cast a spell that would create a barrier imprisoning the Great Beasts in their own dimension. However the Great Beast Tundra created a vortex which spun much of the energy of the spell back at the Eskimo gods. Thus both the Great Beasts and the Eskimo gods were imprisoned within their own dimensions.

Asgardian prince Thor discovered a group of his Viking worshippers slaughtering members of a Christian monastery. Horrified that his followers were committing such atrocities in his name, Thor decided to withdraw from the Earth dimension and let his religion die out.

Hercules of Olympus led a band of Greek warriors he had transported through time against Norse Vikings who were still under the protection of Thor. This incident led to a war between the two pantheons of Asgard and Olympus. Odin, god-father of Asgard, foresaw that the Third Host of Celestials were about to arrive on Earth to judge humanity's worthiness to survive. Odin contacted Zeus, god-father of Olympus, and they quickly put an end to their war. They organized the first convocation of the chieftains or "sky-fathers" of the various Earth pantheons to address the problem of Celestial interference.

The Eternals began making plans to greet the Third Host of the Celestials when they arrived on Earth. Virarko, a second generation Eternal and father of Ikaris, died fighting mutated earthworms as the Eternals were preparing. Ikaris was "adopted" by his uncle Valkin.

The Third Host of the Celestials arrived on Earth with the task of cultivation and inspection. They were greeted and escorted by the Eternals to Peru, South America. Odin, Zeus, and the Hindu god Vishnu greeted the Celestials and challenged their right to interfere in Earth's affairs. The Celestials threatened the gods with cutting off the inter-dimensional portals between the gods' realms and Earth unless they agreed not to interfere. Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu, acting on behalf of the other god-fathers, were forced to agree and they swore to the Celestials to abstain from active involvement in the destiny of mankind for the next one thousand years.

The Third Host of the Celestials left Earth, planning on returning in a thousand years when super-human beings had emerged and developed on a mass scale. They would then begin their final judgement of Earth. The Celestials left behind a beacon in Peru which would help guide the Fourth Host there.

Odin and the leaders of the other pantheons, knowing that the Celestials would return in a thousand years to judge humanity, began planning for the arrival of the Fourth Host. The male leaders began making war plans to attack the Celestials when they returned. The god-mothers of the pantheons also held their own meeting and made plans to begin searching for twelve human beings who were as genetically perfect as possible to offer to the Fourth Host as proof of humanity's worthiness. The god-mothers also agreed that their fellow goddesses would take turns every century to leave their pantheon and watch over the selected humans while they rested in suspended animation.

Odin ordered construction of a tremendously powerful suit of armor called the Destroyer to battle the Celestials in case in a millennia they judged that the Earth was not fit to survive. When the suit was completed, Odin brought it to each of the god-fathers, who them imparted a fraction of their might into the armor. When the armor was finished, Odin placed it within a temple he had constructed in southeast Asia.
[Thor #300]

Odin, using his mystical powers, transformed two halves of the incredibly powerful Rhinegold ring into an enormous weapon, the Oversword of Asgard. Because of the awesome curse placed upon the ring, only someone with enormous power, such as Odin himself, could draw the sword from its scabbard without risking the end of all Asgard.
[Thor #300]

Because Odin had agreed to stop interfering with Earth, the Valkrior, the group of Asgardian warrior goddesses who chose fallen warriors and escorted their souls to Valhalla, were barred access to Earth and thus to the souls of the worshippers of the Asgardians. Brunnhilde, the Valkrior leader, became embittered over her lack of access to Earth and roamed Asgard in search of something meaningful to do.

Ikaris the Eternal decided to devote the thousand years before the coming of the Fourth Host of Celestials to honing his senses to superhuman ability so that he could locate the Third Host's homing beacon.

Circa A.D. 1000s
A member of the Uranian Eternals, who had devoted themselves to studying the mysteries of the universe, was successful in discovering an equation which explained and revealed the grand unified theory of everything. However his results were questioned, and the Uranians would spend centuries trying to prove and verify his findings.
[Quasar #2]
[Date is speculative]

Kiana, an Inuipiat woman living in Alaska, was the first person chosen by the god-mothers to be presented to the Celestials when they returned in the late 20th century. She was transported to the Underground Temple and placed in suspended animation.

A human wizard named Ebrok magically transformed two household felines into sentient humanoid cats which he named Flavius and Helene. Ebrok then began training these two cats in the mystical arts and the population of the Cat People began to grow. However members of the Sorcerers Guild in which Ebrok belonged eventually opposed his actions. The sorcerer Belasco and others cast a spell which banished the Cat People to a pocket dimension known as "The Land Within." One of the functions of the spell that they cast was that the Cat People had to respond to any Earth born sorcerer that summoned them. However Flavius and Helene had learned of the plans against their people and successfully cast spells that prevented the two of them from being banished. The two remained with Ebrok until they were discovered by the Sorcerers Guild. One of the mages killed Ebrok. Enraged, Flavius hurled a container containing the results of their current experiment at the murderer. The virus within the container eventually swept over Europe, an epidemic which became known as the Black Plague.

Flavius and Helene fled from the Sorcerers Guild into the mountains, where they worked on a cure for the Black Plague. However the Guild pursued them. Flavius and Helene summoned one of the Cat People to help them, but it could not, as the original spell that banished it stated that it could only serve members of the Guild. The Sorcerers Guild then cast a spell, rendering Flavius and Helene infertile and powerless to transform other cats into new Cat People, then left. From then on the two began doing research to transform humans into Cat People. Their first success was to transform a human woman into the feline warrior the Tigra, who destroyed their enemies in the Sorcerers Guild.

Eventually Flavius and Helene discovered a cure for the Black Plaque. By then the Sorcerers Guild had fallen, so when the two summoned a Cat Person he was able to do their bidding. Tigra and the Cat-man mated, siring a new race of Cat People.

Over time the demonic nature of "The Land Within" transformed the original Cat People into demons themselves.

The sorcerer Belasco used his magic to keep himself alive and to extend his life. Although he eventually began worshipping and serving demons, Belasco still retained control over the Cat People from "The Land Within."
[Fantastic Four #314]

Kan, a Chinese monk, founded an order devoted to the ways of peace and serenity. After aiding and then being betrayed and almost killed by an evil sorcerer, Kan returned to his monastic life but devoted himself to serve those that fought evil. Kan trained his first born son to follow in his footsteps, and over the years every first born child of his descendants pledged their services to sorcerers who served the cause of good.

Circa A.D. 1100
An immortal mutant known as Garbha-Hsien was living with a Mongol tribe on the Mongolian Steppes when he and his men discovered a crashed alien spacecraft. Garbha-Hsien decided to set up residence near the enormous spacecraft so that he could better decipher its mysteries.
[X-Force #37]

A.D. 1149
Aelfric, a corrupt Spanish monk, gathered together most of the pieces of the Darkhold. For his evil acts and heresy, Aelfric was burned at the stake and killed. However his soul became imprisoned within the Darkhold parchments.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #12]

Pope Eugene III appointed a young monk, Paolo Montesi, as curator of the Catholic Church's collection of occult literature and artifacts.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #12]

The Catholic Church took possession of the Darkhold parchments and turned them over to Paolo Montesi. Along with the scrolls, Montesi also discovered what would become known as the Malachy Prophecy, a parchment which foretold details of the reigns of every pope to come. Upon presenting his findings, Pope Eugene III decreed that only Montesi would be able to handle the Darkhold scrolls and ordered that it be rebound together into a single volume, which was named the Book of Sins. The Pope also allowed Montesi to marry and sire children so that his descendants could be trained to be the library's curator.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #12]

Varnae, Lord of Earth's vampires, learned that the Catholic Church was in possession of and studying the Darkhold. Invading Rome, Varnae and his band of vampires killed Montesi but were driven off before they could steal the Darkhold. At the moment of his death, Montesi's wife was giving birth to his son, Giacomo, who would become the new curator of the Darkhold when he grew to adulthood.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #12]

circa A.D. 1150
Bridget O'Hare, a teenager living in Ireland, was selected by the god-mothers as the second person to be offered to the Celestials when they returned in the late 20th century. She was transported to the Underground Temple and placed in suspended animation.

The immortal mutant known as En Sabah Nur heard the rumors of an immortal sorcerer named Garbha-Hsien who lived with the Mongols. Wishing to meet another immortal, Sabah Nur journeyed to the Mongolian Steppes and located Garbha-Hsien. Wishing to humble the arrogant Sabah Nur after the Egyptian slaughtered his men, Garbha-Hsien showed him the enormous celestial spacecraft. Sabah Nur was humbled, but intrigued by the spacecraft and wishing to decipher its mysteries and possess it for himself, thrust his sword through Garbha-Hsien's back. Believing him to be dead, Sabah Nur left Garbha-Hsien behind and entered the spacecraft. Garbha-Hsien's mutant immortality allowed him to survive and recover from the tremendous wound.
[X-Force #37]

late A.D. 1100s
Giacomo Montesi eventually translated most of the Darkhold into Latin. However the section his father had been originally looking for, the spell which would eradicate Earth's vampires, was not in the book. Montesi believed correctly that the spell was on one of the book's missing parchments, and that it might have been carried to Tibet.

A.D. 1189
Eobar of Garrington, a descendant of Sir Percy and an ally of King Richard the Lion-Hearted of England, took possession of the Ebony Blade and assumed the role of the Black Knight to fight in the Third Crusade.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

In the late 20th century A.D. Eobar's descendant, Dane Whitman, was ensorcelled and his body was turned to stone. Whitman's spirit traveled back in time and took possession of Eobar's body. Whitman, in Eobar's body, continued aiding King Richard by fighting alongside the Crusaders.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

A.D. 1194
A group of mystics sailed to the extra-dimensional realm of Avalon and unwittingly opened up a portal to the Dark Realm of the Formor, the ancestral enemies of the Celtic gods. The Black Knight and Amergis, the High Druid of Avalon, helped aid in the battle against the Formor but they were too powerful to defeat. Amergis contacted his 20th century descendant, Doctor Druid, who sent the costumed adventurers the Avengers back in time to help defend Avalon. With the Avengers' aid the Black Knight used a mystical object, the Evil Eye, to help close the portal to the Dark Realm. However the process destroyed Eobar's body. The Avengers returned to the late 20th century. Whitman's spirit was sent by Amergis back to the late 20th century, where it was reunited with his original body. The Ebony Sword was returned to Sir Percy's tomb.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Prester John, a former knight of King Richard's, wandered England after the Crusades until discovering the portal to the mystical Isle of Avalon. There he became the possessor of the Eye of Avalon, a powerful mystical weapon. While Prester John was there, a plague struck the Isle which killed almost everyone except for him. Shortly afterwards the time traveler Kang the Conqueror appeared before Prester John. The two began fighting, and during their battle Prester John was thrown backwards in time.
[Thor Annual #17]

Prester John reappeared in Avalon after being thrown there from the 10th century.
[Thor Annual #17]

Avalon was threatened with destruction. To save Prester John's life, the Druids placed him in suspended animation and sent him and the Eye of Avalon back to Earth. He would remain in stasis for centuries.

Circa A.D. 1200s
The sorcerer Belasco used his mystical knowledge to contact an extra-dimensional race of demons which were known as the Elder Gods. (It is unknown if these Elder Gods have any relationship to those demons such as Set and Chthon who fled the Earth dimension millennium ago.) Belasco asked for tremendous mystical powers, for which in exchange he would attempt to bring the Elder Gods to the Earth dimension. The demons agreed to this, and granted Belasco the power and knowledge he sought. The Elder Gods also chose Belasco to become the father of a new race of demons, and changed the sorcerer into a more demonic form, giving him horns and a tail and making him immortal. Belasco then began making plans to bring the Elder Gods to the Earth dimension.

A Christian cathedral was constructed upon the site of a source of mystical power. Over time the mystical energies of the area seeped into the church, infusing the stone gargoyles of the building with sentience but not mobility.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Derwydden, last of the Druids, awoke from suspended animation. He wandered for many days, horrified that he could find little trace of his former life or the druidic ways, until he finally visiting the Christian cathedral upon which stone gargoyles had achieved sentience. Driven mad with grief, Derwydden used his mystical knowledge to animate the stone gargoyles to take vengeance on the Christians. However once he witnessed the devastation caused by the gargoyles Derwydden's sanity returned and he reversed the spell, causing them to return to inanimate stone. However a small handful of the gargoyles were powerful enough and had a strong enough will to resist Derwydden's spell. These gargoyles survived, and over the next few centuries preyed on and hid among humankind.
[Gargoyle #3]

One of the gargoyles, one with orange skin and bat-like wings, eventually became ensorcelled by a mad magician and became the sorcerer's familiar. The Gargoyle served the magician unwillingly, studying the mystical arts by his side. After seventy years as the sorcerer's slave, the Gargoyle finally discovering the means to rise up and slay his master. The Gargoyle then spent the next few centuries hunting and living among humanity.
[Gargoyle #2]

A.D. summer 1307
The New Mutants, costumed adventurers from the late 20th century, were accidentally thrown back to this era by their teammate Magik. The young adventurers appeared in Scotland, and quickly became involved in driving off English knights who were pursuing the renegade Scottish king Robert the Bruce. Although a fugitive, Robert was grateful for their aid and granted them shelter in one of his few remaining strongholds. The next morning, Magik used her powers to transport her teammates to the other-dimensional realm of Limbo, and from there into the future.
[New Mutants #47]
[Date based on historical accounts]

A.D. September 16, 1348
The Bubonic Plaque was sweeping across England. One half of an alien mystical gem, the Resurrection Stone, appeared in this era after being sent backwards in time by an alien archaeologist. The piece of the Stone was discovered by Devlunn, a ten year old boy whose family had all died from the Plaque. Devlunn discovered the gem had the power to return the dead to life, but because it was incomplete it only revived the body without returning the soul. Devlunn used the Stone to resurrect his dead family and proclaimed himself a god, making the local villagers do whatever he desired. In pursuit of the Stone the Avengers, costumed adventurers from the late 20th century, journeyed back in time. After battling Devlunn and his army of undead they took the Stone from him. Once in possession of the mystic gem the Avengers journeyed into the future in search of the second piece of the Resurrection Stone.
[Avengers #209]

A.D. 1350s
Giacomo Montesi, whose life span had been mystically extended by handling the Darkhold, sent emissaries to the Tibetan village of Kamar-Taj on a quest to locate missing parchments of the Darkhold. Before a trade could be made for the missing scrolls, Montesi was murdered by an agent of Varnae the vampire. His son Marcello became the new curator of the Darkhold.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #13]

En Sabah Nur journeyed to the land of the Aztecs and took on the form of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of War. The Aztecs mistakenly believed En Sabah Nur to be their god reincarnate, and worshipped him.
[Date is speculative.]







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