CHAPTER 6: 1884 - 1939

A.D. 1884
The Great Beast Ranaq the Devourer, unable to physically break through the mystical barrier between Earth's dimension and its own, managed to kill and then possess the body of Zebediah Chase, an inhabitant of Calgary, Canada. However time travelers from the late 20th century, the costumed adventuring team Alpha Flight, traveled to this time and defeated Ranaq, forcing the Great Beast back to its own dimension. Alpha Flight then returned to their own time.

A.D. 1886
Lily, experimenting in her alchemical lab, discovered the secret of transforming lead into gold. Realizing this was also the secret to immortality, she journeyed back to Transylvania to take revenge on those that had imprisoned Esteban Diablo. Over the next few years Lily journeyed all over the world to track down and kill those who had imprisoned her lover. Eventually she set up residence on Tamarind Island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.
[Alpha Flight #21]

A.D. August 1888
Dormammu, prevented from invading the Earth dimension by mystical barriers erected by the Ancient One, decided to spread fear by acting through human pawns. In London, England Dormammu sensed the presence of a weak willed male. Dormammu subtly influenced the human to commit atrocious acts of murder against street prostitutes. In total the human killed five women over four months, until the killings mysteriously stopped as suddenly as they had begun. The true identity of Jack the Ripper, as the killer came to be known, was never discovered, and he was never brought to trial for his crimes.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #23]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

circa A.D. 1890
Birth of Thanos in the Eternal colony on Titan to Mentor and Sui-San. Thanos was born a mutant and was disfigured with gray hide-like skin and a massive body.
[Silver Surfer v3 #37]
[Date is speculative.]

The Dragon of the Moon, an evil demonic being that had been imprisoned within Titan centuries ago, sensed the potential power that Thanos might one day possess. Using its mental abilities the Dragon began to subtly influence the young child, causing Thanos to become morally corrupt.

Birth of Montgomery Lord Falsworth in Falsworth Manor, England.

A.D. 1890
Vlad Dracula moved to Carfax Abbey, England and menaced the city of London. Vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing thwarted Dracula's plans to establish a stronghold and the vampire fled back to Transylvania. Van Helsing pursued Dracula and helped bring about his destruction. Dracula's remains were placed in a coffin and entombed in a cave.

circa A.D. 1896
Caleb Hammer, a former gunslinger and adventurer, was in a small town in Wyoming when he was challenged to a draw by a young outlaw and murderer, who wished to make a reputation for himself by beating a living legend. However Hammer was past his prime and not interested in proving his abilities. When Hammer began walking away the young outlaw shot him in the back, killing him. The murderer was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to death. However as he was being executed by hanging, the murderer's mutant powers manifested itself for the first time. Bony spikes emerged from the outlaw's body, severing the rope around his neck. The townspeople became horrified, and many drew their guns and shot the mutant to death. However the outlaw was also gifted with the mutant ability of immortality. Two days later he revived in a coffin behind a funeral parlor. Under cover of darkness the young mutant fled the town.
[X-Force #37]

A.D. 1897
"The Daily Bugle," a New York newspaper, was founded.

Abraham Van Helsing's journal entries and other material related to Vlad Dracula's experience in Britain were collected by the writer Bram Stoker and published in book form under the title "Dracula."

A.D. 1898
Frankenstein's monster was revived from suspended animation by rising temperatures and wandered Europe. One of Vlad Dracula's former servants discovered the monster and tricked it into removing the boulder that stood in front of the cave in which Dracula was buried. Dracula was revived, but was killed again by the monster. Frankenstein's monster continued to wander Europe until being discovered by Captain Robert Walton's great grandson.

Sometime later Vlad Dracula was revived yet again. Sometime after this Dracula's body rejected the traces of silver that remained in his body.

circa A.D. 1900
Thanos of Titan grew up morose and fascinated with the concept of death. When he was only ten years old Thanos killed his mother Sui-San and defiled and desecrated her body. When he was finally done he arranged her corpse so that her death looked like the result of a horrible mishap. The crime was so grisly that none of the peace loving Titanians suspected that it could have been anything else but an accident.
[Silver Surfer v3 #37]

A.D. January 1, 1901
The time traveler Kang the Conqueror journeyed to this date and founded the town of Timely in Wisconsin. Kang, under the alias of Victor Timely, established Timely Industries, and slowly started releasing technological innovations. Kang's technology, along with that of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, helped bring about the 20th century's technological revolution.
[Avengers Annual #21]

A.D. 1901
Birth of Isaac Christians in Christiansboro, Virginia to Ezekial and Mary Christians.
[Gargoyle #1]

Early A.D. 1900s
The Inhuman leader Agon married Rynda, an Inhuman female of the Magnar Clan.
[Fantastic Four Annual #18]

Settlers living around the Temple of the Dragon's Breadth in northern Cambodia finally achieved their centuries long dream of breeding genetically perfect children that could tap the power of the Well of All Things. It was the settlers plans then to mate the children to produce offspring that would mate with Westerners. It was the settlers' belief that such children, a mixture of west and east, would be those foretold that would fully be able to access the powers of the Well of All Things.
[New Warriors #24]

The extra-dimensional being Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn had by this time gathered together all but four pieces of the Bloodgem. Two of the pieces he was missing were those in possession of Ulysses Bloodstone and Maha Yogi.

A.D. April 18, 1906
An incredibly powerful earthquake destroyed almost all of the city of San Francisco, California. The earthquake caused whole sections of the city to sink underground which were quickly covered over with rubble and debris. Some of the submerged sections of the city were not completely buried, and in some areas whole buildings remained undamaged. After the earthquake the rubble and debris above the submerged sections stayed intact, and during reconstruction of the city the artificial ceilings of the caverns were built upon. No one knew that lost sections of the city still remained underground, and they would remain lost for decades.
[Venom: Lethal Protector #2]
[Date based on historical accounts]

circa A.D. 1908
Thanos of Titan kidnapped a fellow female Titanian and abducted her into the forest. He kept the girl with him for a week, performing horrendous experiments upon her body before finally killing her. Realizing he would be discovered and imprisoned, Thanos stole a starship and fled from Titan before he could be held accountable for his crime. Thanos grew to manhood on his journeys throughout the galaxy and amassed personal power through training, meditation, and cybernetic implants. Thanos also eventually began recruiting large bands of intergalactic pirates and other undesirables into his personal army.

Sometime during his adult life Thanos was visited by the spirit of Death, who was drawn to Thanos because of the Titanian's nihilistic and genocidal tendencies. The vision of Death so captivated Thanos that he fell in love and became devoted to destroying all life in the universe merely to please her. To obtain this goal, Thanos became dedicated to amassing an enormous battle-fleet and began making plans for the conquest of many worlds. Thanos would spend the next eight decades wandering the galaxy and amassing power.
[Silver Surfer v3 #37]

A.D. 1908
"The Endurance," an exploratory ship off the coast of Antarctica, was crushed by pack ice. The valuable cargo and equipment on board was lost.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1]

Birth of Elton T. Morrow.

A.D. 1909
Birth of a boy named Helmut to Agamemnon and a Jewish woman in Germany. Agamemnon soon abandoned the woman and his child, wishing for Helmut to grow up in the real world. Helmut's mother later remarried a man who worked as a janitor. As Helmut grew up, his mother and step-father discovered that he was an incredibly healthy boy, never experiencing a sick day.
[Incredible Hulk #387, 409]

Circa A.D. 1910
Birth of Herbert Edgar Wyndham in Manchester, England.

Birth of David Fortunov in New York, New York.

John Falsworth, son of an English Lord, became embittered when his older brother James Montgomery Falsworth inherited the bulk of their father's estate. John set out for Europe to seek his fortune there.

Early A.D. 1910s
Birth of Baron Heinrich Zemo in Castle Zemo, Germany.

A.D. 1914
Birth of Nicholas Fury in New York, New York to American fighter pilot Jack Fury and his wife.

John Falsworth, making his way through Rumania, sought out Vlad Dracula, hoping that he might be able to find some way to enslave and control the vampire. However Dracula easily overcame Falsworth and drank of his blood. Falsworth died, and three days later rose from the dead as a vampire. Now subjugated to Dracula's will, Falsworth was ordered back to London to wreak havoc on the country from which Dracula had fled decades before.

Birth of Johann Schmidt in Germany to Hermann and Martha Schmidt. Martha died due to complications from childbirth, and his father, driven insane by the death of his wife, attempted to drown the infant. Johann was saved by the doctor who had delivered him, and the next day Hermann committed suicide. Johann was placed in an orphanage.
[Date is speculative]

Birth of Eugene Judd in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
[Alpha Flight #32]

A.D. August 1914
With the outbreak of the First World War the British government asked James Montgomery Lord Falsworth to assume the costumed identity of Union Jack. His one-man commando style antics were extremely successful against German aggressors.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

The vampire John Lord Falsworth, in order to undermine and help destroy England, offered his services to the German government. The Germans gave the vampire the code-name Baron Blood and a terrifying bat costume by which he inspired fear in his victims. During the War Baron Blood was the German's greatest secret weapon, murdering a number of top British army officials.

A.D. April 1917
Karl Kaufman, an American citizen of German heritage and an experienced fighter pilot, assumed the costumed identity of the Phantom Eagle. Kaufman hid his true identity from the public because he feared German reprisals against his parents who had moved back to their homeland before the War. He fought heroically for the Allies, and became known as one of the greatest aerial pilots of the First World War.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

The Phantom Eagle, Union Jack, the French adventurer the Crimson Cavalier, and two British adventurers Sir Steel and Silver Squire banded together as the Freedom Five to fight the Germans. One of their greatest adversaries was Baron Blood, who always managed to escape.
[Contest of Champions #3]

A.D. Fall 1918
During the last few weeks of the War Union Jack investigated a number of murders he discovered were caused by his greatest foe, Baron Blood. The two fought and Union Jack harmed the vampire with a silver dagger. Baron Blood fled the country.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Near the end of the War the Phantom Eagle attempted to airlift his family out of Germany. However before he could make his getaway he was discovered by German pilot Hermann von Reitberger, who shot the Phantom Eagle and his family to death. However the Phantom Eagle's spirit remained on Earth and was determined to have revenge. One week after his death the Phantom Eagle appeared in the skies in a ghost plane and shot down Reitberger. However the German survived the crash but was now too frightened to fly. For decades the Phantom Eagle's spirit haunted and pursued Reitberger, who always managed to find a means of escape.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

With the end of the War Union Jack was officially retired by the British government. Montgomery Lord Falsworth accepted retirement and eventually married.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Birth of Harmon Furmintz.
[New Warriors #4]

A.D. 1919
Chicago physician Mark Cadmon was chosen by the god-mothers to be one of the humans to be presented to the Celestials when they arrived on Earth near the end of the century. He was transported to the Underground Temple and placed in suspended animation.

Paul Destine, a young man with psychic ability, joined a travelling carnival and used his powers as the show's mentalist. Destine was curious about his mental abilities and used every opportunity to study and research his powers and how to increase them.
[Avengers Annual #18]

A.D. 1920
Paul Destine, studying his powers, uncovered knowledge of the race known as the Ancients, who myth had it were also mind-readers. Seeking to find the lost site of the Ancients' civilization, Destine signed up as a crew member of the "Oracle," an American ship captained by Leonard McKenzie. McKenzie was on an expedition to Antarctica to locate "The Endurance," an exploratory ship which had disappeared a dozen years before.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1]

Clearing a path through the ice fields off Antarctica using dynamite, McKenzie and the "Oracle" inadvertently caused damage to the undersea city of Thakorr. The Atlantean princess Fen was assigned to organize a search party to investigate the causes of the explosions. However Fen was very adventurous, and taking with her a potion which would allow her to breathe air she took off towards the surface by herself. Discovering the "Oracle" Fen became curious and boarded her, but was discovered and captured by crewmen and brought to Captain McKenzie. Learning that the blasts were not meant as an act of war, she and Captain McKenzie became attracted to each other and fell in love. Fen spent months aboard the "Oracle" and with McKenzie, quickly learning the surface man's language. Fen eventually left the ship and returned to Thakorr, and managed to convince her father to let her return to the surface. Upon doing so, she and Captain McKenzie were married.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1]

Paul Destine and Captain McKenzie discovered the lost site of the Ancients' town. Trying to break technology free from the ice Destine inadvertently triggered an avalanche. McKenzie escaped unharmed, and believing Destine to be dead he and his crew returned to the "Oracle." Destine awoke to discover the Serpent Crown, encased in the substance which the Ancients had placed it, resting near him. Placing the Crown on his head Destine's injuries were cured instantly. The Crown also greatly increased his psychic powers, as well as transforming him into a bigger, stronger man. Using one of the Ancient's devices, Destine then placed himself in suspended animation, where his psychic powers continued to grow and develop.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1]

The Atlanteans became very concerned over Fen's long absence and investigated her whereabouts. Emperor Thakorr, discovering that his daughter was still aboard the "Oracle," believed Fen to be held hostage on board against her will. An Atlantean war party led by the young warrior Krang attacked the ship and killed most of the crew, although Captain McKenzie survived. Fen was brought back to Thakorr, and she presumed that McKenzie had been killed in the attack.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1]

A.D. December 1920
Princess Fen gave birth to Namor McKenzie, a hybrid of Homo sapiens and Homo mermani. Prince Namor was accepted by his grandfather Emperor Thakorr despite the fact that he was half air-breather.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #1]

A.D. 1921
At the age of seven Johann Schmidt ran away from the German orphanage in which he had lived all of his life. He survived on the streets as a beggar and a thief. As he grew older he managed to acquire a number of menial jobs, but spent much of his time in prison for various crimes.
[Date is speculative]

Viscount Heinrich Krowler, wishing to restore Germany's might by using mystical means, discovered a spell of Transference that would allow him to possess greater sorcerous power. However the spell required someone of his own family as its component. Krowler ordered his daughter Sara to seduce and marry his rival Baron Nikolai of Mordo, Transylvania. Sara completed her assignment, and nine months after her wedding night she gave birth to a son which she named Karl Amadeus Mordo.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #6]

Silent film star Sylvia Powell purchased land south of Los Angeles, California at 1800 Palos Verdes Drive and ordered that construction begin on her new home.

A.D. 1922
Birth of Steve Rogers in New York, New York to Joseph and Sarah Rogers.
[Captain America Annual #10]

A.D. 1925
Birth of Jacqueline Falsworth in Maidstone, England to James Montgomery Lord Falsworth and Lady Falsworth.

A.D. 1928
Prince Namor was playing on the surface of Antarctica when the ice flow shifted underneath him, cutting off his route back into the water. Stuck on the surface for hours, Namor was finally rescued by fellow Atlanteans. They were surprised to discover that Namor was still alive, as the potion which allowed him to breathe air should have worn off hours before. In this way Namor discovered that he could breathe air unaided by chemical means.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2]

Herbert Edgar Wyndham, a London genetics student at Oxford University, began experiments on cellular mutation and artificial evolution. Wyndham was invited to the International Conference on Genetics held in Geneva, Switzerland. There Wyndham met Jonathan Drew, an American zoology student at Yale University. Also attending the Geneva Conference were the Polish geneticist Wladyslav Shinski and his Austrian student Arnim Zola. After the Conference, Wyndham was given a blueprint for breaking the genetic code by a mysterious benefactor, possibly Phaeder the exiled Inhuman, who did not reveal his identity to Wyndham. The blueprints were an essential ingredient Wyndham needed to continue his research in artificial evolution.
[X-Factor Annual #3]
[I'm assuming Wyndham's mysterious benefactor was Phaedar based on the Inhuman's latter habits of sharing research and knowledge with other human geneticists. Another similarity between Phaedar and the benefactor was that they were both freakishly tall.]

Birth of Erik Magnus Lehnsherr outside of the free city of Danzig, Poland.
[X-Men Unlimited #2]

Birth of Jessica Drew in London, England to Jonathan and Merriem Drew.

Late A.D. 1920s
Prince Namor was openly loved by the Atlanteans, especially his playmate and companion Dorma, who secretly grew to love him. However a small number of Atlanteans became increasingly jealous and secretly hostile towards Namor, not only because he was the future heir to the throne but also because he was a hybrid between Homo sapiens and Homo mermani. A small number such as his childhood friends Meranno and Byrrah resented his pink skin, but they normally kept their feelings to themselves, fearing the emperor's wrath.

Thakorrian scientist Vyrra was discovered performing cloning experiments, a process that was punishable by death under Atlantean law. Because of his service to Thakorr and its people, Emperor Thakorr decided to be merciful and banished the scientist from the city.
[Namor the Sub-Mariner #20]

Birth of James Buchanan Barnes in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Fred Raymond, an expert on flame proofing, was in the employ of Professor Phineas T. Horton, who was conducting experiments on asbestos. Shortly after he left Professor Horton's employ, Raymond married Nora Jones, a scientist who had previously been exposed to radium. Nine months after their marriage Nora gave birth to a son, Thomas "Toro" Raymond. As Thomas grew up, his parents discovered that he was immune to heat and fire.

The latent curse of lycanthropy which ran through the Russoff family was somehow activated when Baron Gregor Russoff began turning into a werewolf. However Russoff's son Gregory was already born when the curse activated, and was spared the curse.

A small plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean entered a fog bank and struck the floating island of Aerie, home of the Bird-People, the avian Inhumans who had succeeded from Attilan centuries ago. The crash had only one survivor, a small human boy. The Winged Ones decided to raise him as one of their own, and named him Red Raven because of his flaming red hair. As the boy grew older, the Bird People constructed for him artificial wings and a costume by which he could join his adopted family in the sky.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Birth of Philip Masters in the town of Dragorin, Transia.

A.D. 1929
Professor Phineas T. Horton was invited by Victor Timely Jr. to work at Timely Industries in Timely, Wisconsin. In actuality Victor Timely was Kang the Conqueror. Kang helped influence and guide Horton's studies of robotics and computers.
[Avengers Annual #21]

Circa A.D. 1930
Joseph Rogers, father of Steve Rogers and husband to Sara, died. In order to make ends meet, Sara Rogers had to struggle for work, and Steve was forced to find a job, although he kept up with his studies and his interest in art.
[Captain America v1 #255]

Viscount Heinrich Krowler, believing his son-in-law Baron Nikolai Mordo to be a potential threat to his own power, ordered his daughter Sara to kill her husband. Sara did so, and she and her son Karl left their home in Transylvania to live with her father in Germany. Karl became his grandfather's apprentice, and grateful for the attention became a devoted pupil. However one night Karl overheard his grandfather and mother discussing how they had killed his father. Enraged, Karl vowed to one day avenge his father's death and fulfill his dreams of returning Transylvania to a great power.
[Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #6]

Helmut, the son of Agamemnon, married. The marriage resulted in three children, two girls and a boy.
[Incredible Hulk #387]

During the era of Prohibition, Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi achieved notoriety as a gangster.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

A.D. May 1930
Herbert Wyndham succeeded in translating and decoding the parchments given to him that contained a map of human DNA. However after showing results of his experiments to his skeptical professors at Oxford University, he was expelled from school. Continuing his research into evolution at his home, Wyndham was successful in artificially evolving a dog into humanoid form. However the dog man quickly escaped from Wyndham, and when spotted by local villagers was shot and killed.

Months after Wyndham was expelled from Oxford, he was reunited with his old friend Jonathan Drew.
[Punisher Annual #1]

Herbert Wyndham and Jonathan Drew began building a small research laboratory on a tract of land inherited by Jonathan's wife Merriem on Wundagore Mountain, Transia. During the construction they discovered deposits of uranium, and decided to mine the ore to finance their research station. With money as no object, they contracted German astrophysicist Horace Grabshield to design their "Citadel of Science," who designed the citadel to be space worthy.

On the night of a full moon Drew's daughter Jessica was frightened by the appearance of the werewolf Baron Gregor Russoff. Investigating, Wyndham was again contacted by his mysterious benefactor, who had trained a number of Subterranean Moloids to serve Wyndham in the mining of the uranium and in the construction of the citadel. Presenting the Moloids to Wyndham, the benefactor departed.
[Silver Surfer Annual #1]

A.D. Early 1930s
Agon, head of the ruling Inhuman Council of Geneticists, made significant advances in the prediction of Terrigen effects on Inhuman genes. Agon convinced his wife Rynda to expose herself to Terrigen while pregnant. Months later Blackagar Boltagon was born to Rynda. In infancy Black Bolt demonstrated sonic energy manipulative powers which he was too young to control. To protect the citizens and the city of Attilan, he was placed within a specially constructed sound-proof chamber. Within the chamber he was educated and learned how to control his powers, but this took many years.

Birth of Medusalith Arnaquelin to Quelin and Ambur in the island-city of Attilan. One year after her birth Medusalith's parents decided to emerge her in the Terrigen Mists. Medusalith emerged from the Mists with long, strong strands of hair growing from her head, and the ability to animate it.

Birth of Triton to Mander and Azur in the island-city of Attilan. While still an infant Triton was subjected to the Terrigen Mists. Triton emerged with aquatic features, but the process had rendered him incapable of breathing or surviving in air. Triton was placed in a specially designed alcove off the shore of Attilan and raised there by his mother, who became an ocean biologist to better care for her son.
[Triton's real name has never been revealed]

Three years after the birth of Black Bolt, Maximus was born to Agon and Rynda. Maximus was emerged in the Terrigen Mists while still an infant, but showed no outward signs of having been effected.
[Maximus' real name has never been revealed]

The exiled Inhuman Phaeder discovered a colony of Deviants, and fell in love with Morga, a Deviant considered ugly by her race's standards but quite attractive to the Inhuman. Shortly after, they conceived a son which they named Maelstrom. Phaeder and Maelstrom eventually fled Lemuria, and began traveling the world incognito.

A.D. 1931
Six months after the Moloids began working for Herbert Wyndham and Jonathan Drew, Jessica Drew collapsed from radiation poisoning, the result of being contaminated by the nearby deposits of uranium. Placed in a cryogenic tube to slow down her cellular damage, her father administered to her a treatment he had devised from spider extract. However because the treatment would take months to be effective, Drew decided to keep her in stasis so that the radiation poisoning would not cause any more damage. Being in stasis caused Jessica to age at an extremely slow rate, but also caused the experimental treatment to take considerably longer to take effect. Upset about her daughter's condition, Merriem Drew went for a walk and was attacked and killed by the werewolf Gregor Russoff. Wyndham discovered her body, but told Drew that she must have been killed in a fall. Jonathan Drew had been suspicious of the Moloids, and Wyndham did not want Drew to conclude that possibly the Subterraneans had attacked her. In search of Merriem's killer, Wyndham was attacked by the werewolf, but the approaching sunrise caused the werewolf to give up its attack. Drew, distraught over the death of his wife and his daughter's sickness, left the citadel for England, turning the citadel and the care of his daughter to Wyndham. Wyndham began constructing a suit of silver-lined armor to protect himself from further attacks. A month later, the werewolf entered the citadel and killed one of the Moloids. Wyndham managed to capture and contain the beast, but the death of one of their own caused the Moloids to abandon the citadel, which was almost near completion.
[Fantastic Four Annual #4, New Mutants Annual #4]

A.D. 1932
Industrialist Howard Stark had a mansion constructed at 890 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York.

A.D. 1933
German astrophysicist Dr. Horace Grabshield and his pregnant wife emigrated to America after Adolph Hitler's rise to power, and had their names legally changed to Grayson. Grayson's wife died in childbirth giving birth to their son, Robert. Grayson, a Jew, became concerned about raising his son in a world where such hatred and prejudice existed and began monitoring radio waves from outer space. Grayson also began making plans to construct a rocket which would carry him and his son into orbit around the planet. His plan was to stay in space until the world war which he saw as inevitable was over.

Eventually Grayson was successful in making radio contact with the Uranian Eternals. The Uranians, who had become despondent and suicidal after their discovery of a grand unified theory of everything, were eager to hear news of their native planet and were grateful to talk to Grayson. The Eternals sent Grayson the technical knowledge by which he could build a spaceship capable of interstellar travel. The Uranians persuaded him to make the trip to Uranus, so that they could study his non-immortal genes to discover a method by which to terminate their own existence. Grayson had feared reprisal from German agents for his desertion, and was eager to construct a space craft by which he and his son could flee the planet. Believing Uranus to be a better environment in which to raise his son, Grayson began construction on the rocket in his own back yard.

"Dutch" Mallone, a gangster living in Forest Hills, New York, was arrested and charged with tax evasion by "the Untouchable" Elliot Ness. The house in which Mallone lived, and in which Ness arrested him, was later bought and occupied by the newlywed couple of Ben and May Parker. Mallone spent the rest of his life in prison, but it was long rumored that before he was arrested he had stashed away millions of dollars somewhere. In actuality Mallone had the money hidden away in one of the walls of his Forest Hills home.

German scientist Baron Heinrich Zemo offered his services to the German government as a designer of new technology and weaponry for the military and intelligence services.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

David Fortunav, a private detective based in Hollywood and later New York, became a celebrity as an adventurer for hire under the name of Dominic Fortune.

A.D. 1935
Prince Namor discovered he was a mutant when small feathered wings grew from his ankles. To his delight Namor discovered he had the ability to fly through the air as easily as he swam through the water.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2]

Mid A.D. 1930s
Birth of Charles "Chuck" Chandler in Los Angeles, California.

Johann Schmidt, a ruthless and embittered young man, was working as a bellboy in a German hotel the same day that Adolph Hitler was staying there. Hitler saw in Schmidt a hatred for all mankind, and decided to mold the boy into the perfect Nazi. Looking for a role model on which to base himself upon, Schmidt readily agreed to accept Hitler as his master. Hitler personally took over Schmidt's training and gave him a lifelike mask which resembled a red skull. Code-named the Red Skull, Schmidt was answerable only to Hitler.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, a young Prussian nobleman, was recruited by the Nazi government's intelligence services.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Adventurer for hire Dominic Fortune thwarted an attempt by Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker to assassinate a United States senator.

Philip Masters and his parents emigrated from Transia to America when Philip was six years old.

Birth of Natalia Alianovna Romanova in Stalingrad, Soviet Union.
[Date is speculative.]

Birth of Helmut Zemo in Leipzig, Germany to Baron Heinrich Zemo and his wife Hilda.

Fritz Tiboldt, a German citizen and the owner, manager and ringmaster of Tiboldt's Circus, became obsessed with Nazism and became a strong supporter of the Nazi Party.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Late A.D. 1930s
Sara Rogers died of pneumonia. In order to survive Stephen Rogers was forced to get a job as a delivery boy and a room at a renting house.
[Captain America v1 #255]

Biochemist Arnim Zola discovered a cache of Deviant scientific papers on genetic research in his ancestral castle in Switzerland. After deciphering the Deviant language, Zola began experiments on creating artificial life.

Nathan Essex, a mutant geneticist with shape-changing abilities, seduced radio comedienne Faye Livingston so that he could better study her genetic structure. When Livingston discovered Essex's secret laboratory in the basement of his Hollywood mansion she observed his true bleached white skinned appearance. As Essex had guessed, Livingston did have the potential to give birth to superhuman mutants. Essex kept Livingston prisoner in his home for weeks, revealing to her the potential that her DNA carried. Eventually Essex released Livingston, but the traumatic experience she had undergone and the knowledge that she might one day give birth to inhuman freaks drove her insane, and she had to be hospitalized for the remainder of her life.
[X-Men '95 #1]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

circa A.D. 1937
Birth of Jack Monroe in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

A.D. April, 1937
Soldier of fortune Eugene Judd fought in the Spanish Civil War. While there he met and became friends with news correspondent Ernest Hemingway.
[Wolverine #35 - 37]

A.D. 1938
Dr. Grayson and his son Robert traveled to the planet Uranus, leaving Earth shortly before the outbreak of World War II. They were greeted by the Uranian Eternals with open arms. The Uranians scanned the Graysons without their knowledge, hoping to discover a key to end their own immortal existence. The Eternals shared with Grayson their knowledge of the grand unified theory of everything, and the knowledge of the meaning of the cosmos greatly moved the Earth man.
[Quasar #2]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

A.D. 1939
Soldier of fortune Eugene Judd discovered the mystical Black Blade of Baghdad. Upon touching the Blade Judd released the spirit of an ancient Persian sorcerer named Razor who had been imprisoned within the sword centuries before by his peers. Razor stole human life force by passing his blade through his victims. Every time he cut through someone, he stole some of their life force and caused his victims to shrink in height until they vanished into nothingness. Razor attacked Judd, and passed the blade through the adventurer a number of times, stealing life force with every blow. Judd finally managed to use his mystical knowledge to use the life force of his own soul to entrap Razor within his own body.

Because Razor had struck Judd with the sword several times, Judd was stuck at the height of 3 and a half feet tall. The presence of Razor within his body caused Judd incredible pain, but Razor's mystical energies caused Judd to age incredibly slowly.

The immortal half-god known as Agamemnon abandoned his Pantheon persona of an old man and journeyed out into the world in his true form, that of a young boy. Looking for adventure, Agamemnon left the Mount, Nevada, the headquarters of the Pantheon. While he was gone a female friend of his impersonated him so that the rest of the Pantheon did not know he was gone.
[Incredible Hulk #401]

Birth of Walter Charles to Agamemnon and an unknown woman. Charles had a difficult life growing up. He was raised by foster parents, but after they died he was eventually sent to reform school.
[Incredible Hulk #407, 409]







CHAPTER 6: 1884 - 1939




CHAPTER 10: 1958 - 1980






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